Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 25 February


Present: Vicky Higgins, Alan Dagger, David Pattison, Trevor Wells, Vanessa Barnes, Barry Gould (part)


1.    The minutes of the meetings held in Nov, Dec & Jan were agreed and signed

2.    Vanessa Barnes was co-opted in accordance with paragraph 9 of the LMRFMC Scheme and was welcomed to the committee.  She then signed the Register of Members and completed a Declaration of Eligilibility.  DP had already forwarded copies of the Scheme and the four Policy Statements to VB.


3.    A meeting had been held on 5 Feb with the young people of the village with the 2 proposals (Skate Park and Pump Track).  After a lively debate, the young people originally involved voted for a pump track, but one which would be usable by boards and scooters (ie all tarmac).  This was supported by the young people not originally involved.

4.    The committee agreed to go ahead with the pump track.  Ian Barnes had made contact with Nick Larsen, who had recommended a course designer.  VB agreed to chase the designer for a quote for the design work.                                                                                                             Action VB

5.    The Awards for All grant applications.   On Hold

6.    A Ralph & Irma Sperring grant On Hold

7.    The project plan,  On hold


8.    It was agreed to have a working party on Sun 10 March at 1030  to tidy the hedgerow by the play area.                                                                                                                                 Action All

9.    One more tree (the split one) to come down near E stile when field dries out. Plus thinning of large ash                                                                                                                                   VH FH

10. Playground

a.    Tiles around both swings cleaned.  Sealant when dry                                     Action ALL

11. Toilet Roof .  AD to measure up for new UPVC barge boards.                              Action AD


12. Not many games since last meeting– too wet.   

13. Grass Cutting  Awaiting confirmation that the PC would cut the whole field in Mar/Apr and Sept/Oct, and the area outside the boundary all season.

14. Moles:  Nil.                                                                                                                     


15. Treasurer handover.  BG will complete the 2012 accounts and get them audited before the AGM in April .                                                                                                                                Action BG

16.  BG and VB will arrange a date for the handover, to suit the next VAT return.              Action BG/VB

17. Cheque book with DP. 

18. The petty cash held by DP now stands as follows:


Date paid/rec’d

Paid/Rec’d £

Balance £

Balance from Dec




Transfer from float box




Bonus Club




Bonus Club




Bonus Club





19. One of the Jan Bonus Club payments had not been made – DP handed over £20 to VH from the float box (as above).

20. VH handed over a cheque for £48 (banked on 27/2), which is the annual boat parking charge (£120) less the cost of bottled gas for the showers.  Receipt to VB.

21. BG confirmed that he has the new cheque book.

22. Health & Wellbeing fund cheque for £750 has been banked, as has 2012 fair cheque.

23. The following items were still unaccounted for:

a.    Bingo takings: £243.

b.    CC dues 2010: £150

c.    CC contribution to mole catching: £125 + £55

d.    CC dues for 2011: £150

e.    CC contribution to Insurance 2011 (and possibly 2010?

f.     Fair takings:  £


24. The certificate had been received.

Fund Raising

25. It was agreed to run a Race Night on Sat 20 April, doors open 7, first race 7.30, subject to hall being available

a.    Book hall  (post meeting note – booked)                                                             Action: DP

b.    DVD Use existing DVD (post meeting note – confirmed)                                 Action: JB

c.    RM to ask Simon Coe to sponsor the evening.

d.    Selling Race sponsorship at £20 min:  DP to draft a letter to local businesses: Dags, Duo (at LJH), Barnes Coachworks, Broad Bean, Amy, Paul Knowles, the masons (last tiem also: Nick House, The Bell, Alasdair, Tom Kemp, , Malcolm, Rick Massey, Phil Streather, John Davis, Dave Turner.  They name the race.  VH to deliver.

e.    Selling Horses:  All to sell at £5.  Can use Bonus Club Lists.  They name the horse & win half the takings ie £20 if all horses sold. 

f.     Selling Jockeys Cost?  They win a raffle type prize.

g.    No entry fee.

h.    Raffle – need prizes - ALL

i.      Sound system/projector – JB?

j.      Screen – VB

k.    Publicity – website, Parish Mag, - DP.   Posters  - JB?

l.      It was agreed to do a leaflet drop through the village.  DP to draft a leaflet                          Action: DP

m.   On the night

(1)  MC – Frank?

(2)  Projector – JB?

(3)  AD – VH?

(4)  Eight ticket sellers – VH to arrange

(5)  Tote – DP

(6)  Raffle - ?

n.    Booze – DP

Bonus Club

26. The annual gambling licence reminder had arrived.  A cheque for £20 was made out.                                                                                                                                             Action: DP

27. Winners in February were Jan & Colin Horne and Cedric Urch  (Paid).




15th March

19 April

17 May

21 June

19 July

















28. Raffle prizes required.                                                                                                  Action: All

29. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.

30. Booze to be replenished as necessary.                                                                     Action: DP


31. Will be on 15 June, and a normal Fair including a barn dance til midnight, but with a bad weather back up plan.

32. Julian to contact Phil Davey re PA system                                                               Action JB

33. DP to re-activate process to get a license.                                                                 Action DP

Health & Safety.

34. Nil.

Regular Items

35. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Feb. Still issues with dog fouling            Action: VH

36. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book all checked.  Football accident in Dec has been entered in book.

37. Report for Parish Magazine- BC, Race Night                                                           Action DP

38. Check Monthly list of jobs:.  

Any Other Business

39. Nil                                                                                                                                    

Date of next meeting   Mon 11 March

at the rec at 7.30 maybe earlier meeting with young people