COUNCILLORS PRESENT were: J Wright (Chairman), N Haskins, M Loten, P Moore & N Park.

Also present were Tony Gould & Gerald Jeanes, who had been approached concerning co-option to the Parish Council.

The Chairman reported that the clerk was unable to be at the meeting and ML agreed to take the minutes in her absence.

CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLORS: Having agreed to be co-opted onto the Parish Council, forms of Declaration of Acceptance of Office were signed by Tony Gould & Gerald Jeanes and witnessed by the Chairman before the start of the meeting.

THE MINUTES of the meetings held on 19th April, 17th May (A.G.M.) & 19th May were amended as follows and signed by the Chairman:

19th May - G Jeanes name altered to correct spelling.


It was proposed by JW, seconded by PM and agreed by all present that ML be elected as Vice-Chairman.


The following representatives were appointed:

Next Meeting:

Memorial Hall - N Haskins Mon. 5th July

Recreation Field - P Moore

L.O.M. School Governors - J Wright Weds 30th June

S.A.L.C. - J Wright/N Park

Mendip Quarries Advisory Grp - P Moore

East Mendip Rural Task Force - J Wright/N Park Weds 14th July

Roads & Footpaths - G Jeanes

Millennium Committee - P Moore

Internal Auditor for P.C. A/Cís - M Loten

It was suggested by the Chairman that all correspondence should in future be circulated geographically in the following order GJ/ML/NP/PM/NH/AG then returned to the Chairman or Clerk. (N.B. Please keep for a maximum of 5 days to allow enough time for everyone to read it before the next meeting.)


19th April -

Web Site - Needs to be discussed more fully at next meeting. CLERK

Recreation Field - PM reported that developers are progressing the removal of the spoil heap and that J Robson is monitoring the situation.

The lease is still being chased with the solicitors. CLERK

Halecombe Quarry Blasting - Latest information is that blasting will return to fixed times once permission for the armoury is received.

Burial Grant - A cheque for £240 for the 1999/2000 Burial Grant has been received with no reply to our letter concerning the change of status of St. Gilesí Churchyard - clerk to chase reply. The Chairman expressed concern that the P.C. would be taking on a very big financial responsibility if it agrees to take over the maintenance of the Churchyard now that Mendip D.C. have phased out the special grants for repairs to the Churchyard walls and other large items of expenditure. It was suggested that, before agreeing to take on this responsibility, a survey of the walls and gravestones should be carried out and the parish consulted as to whether the cost of repairs should be raised through our precept. CLERK

Planning - Crossways - retention of detached building for domestic purposes - Granted.

Honeysuckle Cottage - erection of conservatory - No further information.

Monmouth Cottage - rear extension - Granted.

Hollybush Cottage - change of use of annexe - Granted.

Produce Show Cup - Clerk/ ML to purchase in summer as no response from committee. CLERK

Roads & Footpaths - Sign at Hollybush Cottage - letter acknowledged, awaiting response. CLERK

Stile onto bund around quarry has been replaced.

Armoury at Halecombe - it was reported that, as only enough explosive to guarantee a daily supply would be stored, any damage from an explosion would be limited to the armoury itself.

19th May

Planning - Townsend Farm - outline planning permission for 4 dwellings - Granted. (AG thanked the councillors for their support for this application.)


Finance - Payment of a bill from D Jarvis for mowing & strimming of St. Gilesí Churchyard and the Cemetery during April & May, amounting to £121.50, was proposed by PM and seconded by JW, all agreed. Cheque No. 004 was made out and signed.


Receipts from: Cornhill Insurance for renewal premium and Relate for grant payment have been filed, together with information from Robson Rhodes regarding the Audit requirements for 1998/99.

Hall Rent for A.G.M./A.P.M. - Payment of an invoice for £8.00 from the Memorial Hall was proposed by JW and seconded by AG, all agreed. Cheque No. 306 was made out and signed.

Grant Request from Neighbourhood Watch - A request for assistance with the expenses for a stall at the village fete to raise awareness of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme was discussed and agreed in principal up to a limit of £20. It was proposed by NH, seconded by NP and agreed by all present to approve payment, subject to the presentation of a bill and details of the payees name. CLERK

New Councillors Training Event (16th October) - Councillors wishing to attend this course should contact the Clerk, who will book a place on their behalf. JW has purchased a copy of a booklet entitled "Powers & Constitution of Local Councils" at a cost of £5.50, which he felt would be useful for all Councillors to read. AG/NH/GJ/NP/CLERK

Grant Request from Millennium Committee - PM reported that the committee are currently applying for funding from the National Lottery "Awards for All" scheme for their major project, which is a stone bench costing an estimated £1900 in all. They anticipate raising around £1200 of this and would like the Parish Council to underwrite the shortfall of around £700 in case they are unsuccessful in their bid for Lottery funding. It was felt that this amount was too high a proportion of the total cost and would also use up nearly all of the £800 budgeted for grants in this yearís precept. In addition, without any accurate costings or supporting documentation, the Parish Council are not in a position to grant their request. PM would report back to the Millennium Committee. P MOORE

New Signatures for Nat West Bank - A new Bank Mandate form, Authorised signature sheets and New party identification details were completed for the addition of the new Councillorsí signatures to the current account and Cemetery account. Forms for the change of signatures to the National Savings Investment Account will be obtained for the next meeting. CLERK

DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Tuesday 6th July 1999, 7.30 p.m. in the school

It was agreed that future meetings would be held on the first Tuesday in the month to allow time for reports to be submitted to the Parish Magazine.



Village Web Site

Roads & Footpaths - Extension of 30mph zone.

Memorial Hall Car Park

Finance - Chairmanís expenses (stationery)

Clerksí salary & expenses.



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Date: .....................................


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