Recreation Field,   BA3 5QP

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Leigh-on-Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Vicky Higgins Chairman 812087
David Pattison Secretary 812570
Denis Pattison Treasurer 


Vanessa Barnes Elected Member 812549
Alan Dagger Elected Member
Brenda WigmoreElected Member
Ty Schlechter School Governors representative
No nominee Bell-ringers representative
Vicki Taylor interim for Vicki Trundle
Parish Council representative
Martin Carter Cricket Club representative
No nominee Women's Institute representative
Denis Pattison Memorial Hall representative
Anthea Brooks Parochial Church Council representative 01761 418737

Rec Field News (May 2021)

There have been so many people enjoying the rec on these sunny days it makes it all worthwhile. It’s also really great to see organised football back!
Bonus Club  
The winners in April were Andy and Darren. They should have their £20 by now. Rollover next month!

Keep safe and enjoy the rec. 

David Pattison 812570

The Playground   Thank you for using the playground responsibly.  We cannot clean it between users, so it is up to you to consider the risk and deal with it, following the notice displayed (see below).  Please keep away if anyone has symptoms, get your children to socially distance as much as possible, and keep an eye on them.

For more Information about the Field contact the Chairman.


There's always something to do! Can you help?

Painting the Playground Fence - 8th July 2012