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24-26 August 2013

1%20The%20Lark%20Ascending_TN.JPG 2%20Joseph%20and%20the%20Amazing%20Technicolor%20Dreamcoat_TN.JPG 3%20The%20Magnificat_TN.JPG
Overall The Lark Ascending Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat The Magnificat
4%20Broken%20Strings_TN.JPG 5%20Percussion_TN.JPG 6%20For%20the%20beauty%20of%20the%20earth_TN.JPG 7%20Rhapsody%20in%20Blue_TN.JPG
Broken Strings Percussion For the Beauty of the Earth Rhapsody in Blue
8%20Pastoral%20Symphony_TN.JPG 9%20Brass_TN.JPG 10%20The%20Four%20Seasons_TN.JPG 11%20We%20plough%20the%20fields%20and%20scatter_TN.JPG
Pastoral Symphony Brass The Four Seasons We Plough the Fields and Scatter
12%20Piano%20Organ%20Keyboard_TN.JPG 13%20Blue%20Danube_TN.JPG 14%20Goodbye%20Yellow%20Brick%20Road_TN.JPG 15%20Lord%20of%20the%20Dance_TN.JPG
Piano Organ Keyboard The Blue Danube Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Lord of the Dance
a2%20Church%20font_TN.JPG a3%20Hall_TN.jpg
The Font Local History Exhibition   (Memorial Hall)

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