Councillors present G Jeanes, M Loten, P Moore, N Park, J Wright (Chairman) and A Gould who arrived late.

Apologies were accepted from N Haskins.

Councillor G Cawood had sent her apologies.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were amended to read [P Moore left for another meeting which he attended as a PC representative] and were then accepted as a true record and signed.

(A Gould arrived).


REC FIELD LEASE – still no response despite the Clerk being told on 20/09 by the solicitor that it would be dispatched within 24 hours. Four phone calls and ten days latter still no copy of the lease. Unfortunately we had a contract and would have to stick with it. A letter will be sent again and if necessary the firm’s complaints procedure will be followed.

MILLENIUM COMMITTEE – JW had believed that if he and the Clerk, on behalf of the PC, signed the grant application form the money would have had to come to the PC and they would have had to handle the spending of the grant. He had informed A Jackson of this.

QUARRY – G Cawood had asked for the PCs comments on the recommendations put forward by SCC for the Batching Plant etc at Halecombe Quarry. Councillors supported the proposal to limit the working hours of the plant to between 0600 & 2000h weekdays and 0600 and 1200h on Saturday. Councillors agreed that 0700h would be more sociable and GC would be informed to that effect. (CLERK)

JW had received a letter offering the plans of the latest Torr Works planning application for the PC to look at and comment on. It was agreed that as this application was for an area towards Leighton no comment would be made but SCC will be asked to keep this PC informed. (CLERK)

PLANNING - Knapp Hill – granted. JW had asked P Lacey at SALC why a ‘change of use’ application was necessary and been told it was to do with the commercial keeping of horses.

CEMETERY – AG had got some bark which he was donating. He was thanked by JW. AG and GJ were organizing its spreading.

FINANCE – the Clerk had contacted MDC as to the whereabouts of the PC Books. They had referred her to the auditor who would be delivering them back to MDC so they could be collected. (CLERK)

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – response from WSAtkins circulated. The drain at Great House Farm had been repaired and cleared. (CLERK)



[No cheques could be written as books still with the auditors.]


Bill for grass cutting for £42.75p from D Jarvis. ML proposed payment, AG seconded, all agreed. Cheque will be made out when books are back. (CLERK)


Donation from RFMC for the Web Site of £10 received.

Bill from MDC for election expenses of £55.84p. ML proposed payment, PM seconded all agreed. (CLERK)

A request from Mid-Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau for a donation had been received – the Clerk will investigate whether Leigh residents use Shepton Mallet or Frome CAB.

Clerk’s salary – next meeting.


JW had attended a meeting of the East Mendip Rural Task Force when the question of Burial Grants had been discussed. MDC are looking at the way these grants are decided and administered. The Clerk reported that Mrs Cawood had spoken to her and said that her committee are recommending to MDC that they take over responsibility for closed churchyards and give Parish Council’s the option to take care of the grass cutting. The present contract for graveyard maintenance lasts until 2001. She suggested that as Leigh was on the brink of having their churchyard closed and was therefore not part of this contract we might be used as a pilot to see if the suggestion was feasible.


Minutes of the last meeting will be included in the Correspondence to be circulated.


ML reported that at their last meeting discussion on sources of grants for improvements to the Hall had taken place.


A leaflet on gully emptying had been received and will be circulated. It was agreed that a record of known gullys in Leigh would be asked for from WSAtkins. (CLERK)

GJ has the hedge trimming at LJH in hand.



After advertising by Strode College 100 applicants from 12 villages had come forward for the IT courses and about 5 courses will be run.

With regard to Community Transport, BadgerLine have said that they will take off a scheduled service for every reduced fare service put on. Mendip Connect are looking at a scheme in Wiltshire to give cheap transport to members. JW said that the EMRTF, which was set up as a result of a one-off grant, appears to have been included in the plans made by Mendip District Council’s being re-organisation of local government.



PM expressed the severe disappointment he had felt at the lack of support from the PC in the matter of the grant request made by the Millenium Committee. He felt that the Council were unwilling to support groups that they had set up and cited the way they had abandoned the Village Design Group and now the Millenium Group. It was explained that the PC had agreed to chair the inaugural meeting for both groups but the idea had always been that the groups would stand alone and be run by the villagers not the Council. The reason why the Chairman and Clerk had been unwilling to sign the grant request was that they believed it was not part of their remit


A copy of a letter of complaint sent to the PCC by a parishioner had been received concerning the winding up of the church clock and the fact that it had kept him awake all night. The parishioner being present he told councillors that if the Millenium Committee proposed to activate the clock with an electric mechanism he would strongly oppose the move. The Clerk asked if he wanted the complaint passed onto Environmental Health but

he said no he had just sent the PC a copy of the letter for their information.

A suggestion that we do a Housing Needs Survey will be considered at the next meeting.

CIRCULATED – Information about Community Council AGM on 11 October; Police Annual Report; Frome College Governor confirmation letter; info on Dog Fouling Act 96; info on PC Seminar 13 October.






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