ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                HELD ON 17 MAY 1999 IN THE HALL.

The  meeting was opened by David Pattison, retiring Chairman  and 
Parish Councillor.

In  an  uncontested election Nick Haskins, Margaret  Loten,  Paul 
Moore,  Neville  Park  and John Wright were  returned  as  Parish 

APOLOGIES: Dave Turner; Mike St John; PC Smith; Nick Haskins  and 
Gloria  Caywood  the District Councillor who  would  be  arriving 

P  Moore proposed J Wright; M Loten seconded and all  agreed.   D 
Pattison  handed the meeting over to J Wright and  presented  the 
gavel that he had made to the Parish Council.
Votes  of thanks were proposed to Dave Pattison for his  10  year 
service to the Parish, and to John Davis and Dave Turner who  had 
been elected to the Council 12 years ago.

Acceptance  of  Office  Declarations were signed by  M  Loten,  P 
Moore, N Park and J Wright; Nick Haskins had already signed one.

JW  confirmed that a quorum, three councillors, was  present  and 
the meeting proceeded.

He  informed Parishioners that the Parish Council had  to  co-opt 
two  members and that this would be done within  the  thirty-five 
days  laid  down  by  the law.  When  this  had  been  done  then 
committee representatives and other officers would be decided on.

The Precept is set six months in advance so if any village groups 
wanted  to apply for grants in 2000/01 they ought to consult  the 
PC before December 1999.
ML  presented the accounts.  She explained that in the last  year 
the PC had acted on behalf of the Recreation Field to enable them 
to reclaim VAT on items purchased but that this loop hole had now 
been closed so the bank accounts for the Recreation Field and the 
Hall had been closed.  The PC holds the deeds of the Hall and  is 
renegotiating the lease for the field.  
It was noted that the mower had been returned to the Clerk on 15 May.
JW  proposed acceptance of the 1998/99 accounts, PM seconded  and 
all agreed.  Three copies of the accounts were signed.

ML proposed payment of the Cornhill Insurance premium of 85.28p, 
NP seconded and all agreed.  Cheque 304 was made out and signed.

The AGM closed at 1955h.


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