Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 11 March 2013


Present: Vicky Higgins, Alan Dagger, David Pattison, Trevor Wells, Vanessa Barnes, Julian Back

1.    This was a special meeting to discuss the Pump Track, the Race Night and urgent issues only.


2.    Ian Barnes had chased the course designer repeatedly, but was not getting a response.                                                                                                                                         Action VB

3.    It was agreed to try to find contact details for the designer of the Frome track.                                                                                                                                                             Action DP

4.    The Awards for All grant,  Ralph & Irma Sperring grant and project plan are all on hold.

5.    The working party held on Sun 10 March had cleared the tree branches and hedge from the area, which now looks much larger

6.    It was agreed that a 2 track option would be good, one of which would need to be tarmac.

7.    It was agreed that a standard single garage was the same size as the cricket storage shed,  TW agreed to make contact with the CC and tell them we need to move it and we will pay for a standard garage, if the want a bigger one they will have to pay the extra.                                      Action TW


8.    VH paid £50 cash to VB, from hire of the clubhouse to the Bennetts.

9.    JB to invoice VB for £10, hedge cutting.

Race Night

10. Sat 20 April, doors open 7, first race 7.30, hall is booked.

a.    DVD – JB confirmed he has it.

b.    RM to ask Simon Coe to sponsor the evening.

c.    Format – 6 races to be sold ahead of time and 2 to auctioned on the night.

d.    Prices – Horses £3 (prize £12), Jockeys £1 (prize a gift).  Races £20.  Horse owners name the horse.  Race sponsors name the race.

e.    Following people to approach businesses for sponsorship:

i.      AD - Dagger Air Services, The Bell

ii.    VB – V Barnes Accountancy, Amy (Tattoing), Tillie Mabbutt  (Haywards Holistics), Barnes Coachworks

iii.   DP – Broadbean, Paul Knowles

iv.   VH – Kevin Mitchell (if req)

v.    Other possibles, Duo (at LJH), Nick House,  Alasdair, Tom Kemp, , Malcolm,  Phil Streather, John Davis, Dave Turner. 

f.     Selling Horses & jockeys.  Leaflet to be corrected for price                              Action JB Take round leaflets after Easter – see below

i.      DP – Pub down incl Bellfield

ii.    VB – Pub to Rec + Pitten House

iii.   VH – Park Hayes

iv.   TW – Rec to end of village

v.    AD – Townsend + Soho

vi.   JB – Tadhill +

g.    No entry fee.

h.    Raffle – need prizes – ALL

i.      Tote tickets – JB to check (and make more if necessary??)

j.      Sound system/projector – JB

k.    Screen – VB

l.      Publicity – website, Parish Mag, - DP.   Posters  - JB to correct then VH to laminate and put up

m.  Floats – DP

n.    On the night

(1)  MC – Frank

(2)  Projector – JB

(3)  Bar – AD

(4)  Eight ticket sellers – VH to arrange

(5)  Tote – DP

(6)  Raffle - ?

o.    Booze – DP

Bonus Club

11. It was confirmed that the Small Society Lottery registration can cover the fair as well as the Bonus C.ub                                                                                                                                 Action: DP

12. Winners in March were and Sarah Claxton & Phil  Streather (paid) and Tony Gould.

13. Last draw for this round is April.  Agreed to sell BC tickets with Race Night horses.  DP to issue paperwork.


14. Report for Parish Magazine- BC, Race Night                                                           Action DP

Date of next meeting   Mon 10 April

at The White House at 7.30