DATE: 11th February 2004   .            Commenced: 8.10pm            Concluded: 8.25pm

Present: Jan Robson Chairman
  Caroline Peat    Treasurer/WI
  Geoff Casey Parish Council
  David Pattison Elected
  Anne Robson  Secretary            Elected


1.00Apologies for Absence: Vicky Higgins

2.00 Previous Minutes: These were agreed to be an accurate record and were signed by the Chairman and Treasurer.

3.00 Matters Arising from Previous Minutes: There were no matters arising.

4.00 Chairmanís Report:

Legal Status: The Charity is established by Trust Deed dated 28 April 1980 whereby leasehold land of the recreation field and its pavilion are subject of a 21 year lease set up by Leigh on Mendip Parish Council on the one part and Oliver Reginald Moore and another for the other part.

The Charity Commission No is 279013-R.

Objects, Policies and Organisation: The Trust/Management Committee is established to manage the recreation field, its buildings and features for the benefit of the inhabitants of Leigh on Mendip without distinction of political, religious or other opinions with the object of improving the quality of life for the inhabitants.

The ground and its buildings are available for hire by any individual or organisation and it is intended that the charges be sufficient to meet the ordinary expenditure incurred in providing the facilities. Specific appeals, fund raising and grants fund significant improvements.

The Management Committee is elected or appointed on an annual basis, with offices being elected from the membership of the committee. The annual general meeting is usually held in January or February.



Club House:

Works following the burglary two years ago are now complete and the insurance has been cleared. We continue with the same insurer, as they offered the lowest premium.

We had a leak in the roof over the home changing room, which has been repaired by Steve Anderson. Paul Burlison has recently provided a new emergency light to the rear door and Derek Robinson has reglazed the home changing room rear window glazing to toughened glass. It was previously georgian wired glass.

The main clubhouse front door was forced during the summer by cricketers, would you believe! They could not wait for the key holder to turn up. Fortunately Martin Lambert repaired it.


The annual agreement with Somerset County Council for grass cutting and marking out of the soccer pitch free to the village continues.

The main event of the year is the Leigh on Mendip Country Fair, which is becoming a significant contributor to our income. It is an item of note that we had an accident this year in that Sophia Burlison ran into the cricket square boundary string causing bruising to her neck. As a result of this the string has been changed to a yellow tape.

The remaining benches were installed throughout the year with many thanks to David Lowe for engraving them and for David Pattison for yeoman service in planting them! There are now seven benches and these will need treating each year.

Upkeep of the field is constant. Thanks to Vicky Higgins for sterling work with her trusty strimmer. Thanks are also due to Gerald Jeanes for sponsoring the hedge cutting to the roadside hedge.

Gerald has also been thanked for the very kind donation of his sit on mower, now surplus to his requirements as they have moved into the village with no vast lawns! Dave Mears and Frank Higgins have been put in charge of the maintenance of this beast. A queue has already formed to use it during the summer months for cutting the outfield. We look forward to an even better manicured field than before!

The field has suffered from a certain amount of vandalism this year. Two benches have been pulled from the ground and dog signs removed. There is concern about the cars that park on the tarmac car park at night and only two nights ago a car drove onto the field itself. This is very difficult to police and consideration may be given to chaining off the entrance.

The Parish Council has raised the issue of re-introducing a lease. We, as a Committee, are not in favour of this, as we cannot see any advantage to us. John Wright is researching the legal reasons for doing so. We await the results.

We have asked the Parish Council to include for the entire insurance premium in the precept, thus bringing us in line with other villages nearby. We have not been informed whether this has been done, but as an interim they have given us a grant of £300 towards the coming yearís premium due in April.



The annual safety check on the Playground gave a good report but suggested that notices be put at the two entrances providing various items of information including not allowing dogs in.

Dave Jarvis continues to dig the bark chippings and Kevin McLoud sponsors his payment.


Fund Raising:

The bonus club draw based on the National Lottery bonus ball continues and a second bonus club share is in place, so there are now 98 participants. It is not possible to claim gift aid on the Bonus Club contributions as a prize is involved. Our fund raising activities throughout the year has been the ever popular Burns Night supper, which Vicky Higgins and friends organise so well. A quiz night organised recently was abandoned when it was realised there were few takers. As previously stated the Fete also provides funds.

Outside Lettings: The outside lettings of the ground, clubhouse and facilities have been the cricket, football and social club. Unfortunately, we did not have a regular adult Football team this year. Frome Town Boys use the pitch on Sunday afternoons and a team from The Griffin Inn use the field intermittently. The Field was used by the School for their Sports Day free of charge.


Managing Committee Membership:

The members of the committee throughout the year and their appropriate appointing body are:

Jan Robson Chairman, Elected Caroline Peat Treasurer/W.I.
Steve Willis Cricket/Cricket Social Club Geoff Casey Parish Council
David Mears Elected Vicky Higgins Elected
David Pattison Elected Anne Robson Secretary, Elected

And Finally: Jan says big thank you to all who have supported the recí this year and particularly to the Committee. 

Thank you!


5.00 Treasurerís Report

CP presented the accounts, which had been audited by Richard Dixon. To note that Richard will not audit accounts next year.

6.00 Election of Committee Members In the constitution, the elected members resign at the AGM and five people are required to fill these positions, re-election is allowed.

GC proposed that CP, AR and JR continue in their present positions and this was seconded by DP. AR proposed that Vicky Higgins, Dave Mears, and David Pattison be re-elected and this was seconded by CP.

7.0 Close of Meeting: It was agreed to write to the Cricket Social asking them to nominate an active representative who would be able to attend meetings and the meeting was then closed.

8.00 Distribution: Parish Council +

Jan Robson (Chairman) Caroline Peat (Treasurer) Geoff Casey(PC) Dave Mears (Elected) David Pattison (Elected) Vicky Higgins (Elected) Anne Robson (Secretary)








Chairman: Ian Robson, White House, Leigh Street, Leigh on Mendip 01373 812 879

Secretary: Anne Robson, White House, Leigh Street, Leigh on Mendip 812 879

Treasurer: Caroline Peat, The Dovecote, Leigh Street, Leigh on Mendip 812 889

Charity Number: 279013 Leigh on Mendip Playing Field