HELD ON 3 AUGUST 1999 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present:  N Haskins,  G Jeanes,  M Loten,  P  Moore,
N Park,  J Wright (Chairman) and A Gould who arrived late.
G Cawood was present for some of the meeting.

The  Minutes of the Last Meeting were accepted as a  true  record 
and signed.

MATTERS ARISING - REC FIELD LEASE despite four phone calls and  a 
personal  visit  the Clerk has still not  received a  preliminary 
draft of the lease.                                       (CLERK)
CHURCHYARD CLOSURE - JW had met with Rob Thurston of MDC  Grounds 
& Properties Dept. He got the strong impression that the PC needs 
to hand over the churchyard quickly as if we retain it we will be 
liable for all maintenance.
REC  FIELD - RFMC had taken over the ownership of the mower  from 
22 July 1999.
ROADS  &  FOOTPATHS - the Clerk had spoken to  Frank  Lake  about 
extending  the 30mph limit.  To do this if  we  have  no  street 
lighting  we  would need a Traffic Regulation Order  which  would 
cost  about 1000. It was agreed that a request for an  extension 
of the limit would be made to get us 'on the waiting list'(CLERK)
Ref - hedge cutting, it is the duty of the landowner to trim  the 
hedge  so  it does not obstruct the roadway, FL  questioned  the 
efficacy of cutting back the hedge to make the road appear  wider 
as  he felt it would encourage traffic to go  faster.   Halecombe 
signing - it was suggested that if the sign to Leigh-on-Mendip at 
the top of Whitehole Hill were altered to take vehicles along  to 
Soho crossroads then problems caused by traffic getting stuck  in 
Stockers  Lane  would  be solved. Meeting re roads  signs  to  be 
organised.                                                (CLERK)
WEB SITE -  Village Design Statement, PDQ have been asked if  the 
VDS could be put on disc, answer still awaited.              (NH)
MEMORIAL  HALL - NH had looked at the documents in the  hands  of 
the PC and was reading through those in the Hall's possession.
He will be speaking to the pub owners and the PC as he finds  out 
more.   The current issue with the Hall was that  expensive  work 
needed  doing  to  the roof.  G Cawood suggested  that  the  Hall 
committee  put  in a request for a grant to help with  this  even 
though  they  have not yet got estimates as the  grant  committee 
will  not be touring halls until September, otherwise  they  will 
have to wait another year.
BARNS   CLOSE   STUDY  -  inaccurate  report   in   paper   being 
investigated by MDC offivial.

PO  INVESTMENT  ACCOUNT - JW proposed that any 3 members  of  the 
Parish Council could  sign documents for the Investment  a/c.  AG 
seconded and all agreed.                                  (CLERK)
Problems with the current a/c being incorrectly named were  still 
happening  but the Clerk had been assured that they had now  been 
NEIGHBOURHOOD  WATCH - Receipts for money spent on behalf of  the 
Neighbourhood  Watch  amounting to 25.50 had been  received.  JW 
proposed  payment, PM seconded and all agreed. Cheque 310 on  the 
current a/c was made out payable to K Cockroft and signed.(CLERK)

JW  proposed  that the Churchyard which is due to  be  closed  be 
handed  over  to the District Council as the  Health  and  Safety 
aspects could have quite serious financial repercussions for  the 
PC.   GC told councillors that MDC were reviewing  the system  of 
Burial  Grants  as administering them was  expensive.   MDC  were 
considering a fund with money coming from Council Tax which would 
provide  grants to burial authorities to maintain their  property 
based  on  need for work to be done. This would  mean  that  some 
years a burial authority might not get anything from District and 
other years they may get a grant for capital maintenance.
ML pointed out that despite the PC receiving a closure notice  it 
has  to be advertised and then the PCC have to write formally  to 
the PC asking them to take over the churchyard and suggested  the  
decision be delayed, all agreed. 
MOWING BILL from Cemetery a/c.  Claim for 2/07 and 16/07, 9 hours 
worked amount claimed 40.50p.  ML proposed payment, NH seconded, 
all agreed - cheque 006 made out and signed.              (CLERK)
Complaints about weeds in newly planted hedge of the Cemetery had 
been  received - GJ and his daughter had weeded some of the  area 
for  which they were thanked.  It was agreed that bark  chippings 
would be priced with a view to covering the area.         (CLERK)

Shed at Rec Field - support & ask to be made permanent.   (CLERK)

PM was asked to find out what was to happen to the track and  car 
park now that the houses were finished and to report on plans for 
the front of the track which had become very overgrown.      (PM)

JW  had  discussed the designation of Sparks Farm Field  and  the 
possibility of it being preserved in perpetuity as an open  space 
for  the village.  J Milling at MDC had given it as  her  opinion 
that  its designation as agricultural land gave it a  measure  of 

NH  reported  that the VDS had some money  remaining,  an  option 
might be to use it to put the VDS onto the web. PM felt that  any 
money  ought to be used for the benefit of the village, but  that 
external  agencies  who  granted  the  money  would  need  to  be 
consulted before decisions could be made. 

Complaints about the footpath from Great House Farm to Knap  Hill 
being   impassable  again  due  to  crop  planting   were   being 
investigated.  GJ was going to ask Hobbs, the landowner, to put a 
clause  in  any future letting agreement that the  path  is  kept 
walkable.  S Petherbridge will be contacted to arrange a meeting.
Angela  Cave of MDC Grounds & Property Dept was going to  discuss 
brambles  on the pavement at Sparks Farm with Hanson following  a 
conversation with JW.. 
Complaints about ragwort on the roadside and in the quarry  areas 
had been received by the Clerk.  She reported that, in a  private 
capacity  she had written to SCC, Hanson and Tarmac and  had  had 
replies from the first two saying they would deal with the weed - 
it was agreed to write to MAFF reporting the matter.      (CLERK)
GJ will ask LJH to trim the hedge outside their works.       (GJ)

NP - EAST MENDIP RURAL TASK FORCE. Transport discussed especially 
the  provision of a sort of bus/taxi which will provide an  early 
morning and evening connection between villages and the  Coleford 
to Bath link  and be available for the use of others the rest  of 
the time. NP had become a member of the Transport Committee which 
has  met  and discussed linking Leigh to Coleford.   He  reported 
that the Volunteer Ambulance/car scheme is to be discontinued due 
to abuse by town residents.
PM  - MILLENIUM COMMITTEE.  PM is the Chairman, the next  meeting 
is 10 August.  Events will take place throughout 2000.

Info on Playground Safety given to PM.
Other  correspondence  -  SOCIAL SERVICES  REPORT;  SOMERSET  CVS 

7 September 1999 at 7.30 in the School.


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