IN THE SCHOOL

Councillors  present:   A Gould,  N Haskins, G Jeanes,  P  Moore, 
N Park and J Wright Chairman.

M Loten had apologised beacause she would be delayed.

The retired chairman, D Pattison, had presented the Council  with 
a  striker  for  the  gavel he hd made, for  which  he  had  been 

The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted and signed.

WEB SITE - report later.
RECREATION  LEASE - the Clerk had spoken twice to  the  solicitor 
and was still waiting for the rough draft.
CEMETERY  -  Concern about the ultimate cost of taking  over  the 
closed churchyard had been discussed with MDC.  There is no  duty 
on  the  Church to see the area is in good repair  before  it  is 
handed over and any future work on, for example the walls,  would 
have  to be paid for by the Parish.  This would mean that the  PC 
would need to precept between two and three hundred pounds a year 
to  cover  short and long term maintenance.  It was  agreed  that 
more information needed to be obtained and it was decided to  re-
convene the Cemetery Committee to investigate this.  The  members 
will  be G Jeanes, M Loten and J Wright, with the Cemetery  Clerk 
in attendance.                                            (CLERK)
FINANCE  -  the  date  on  one  of  the  mandates  for   changing 
signatories was incorrect and was altered.
The Clerk had spoken to K Cockroft about the need for documentary 
proof of money spent by the NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH and he had agreed 
to provide it in time for this meeting - unfortunately it was not 
yet available.                                            (CLERK)
MILLENIUM - meeting 14/07/99.                                (PM)

The  Clerk  asked if the now redundant PC mower  which  had  been 
bought for use in the churchyard ought to be sold.  It was agreed 
that PM would ask the RFMC if they could use the machine.    (PM)
GJ  asked if headstone details had to be put before the PC  -  it 
was agreed that as long as they conformed to the rules this would 
not be necessary but the Cemetery Clerk could ask the PC to  look 
at any matter relating to the cemetery if she wanted to.

GJ  was given the definative footpath maps & later when D  Turner 
arrived  all the information he had about the Parish  Paths.   It 
was  agreed  that  he  might  benefit  from  talking  to   Sheila 
Petherbridge of MDC.  A schedule of work needs to be organised. 
The grant papers for Parish Paths had been received. (GJ & CLERK)
Discussion took place on the extension  of the 30mph limit in the 
village  in  light of information conveyed by JW  after  an  SALC 
meeting.   It was agreed to ask for the limit to be  extended  to 
include  Townsend  and Knapp Hill from the entrance to  Hollybush 
Cottage.   It was suggested that if landowners cut back the  road 
hedges then vehicles would be able to use the whole width of  the 
road.  Also were landowners with land on the corners of junctions 
responsible for keeping the sight lines clear?         
[M Loten arrived]
It was agreed to contact SCC for advice.                  (CLERK)
Road surfaces at Blackers Lane, Blackers Hill, and Stocks Lane in 
a very poor state of repair - letter to SCC.             (CLERK)
Work needed on fingerpost at Hollybush junction and the need  for 
a sign to Halecombe Quarry at the top of Whitehole Hill.  (CLERK)
Concern  that  the  road  outside  Great  House  Farm  was  being 
obstructed by vehicles unloading/loading materials for the Dragon 
Works  despite them having vehicular access.  The owner  will  be 
contacted.                                                (CLERK)

FINANCE - Current a/c
CHAIRMAN'S  EXPENSES  - 11 for purchase of books.   NP  proposed 
payment,  GJ  seconded  and all agreed.  Cheque 307  made  out  & 
CLERK'S SALARY & EXPENSES -  Salary.........283.14p
ML  proposed payment, PM seconded, all agreed.  Cheque  308  made 
out & signed.
The  Clerk  discussed with councillors their  purchasing  a  high 
quality,  fast laser printer for the production of  PC documents. 
At  present  all information for Councillors  is  photocopied  at 
Tadhill which is not time efficient, and Minutes and letters  are 
typed  onto  an Amstrad 1512.  SALC had advised her in  the  past 
that  the PC ought to provide the 'tools' for her to do  her  job 
(the  PC has provided a filing cabinet and fax machine)  but  she 
felt  that this was perhaps too expensive for the  parish  budget 
therefore  she   asked  if they would be willing to  buy  a  high 
quality  black and white laser printer for PC use.  DT  had  told 
her  that a good resolution, fast laser printer could  be  bought 
for less than 200.  This, if she purchases a scanner with a  new 
'set up', will be used to produce minutes, and copy documents for 
Councillors   and  thus save a great deal of  time.  JW  proposed 
giving the Clerk permission to spend up to 200, including VAT on 
a printer, NP seconded, all agreed. DTurner will be consulted.
GRANT  TO REC FIELD -  47.50p to renew temporary permission  for 
the shed.  PM proposed payment, AG seconded, all agreed.   Cheque 
309 made out & signed.                                    (CLERK)
CEMETERY FINANCE - Cemetery a/c.
The Clerk will be claiming her salary every 6 months.
NH proposed payment, AG seconded, all agreed.  Cheque 05 made out 
& signed.

WEB SITE - Tom and Dave Turner.
Tom  Turner  agreed to carry on as Webmaster.  He said  that  the 
site  was  only as good as the information on it  which  must  be 
frequently updated. Great interest had been shown in the site  at 
the summer show. It was agreed to write to all the village groups 
and  tell them about the site and ask if they wanted  information 
put  on, but stressing that they must keep updating it -  out  of 
date  information  will  be removed  at  Tom's  discretion.   The 
Tourist Bureau in Frome will be given the address.        (CLERK)

NH was concerned about access to the Hall's part of the car  park 
- he will get the deeds etc from the Clerk.

Permision granted for:  Great House Farm office
                        Hollybush Cottage change of use to annex
                        Outline for 4 houses at Townsend Farm.

Report of feasability study on BARNS CLOSE reported in the  local 
papers that housing for 50 people would be provided. MDC will  be 
asked to clarify as actual report only included 3 houses. (CLERK)

MDC/PC SEMINAR 7/07/99 at 7pm.
Circulated:   Somerset Health Improvement info; 'The Clerk'  May; 
'Clerks  &  Council Direct' May; Rural Task Force;  MDC  Economic 
Development  1999/2000;  Policing Plan; Safer  Mendip;  Household 
Waste Strategy; Somerset Heritage guided walk programme;  Eclipse 
info;  Rec  Field Minutes; SALC election results  &  constitution 
[reply for 6/09/99]; Thatch June.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING - 3 August at 7.30pm.


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