DATE: 20th February 2002  . Commenced: 8.10pm Concluded: 8.20pm


Present: Jan Robson Chairman
  Caroline Peat Treasurer/WI
  Tony Gould Parish Council
  Vicky Higgins Elected
  David Pattison Elected
  Dave Mears Elected
  Anne Robson Secretary   Elected


1.00Apologies for Absence: None


2.00 Previous Minutes: These were agreed to be an accurate record and were signed by the Chairman and Treasurer.


3.00 Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:  There were no matters arising.


4.00 Chairmanís Report:

Legal Status: The Charity is established by Trust Deed dated 28 April 1980 whereby leasehold land of the recreation field and its pavilion are subject of a 21 year lease set up by Leigh on Mendip Parish Council on the one part and Oliver Reginald Moore and another for the other part.

The Charity Commission No is 279013-R.


Objects, Policies and Organisation: The Trust/Management Committee is established to manage the recreation field, its buildings and features for the benefit of the inhabitants of Leigh on Mendip without distinction of political, religious or other opinions with the object of improving the quality of life for the inhabitants.


The ground and its buildings are available for hire by any individual or organisation and it is intended that the charges be sufficient to meet the ordinary expenditure incurred in providing the facilities. Specific appeals, fund raising and grants fund significant improvements.


The Management Committee is elected or appointed on an annual basis, with offices being elected from the membership of the committee. The annual general meeting is usually held in January or February.



Club House:

The Cricket Club have refitted the kitchen and when this is finished off, there are plans to provide bar shutters.


The Exterior light to the rear doorway has failed, Dave Mears has removed it, the wiring is disconnected.


Dave Mears has also repaired the guttering to the front elevation where it was vandalised by children standing on the cricket scorer bench.


The annual agreement with Somerset County Council for grass cutting and of marking out of the soccer pitch free to the village continues.


Mowing the outfield was still a problem until Gerald Jeanes hove into view on his sit on mower. We have since enlisted the services of Geoff Casey, Pitten House, as he has a sit on mower as well. It maybe that Dave Mears trailer is called into use to get Geoffís mower onto the field as he is a bit of a distance away. We would always welcome the help of a voluntary groundsman.


This yearís major task is to complete the Car Park Works. We have an in principal nod from the quarry that they will help but so far no joy on the cash front. Investigations on the search for funding have proved fruitless. We have approached the Environmental Trust, Somerset County Highways, Mendip District Council, the police among others but to offer a grant for a car park surface does not appeal. The Parish Council are reluctant to provide any more funding into this area of the field as they had a substantial legal bill to pay for the transfer of the land from the developer. The present proposal is to ask the quarry for some help and if we cannot get anyone else to offer a grant we shall need to consider funding it from our own reserves.


The Bench from the Bus Stop , the cricket scorer bench has again been removed from its summer location into the shed due to excessive litter problems and vandalism to the bench itself. Many thanks to David Pattison for the removal works.

Thanks are also due to Gerald Jeanes for sponsoring the hedge cutting to the roadside hedge as Tony Gould no longer has his cutter.


This yearís projects are to replace the bench seating around the field, plant trees to mark the golden jubilee celebrations, a village picnic is proposed for the recreation ground on Monday 3rd June. The village fete also returns to the recreation field this year.



It is a pity that fathers and families who volunteered to dig the bark under the slide have not kept to their commitment. It is therefore necessary to pay Dave Jarvis to dig it every six weeks starting just before Easter.


A conversation PC Martin Smith had with the village youth in their evening accommodation comprising the village bus shelter elicited the information that they would like a basket ball court on the recreation field. This created absolute havoc in May and June as we participated in the English Basketball Association Outside Basketball Campaign. Of 9,000 basketball goals on offer over the past 3 or so years we obtained one of the final 10!

We have to thank Frank and Vicky Higgins for their dedication to this project. Had it not been for Frank we would not have achieved it. Thanks are also due to Halecombe Quarry for sponsoring the tarmac surface and for Phil Wilson for sponsoring his own time laying it. I would also like to thank Gary Clark for putting me in touch with Whatley Quarry to see if any sponsorship could be provided there. Others involved were Kevin Gill, Tony Gould, Darren Plummer and Mike Hamblin.

The village youth also contributed by having fund raising events such as a village clean up, discos etc. The court appears to have been a great success.


Completion works to the playground are to paint the fence with stain and to provide notices.

Fund Raising:. The bonus club draw based on the National Lottery bonus ball continues. Our fund raising activities throughout the year have been the ever popular Burns Night supper, which Vicky and Frank Higgins and friends organise so well. We had a car treasure hunt in the summer which was not well attended but did earn quite a lot. The BBQ and Pig Roast run by the Rec. Field at the Fair grossed £620.00, which went towards the Fair profits.

We are considering a second bonus club share scheme as there is potential in the village.


Outside Lettings: The outside lettings of the ground, clubhouse and facilities have been the cricket, football, social club. We were pleased that the football team, Badgerís Hill Sports, has returned and play regularly on Sunday mornings. Frome Town Boys are also using the pitch on Sunday afternoons. Free of charge, the Field was used by the School for their Sports Day.


Managing Committee Membership:

The members of the committee throughout the year and their appropriate appointing body are:

Jan Robson  Chairman Elected Caroline Peat Treasurer/W.I.
Steve Willis Cricket/Cricket Social Club Tony Gould Parish Council
David Mears Elected Vicky Higgins Elected
David Pattison Elected  Anne Robson Secretary/Elected


And Finally: Jan says big thank you to all who have supported the recí this year and particularly to the Committee.                                           Thank you!


5.00 Treasurerís Report

CP presented the attached accounts, which had been audited by Richard Dixon.


6.00 Election of Committee Members  In the constitution, the elected members resign at the AGM and five people are required to fill these positions, re-election is allowed.


DP proposed that CP, AR and JR continue in their present positions and this was seconded by VH.  AR proposed that Vicky Higgins, Dave Mears, and David Pattison be re-elected and this was seconded by JR.


7.00 Close of Meeting: As there was no other business the meeting was closed.


8.00 Distribution:   Parish Council  +  
  Jan Robson (Chairman) Caroline Peat (Treasurer)
  Tony Gould (PC) Steve Willis (Cricket Social)
  Dave Mears (Elected) David Pattison (Elected)
  Vicky Higgins (Elected) Anne Robson (Secretary)







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