Councillors present: N Haskins, M Loten, P Moore, N Park and J Wright.

Apologies were accepted from A Gould and G Jeanes.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.


CAB GRANT – letter of thanks received.

CHURCHYARD CLOSURE – see item later in Minutes.

PLANNING – Car Port passed. Memorial Hall Licence granted.

ROADS – reply from Bill Crawford, MDC, concerning weed control. Bid for extra money not yet made but if it is granted the money will be for weed control on all kerbed roads and back of footways adjacent to the road. Part of the funding is to train voluntary groups who wish to take part in this work as part of the village spring clean.

WEB SITE – Martin Shattock believed that special permission would need to be granted for the email address to be displayed on the village name sign and suggested that the Clerk contact the Department of Environment & Transport in London to see if it would be feasible. Designing and erecting the sign would cost in the region of £500. It was felt that this was more than the PC could afford to spend.

NOTICEBOARD – in response to a complaint about the state of the glass in the board at the pub PM offered to remove and mend the board. NH agreed that the PC could temporarily use the Hall Board. PM


STABLES AT PARK HAYES – applicant Wilson - Supported, comments – colour of render and roofing be within the pallet of the VDS.

STABLES AND FIELD SHELTER AT PARK HAYES – applicants Gueuning & Chipperfield - Buildings are not on applicants land so need to be ‘portable’. Support.

There is a building already in this area and the PC have been asked if it is permitted development. CLERK


A draft lease has been received and circulated to councillors and to J Robson the Rec Field Chairman. The solicitor explained that the lease also contained the constitution of the Management Committee which could only be updated on their instruction. PM explained that of the 17 trustees mentioned 11 are dead, 2 have emigrated and the rest on no longer in contact with the concern. Concern was expressed at the clause allowing the raising of a mortgage and also the fact that the if the charity is closed its assets will revert to the Charity Commission. It was also agreed that the lease ought to contain a clause indemnifying the PC against any complaint made about the track and car park. An updated map showing the new land needs to be included in the documents. It was agreed to ask SALC for comments on the lease. CLERK


GRANT FOR SCHOOL – an application for a grant towards the cost of reclaiming and replanting the ‘wild garden’ had been received by JW. He proposed the payment of £100, NH seconded and all agreed. Cheque 315 on the current a/c was made out and signed.

SLCC SUB – ML proposed payment of £36, PM seconded and all agreed. Cheque 316 from current a/c made out and signed. CLERK

PRECEPT for 2000/01 – the setting of the Precept was discussed, the Clerk had received a verbal notification from the Rec Field chairman that they would be asking for a grant for a seat in the next financial year amounting to about £300. NH (Hall Chairman) said that the Hall would be asking for a grant towards re-roofing costs which he would put in writing. The spending of money on clearing of footpaths, verges etc and perhaps the replacement of stiles by easier access barriers was discussed. ML expressed her concern about carrying too much money forward. It was agreed to discuss the matter at the next meeting.


A notification had been received by JW from the Vicar dated 11/11/99 to say that the order for closure had been made, this means the PC has 3 months to decide whether to take on the total responsibility for the churchyard or hand it on to Mendip DC. JW had acknowledged the letter. ML, on behalf of the PCC, had asked Tudor Bishop to look at the graves with a view to levelling and awaited their response. The PCC has told the Council that the trees would remain their responsibility. The Clerk said she thought it advisable to consult the Parishioners before a final decision was made and the Councillors agreed that a Parish Meeting would be held early in the new year. G Cawood, MD Councillor, will be kept informed. CLERK


FINANCE – Clerk’s Salary claimed: £11.84

Expenses £1.30

TOTAL £13.40

Cheque 008 on the Cemetery a/c made out and signed.

Mowing Bill - £67.50 claimed. This takes the total sum paid for maintenance over the agreed amount of £380. The Cemetery Clerk had tried unsuccessfully to contact D Jarvis before the meeting to discuss the matter. ML pointed out that the standard of maintenance had been of such a high quality occasioning many complimentary comments from parishioners that she thought in this instance the PC ought to make the payment. All the Councillors agreed and NH proposed payment, ML seconded and all agreed. Cheque 009 was made out and signed.


JW reported that at the recent SALC meeting a letter from SCC had been read to say that they had not forgotten the Parish Council’s and their road repair/maintenance requests. JW pointed out that in view of the letter we had received from WS Atkins concerning requests made in our Parish and the lack of money to do anything he felt that PC’s were right to feel ignored. He had been advised to write to his County Councillor. JW

He drew attention to the fact that the CC Auditors have said that the contract with WS Atkins will not stand up on performance grounds.


LIAISON MEETING – Minutes will be circulated when they arrive.



SALC MEETING – (JW & NP) - BEST VALUE – not applicable to Leigh. AUDIT COMMENTS to P Lacey. CLERK

Announcements in the Queen’s Speech concerning the regulation of standards of PCs will be monitored. Task Force Contact is Alison Herbert.

NH reported that to put the Village Design Statement on the Village Web Site will involve considerable cost, there is a possibility that it may be included on the East Mendip Rural Task Force site. He will keep the PC informed.


A letter inviting the PC to attend a BANES Transport Meeting near Bristol had been received, the Clerk had responded and we will be invited to the next one to be held in Midsomer Norton.

DISPLAYED ON NOTICEBOARDS – Christmas/New Year Refuse Collection, Electoral Register Info and Anti-Drink Drive Poster.

CIRCULATED – SCC Minutes: The Clerk: THATCH: Hedge leaflet: Electoral Arrangements final recommendations: Dec PC Bulletin: Twinning News.

DRAFT ELECTORAL REGISTERS in Church and Post Office.









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