Councillors  present:  A Gould; N Haskins; G  Jeanes;  M  Loten; 
P Moore; N Park and J Wright who took the Chair.
District Councillor G Cawood was in attendance.

The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and 

REC  FIELD  LEASE - the Clerk had written to Daniel  &  Cruttwell 
asking for information on the progress of the lease.      (CLERK)
CHURCHYARD  CLOSURE - ML reported that the official notices  have 
been displayed for one month, the PCC will be writing to the Home 
Office & then to the PC.
WEB SITE - in hand.
CEMETERY  -  GJ  had weeded the hedge bottom,  it  had  not  been 
possible to organise the use of 'spent bark' from the swing  base 
at the Rec Field before they had laid new bark. 
ROADS & FOOTPATHS report later.
FINANCE  - the Clerk asked that a second copy of the  Minutes  of 
the 3 August Meeting be signed for the PO Investment a/c. Cheques 
payed and receipts given.                                 (CLERK)
RECREATION  FIELD - PM reported that boards had been  put  around 
car park to retain the sculpings.  The hedge has been planted  on 
PC land but does not appear to be thriving.     
MILLENIUM COMMITTEE - PM asked if the Chairman & Clerk would sign 
a  Lottery Grant request form on behalf of the concern  who  were 
unable to apply for it on their own because of the way they  were 
constituted.   He  would  be  leaving the  meeting  early  for  a 
millenium  meeting.  He was asked to leave the form which he  had 
filled in for it to be read.                         (JW & CLERK)

Batching  Plant  &  Silo at Halecombe Quarry  -  Plan  from  SCC.  
Comments:  1) great concern about provisions for the  control  of 
dust  resulting  from this process. 2) Hours of working  -  would 
they  be controlled?  3) Plan did not fit in with  the  proposals 
outlined  in  newspaper  reports for houses in  Barns  Close.   G 
Cawood suggested a copy be sent to David Seaton @ MDC.    (CLERK)
[P MOORE LEFT for another meeting.]
Retrospective  permission for DIY Livery at Knapp Hill Farm -  GJ 
declared an interest and took no part in this item.  
Application supported as valid diversification although the  need 
for  a planning application was questioned as this appears to  be 
in line with government advice to farmers to diversify.   (CLERK)
GJ rejoined he meeting.

Bark would cost approx 25 for an amount to cover the hedge base.  
AG  offered to price it locally.  JW proposed that up to  25  be 
voted  for the purchase of 11/2 metres of bark, NH seconded,  all 
ML  asked G Cawood if MDC would inspect the churchyard before  it 
was  handed over and if there was any progress on the  review  of 
burial  grants. GC reported that she had spoken to  Roy  Thurston 
and Derek Hooper at MDC and hoped to meet them soon.

CEMETERY ACCOUNT - Bill for grass cutting for 40.50p. ML proposed 
payment, NH seconded, all agreed.
The Clerk explained that it was not possible to sign any  cheques
because  the Parish Council Audit was taking place.   Once  again 
the  Council had experienced problems with the audit and  despite 
assurances  made to her on 12 July that we would be  included  in 
the audit we had not been.  By pure chance she had phoned MDC  to 
find  out when the Audit was happening to be told it  was  taking 
place  as  she called.  She had managed to make  arrangements  to 
have  the  PC  Books  included in the Audit  and  ML  had  kindly 
delivered  them to MDC, and a Notice of Audit had been  displayed 
in  the  village.   Until  the advertising  period  was  over  no 
certificate could be issued.  ML reported that she had  delivered 
the books directly into the hands of the auditor. 
PRODUCE  CUP  -  A silver cup had been chosen  and  was  awaiting 
engraving at a cost of 29.40p, cheque 311 on the PC  Current  a/c 
had  been made out and signed.  The Clerk thanked ML for all  her 
work on the choosing & collection of the cup.

JW  & GJ had met Martin Shattock from WS Atkins on 25/08/99.   He 
was  going to produce a list of matters discussed  and  requiring 
action which he would send to the PC (not yet arrived).
GJ  had arranged to meet representatives at Hanson and Tarmac  to 
talk about footpaths.
Arrangements are being made to cut the hedge at LJH.
Leaflet on Ragwort added to circulation pack.
Notification on Road Closure at Church Street Coleford for 3 days 
from 27/09 had been received.

MEMORIAL HALL NH reported on meeting on 6/09.
The life span of the roof was estimated at one year, tenders  had 
been  received which showed that it would cost between 9 to  12 
thousand. As costs were not to hand no application had been  made 
to  MDC.   G  Cawood suggested he contact  Sarah  Guscott  and/or 
Sharon McGinty at MDC for help and advice.

REC FIELD -  PM not present, but see Matters Arising.

G Cawood asked if the PC knew that Foster Yeoman have applied  to 
deepen   and  extend  the  quarry.   The  Clerk  said   that   no 
notification had been received.
Complaints about recent blasts at Halecombe including the one  on 
the 6 September had been made - the Clerk will pass on to SCC.
Minerals  Local  Plan  - GC reported it was  expected  to  go  to 
committee in Oct/Nov.

East  Mendip  Rural Task Force newsletter;  IT  information;  Rec 
Field  Minutes;  PC Seminar Minutes(next meeting  13  Oct);  SALC 
information; Mendip Info - all circulated.
Emergency Planning - N Park willing to continue, B Clarke will be 
asked if she is willing to continue and form will be returned.

G  Cawood  reported on plans for the new Scrutiny  process  which 
will be required by law.  Her report on this and other events  of 
the month was circulated.

It was agreed that JW would talk to PM about the Millenium  Grant 
applicationand that if need be it would be discussed at the  next 
meeting.                                                  (CLERK)



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