Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 7 April 2014


Present: Vicky Higgins, Julian Back, Alan Dagger, Vanessa Barnes, Matt Bennett, Trevor Wells, David Pattison

Apologies: Vikki Batten,  Anthea Brooks (new PCC rep)

1.    The minutes of the meetings held on 10 March were agreed and signed.


2.    IB can not get another estimate from the original bidder.  VH had contacted Sovereign, who were unable to bid.  DP would try.                                                                                        Action DP

3.    Tthe Planning Permission form had been submitted to MDC by the Parish Council, and a receipt had been received.                                                                                                                Action DP

4.    No response from Crimebeat.

5.    Awards for All and grant application – on hold 

6.    Ralph & Irma Sperring application still to be tackled.

7.    Find a replacement cricket shed  - on hold

8.    Materials.

a.    VH had an offer from Whatley – 40t 803 aggregate free 40t tarmac (2 varieties) for about £2k, all including delivery.

b.    VH had spoken to Hans Johnson re Wainwrights and the 800t of “dirt”.  Hans reported that it is a bad time to ask. 

c.    DP to check on the discrepancy in quantity of dirt required.                           Action DP


9.    The stripping of the paint in preparation for a new flooring for the showers had been completed.  There are technical difficulties with the drain, and the first quote for a sheet flooring was very expensive (£800).  It was agreed too investigate tiles (VB can get a discount).                         Action: VH

10. Large ash needs thinning.                                                                                           VH FH

11. Playground

a.    Tiles around both swings cleaned.  Sealant when dry                                    Action ALL

12. Car park sign to be made permanent. (JB has spike, VH’s Dad has auger).      Action DP

13. VH has weed killer for car park. 


14. Now finished for the season. They want to play next year, possibly another team also. £90 is owed.


15. Bank balance £9569. 

16. 2013 accounts finished and discussed at the AGM. 

17. VH passed over:

a.    £47.10 whist money

b.    £56.00 donation from the LoM Allotment Association, thanks to Rose         Action DP

18. Need to pay the rent!                                                                                              Action V Batten

Cricket Club

19. Fees owing at the end of the 2013 season is £530. See AGM minutes.

20. DP had drafted letter to Frank.  TW to get address.  DP to try ringing.          On hold

Fund Raising 

21. Bonus Club.  April winners were: Caroline & Mark Palmer and Mary & David Mears.





11 April

16 May

20 June




22. Print scorecards if necessary.  Check booze.

23. Raffle prizes required. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.                                                           Action: All


24. Agreed to run the bar in the clubhouse, using the kitchen area as well as the bar, and removing the large furniture to make space.   It was also agreed that teas should not fit in as well. 

25. Agreed to ask for the marquee to be positioned so as not to obstruct the clubhouse entrance.

Health & Safety.

26. MB provided a brochure including fire extinguishers.  It may be cheaper to buy new ones.  Could time inspections to coincide with school/hall, to cut costs.                                    Action DP

Regular Items

27. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Mar.                                                               Action: VH

28. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book checked.  All OK.                                                                                                                                              Action DP

29. Report for Parish Magazine-  Bonus Club, Whist Dates (not 3rd Fri in Apr – Easter)

30. Check Monthly list of jobs:.   Bench list                                                                     Action DP

Any Other Business : 

31. Licence.  See AGM minutes                                                                               

32. Lottery Registration.  Done

33. Mower battery.  Done


Date of next meeting  Mon 19 May at the rec

at 7.30