Councillors present: A Gould, G Jeanes, M Loten, N Park, J Wright(Chairman) and P Moore who arrived late.

Apologies were accepted from N Haskins and Cllr G Cawood.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.


REC FIELD LEASE – no reply to letter so complaints procedure will be tried.

QUARRY – Batching plant granted with same hours of work as the primary crusher.

From G Cawood - Foster-Yeoman application also to deepen quarry.

Response to complaint about blasts at Halecombe received – blast about a month ago just below the 9 limit.

[P Moore arrived].

FINANCE – cheques sent.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – letters sent.


CLERK’S SALARY – At present Clerk on SCP 21 - £7.37 per hour. New pay rates as from April 1999 £7.48. PM proposed increasing Clerk’s salary from April 1999, NP seconded and all agreed. Annual salary based on 3 hours per week will be £1166.88p.

Salary 1 July to 30 September 1999 £291.72

+ Backdated increase from 1April £8.58

= £300.30

Cheque 313 on PC current a/c made out and signed. [Expenses will be claimed next time]

CAB GRANT – no figures were available as to the useage by villagers of the Mid Somerset as opposed to the Frome Citizens Advice Bureau. It had been ascertained that the latter would not be requesting a grant so JW proposed a grant of £25 to the Mid Somerset CAB, AG seconded and all agreed. Cheque 314 made out and signed. CLERK

PRECEPT – it was agreed to put an item in the Parish Magazine asking for any group who would be applying for a grant in the next financial year to contact the PC. CLERK


No letter from the PCC concerning the closure. When it takes place, and before the PC decide whether they can take it over or to hand it on to MDC it was agreed that an idea of the amount of money that may need to be spent to make the area safe from a Health & Safety angle needed to be known. Bryan Bishop Funeral Directors from Paulton would be willing to give a free estimate of costs involved in levelling graves etc. Grave maintenance was the responsibility of the surviving family. Details were given to ML who will raise the matter at the next PCC meeting.

The Chairman asked that thanks be recorded to A Gould and G Jeanes on behalf of the PC for their work on the Cemetery. He also asked that D Jarvis, who had the contract to mow the Churchyard and Cemetery, be told how much people appreciated the way the area had been maintained during the past months.

The Minutes of the Burial Grant Review Working Party of Mendip District Council of 30 September had been received from G Cawood, the whole system is being reviewed and it was suggested that Leigh might be used as a pilot. Minutes will be circulated. CLERK


Conversion of Car Port to Garage, Rose Cottage, Leigh Street – supported by PC as plan in keeping with Village Design Statement. CLERK

Leigh-on-Mendip Memorial Hall Public Entertainment Licence – renewal/variation. Sunday between 1400 and 2230h had been added to the hours. No comments have been received from locals, the PC had no comment to make on the application. CLERK

Cricket Club Shed – permitted.

A complaint about the height of the gates onto the land behind Examiner House had been received. It was believed that they did not contravene any planning condition but the Clerk had suggested that the complainant speak to MDC for confirmation.


The condition of Becktor Lane will be brought to the attention of SCC.

From G Cawood – she had drawn the attention of the Environmental Health Service to the state of the path towards Green Shutters. Until recently SCC were responsible for the road side of the path and MDC for the back side in the future they are to work together. The suggestion was made that the additional funding, which had been granted, should be used for paths inside the 30mph limit. GC had pointed out that some of the most neglected paths were just outside the limit and suggested that the PC write to support the use of funds for paths just outside the limit. It was agreed to write to Bill Crawford of MDC and Richard Grove of SCC in support of this plan. CLERK

She also mentioned that there was a bid for community self help in weed clearing.

GJ said that despite work on the gully at Great House Farm the area was still flooding, he had explored the drain and thought that the pipe connecting the culvert to the stream was blocked. Info will be passed to SCC. CLERK


The Clerk had been contacted by Alan Everard, Tarmac, to display a notice for the LIAISON MEETING on 16 November 1999. She had asked that she, as Clerk, be informed about Liaison Meetings so that she could tell the PC. AE had been slightly reluctant as he said that the date of the next meeting was set during the meeting.


SALC – ‘The Future of the Association’ was discussed. Councillors supported Option 3.

Current Policy Issues dated October 1999 and other papers were circulated.

Also CIRCULATED:- Draft Improvement Plan for Somerset Health Authority; Social Service information; Police & Community Consultative Groups documents – meeting on 1Dec at Mells; Consultation "Learning in Somerset – Looking forward to 2000-2020.

Emergency Planning Procedure – there will no longer be Parish Representatives.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 7 DECEMBER 1999 at 1930 in the School.

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