Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 10 November 2014


Present: Vicky Higgins, Julian Back, Trevor Wells, Alan Dagger, Anthea Brooks, David Pattison

Apologies: Vikki Batten, Matt Bennett, Vanessa Barnes

1.    The minutes of the meetings held on 6 Oct were agreed.

2.    Anthea Brooks was welcomed to the committee as the representative of the Parochial Church Council.  She would also represent the Parish Council in the absence of Vikki Batten.  She completed the Register of Trustees and the Trustees Declaration.  DP to send her the Charity Scheme and policy documents.                                                                                  Action DP


3.    We still need another estimate.  DP would try.                                                         Action DP

4.    Kye at MBE had sent new drawings, but they do not give enough information to create compliant drawings.  Needs yet another chase.  It was decided to abandon the project and re-consult the young people if this was not resolved by the end of the year.                                    Action DP

5.    Councillor Philip Ham had asked at the PC about the whereabouts of his grant money.  DP to respond and try to get him to intercede with MDC Planners.  Dave Mattick had also offered to help.

6.    Awards for All and grant application – on hold 

7.    Ralph & Irma Sperring application still to be tackled.

8.    Materials.

a.    VH had an offer from Whatley – 40t 803 aggregate free 40t tarmac (2 varieties) for about £2k, all including delivery.

b.    VH had spoken to Hans Johnson re Wainwrights and the 800t of “dirt”.  Hans reported that it is a bad time to ask. 

c.    DP to check on the discrepancy in quantity of dirt required.                           Action DP

9.    The Cricket Club had proposed that they build the new shed from blockwork, which would be more secure.  RFMC agreed, and the CC agreed to provide a design.                  DP to chase.        Action CC/DP


10. The shower heads are unblocked.                                                                            

11. Playground

a.    Tiles around both swings cleaned.  Sealant when dry                                    Action ALL

12. Guttering at rear of clubhouse is broken.  VH to identify the make/type.             Action VH

13. Rear of clubhouse needs ivy/bramble removal.                                                       Action DP

14.  Wooden Engine repairs.  DP has not found a source. AD may have one?                  Action AD

15. Playground gate adjusted

16. Changing room corridor needs painting.  Emulsion done.  Gloss to do.             Action VH

17. Shed door fixed

18. Ramp stowage should be kept clear of obstruction                                                 Action All

19. Tables & chairs in disabled toilet are in the way.  Agreed to clear out area by closed off door and keep them there.                                                                                                                      Action All

20. The ramp is not held in place when down, and can fall off the door step.  It was agreed to investigate locating pins/other methods.                                                                                       Action DP


21.  All going well.                                                                                                        


22. Standing Order is £36 per month.  Meter was read :



















Usage KWhr









Should cost £ (16p/KWhr + st ch 25p/day)










23. It was agreed to buy a safe for the treasurer to keep petty cash and valuable documents.                                                                                                                                        Action VB

24. VH will give bills to VB :  Bingo Books £33.40, Gas £72.02, New gas hoses £36.35.

25. The insurance company has agreed to settle the caravan claim.  They will now deal direct with TW.  DP proposed that all future matches (Cricket Club and others) be on the written basis that the responsibility for settling claims for damage caused by balls leaving the pitch will lie with the organiser of the match.

26. The insurer also proposed that a high fence be erected.  TW had looked at the possibility, but it was agreed that even a 3m fence would not significantly reduce the risk of balls coming over, since previous balls had hit the roof.

27. It was also proposed that the cricket warning signs by the playground be made permanent, and combined with the general playground safety signs.  Ditto the dog signs.  VH to investigate costs for 2 of each.                                                                                                                            Action VH

Cricket Club  Nil

Fund Raising 

28. Bonus Club.  Outstanding tickets:Kylie & Vicky to be chased.

29. Nov winners were Julie Davidson and Malcolm Young.  Both had been paid from the whist float by DP, withholding £10 from Malcolm to pay his fee.


30. It was agreed to run the usual Christmas Bingo.  DP to book hall for Sat 6 Dec.

a.    Doors open 7pm, eyes down 7.30.                                                                      

b.    We have enough books of cards                                                                  

c.    Caller – FH has agreed

d.    Check the balls are all there                                                                                  Action: AD

e.    Bar – buy stock (we have lots)                                                                               Action: DP

f.     Tea Coffee                                                                                                                Action: VH

g.    Mince Pies – 1 box each                                                                                        Action: All

h.    Floats                                                                                                                         Action: VB

i.      Mulled Wine                                                                                                             Action: JB

j.      Advertising 

i.      Frome papers, Parish Mags                                                                             Action: DP

ii.    Poster, leaflet                                                                                                      Action: JB

iii.   Leaflet drop late Nov(following is what we agreed last year)             

(1)  DP – E end of village to Bellfield and Primrose Cottage

(2)  VB – Fairleigh House & The Bell to White House

(3)  TW – The Shieling to W end of village

(4)  VH – Park Hayes

(5)  JB – Tadhill & Townsend

(6)  AD – Outlyers

(7)  MB – School Bags (VB to print)

k.    Prizes

i.      Turkey voucher, Hamper                                                                                  Action: VH

ii.    Other, Wine DP                                                                                                  Action: All





21 Nov

17 Jan

21 Feb




31. Print scorecards if necessary.  Booze OK.

32. Raffle prizes required. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.

33. It was agreed that we would not continue whist in 2015, because numbers are too low, unless they pick up.  AD to warn those who attend in Nov.  DP to put in Parish Mag


34. AD agreed to be the rec rep on the fair committee.  No barn dance.  Rec  is happy to do parking, gates, bar again.

Health & Safety.

35. The hall fire extinguishers are maintained by Chubb for £44 per annum.  DP to get contact info from DenisP (CPC).  Church also Chubb.                                                                         Action DP

Regular Items

36. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Oct.                                                                Action: VH

37. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book checked.  All OK.                                                                                                                                              Action DP

38. Report for Parish Magazine-  Bonus Club, Whist warning, Bingo, Pump Track

39. Check Monthly list of jobs:.   Nil

Any Other Business

40. Charity Commission Annual Update done, ex one detail.                                     Action DP

41. Rec had been offered an oak tree – it was agreed to accept.                                Action DP

42. It may be possible to make a small goal from scaffolding poles owned by John Davis.  Agreed to go ahead.                                                                                                                              Action DP

43. Hedge cutting in hand.                                                                                                 Action JB

44. The main goals posts are approaching the end of their life.  Vicki Taylor has agreed to try for a Sports Council Grant.  In hand                                                                                                Action VH


Date of next meeting  Mon 8 Dec at the PUB at 7.30

and Mon 1 Dec at Pub to finalise Bingo only