Vicky Higgins                                               Chair / Elected

Vanessa Barnes                                          Treasurer / Elected

Trevor Wells                                                  Cricket Club

Alan Dagger                                                 Elected (arrived after item 5)

David Pattison                                              Secretary / Elected


David Sparkes                                              Parish Councillor

Graham Harris                                              Resident

David Hartshorn                                           Resident

1.    VH welcomed committee members and members of the public to the rec and thanked them for their interest in then villages only public open space.

2.    Apologies for absence had been received from Julian Back (Bell Ringers) and Anthea Brooks (Parish Council).  Both had indicated a willingness to stand again.

3.    The minutes of the 2014 AGM were agreed and signed by VH. Matters arising had all be completed or overtaken by events.

4.    Chairman’s Report.  The report  (attached) was given by VH and approved.

5.    Treasurer’s Report.  The 2014 accounts were not yet ready.  It was agreed to produce them by the Annual Parish Meeting on 18 May.                       ACTION VB The overall finances of the RFMC are in good shape.

6.    Election of Committee Members / Trustees.  The following nominations had been received:

Leigh on Mendip Parish Council and PCC                    Anthea Brooks

Leigh on Mendip Cricket Club                                          Trevor wells

Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee                    Nil

Leigh on Mendip School Governors                                Nil

Leigh on Mendip WI                                                                        Nil

Leigh on Mendip Bell Ringers                                          Julian Back

Elected members (max 5)                                                   Vicky Higgins

Alan Dagger

Vanessa Barnes

David Pattison

7.    All existing members except JB and AB were present.  All were willing to remain on the committee.  The re-election of all the elected members was proposed by TW, seconded by VH and agreed unanimously. 

8.    Election of Officers:  The following were elected unopposed and unanimously.



Proposed by

Seconded by


Vicky Higgins




Vanessa Barnes




David Pattison




9.    VH invited members of the public to raise issues as they saw fit:

a.    DH stated that an elderly resident had again fallen at the small gate when walking his dog at night, and suggested that rubber honeycomb matting (as in the play area) be fitted.  The committee agreed that the previous treatment had been ineffective, and promised to investigate this solution with urgency.  

b.    DH complained about the branches left from the earlier tree felling, and the state of the fence behind the play area.  He also suggested that committee members other than VH (& FH) were slacking!  It was agreed that the items above will be added to the jobs list.                                                        ACTION DP

c.    DH volunteered some bric-a-brac for the fair and were referred to AD/DS, who are on the Fair Committee.

d.    GH thanked the committee for there work on the field, which is looking very good.

e.    DS stated that then grass cutting (funded by the PC) had started, and it was agreed that renewing the contract with the same contractor was a good thing, because he does a good job, and is flexible on timing.

f.     DS stated that the rent on the field is due, and was paid £1 for the year.  He also reminded people that the Annual Parish Meeting is on 18 May, and stated that the telegraph pole should be available in a couple of weeks.

10.  The meeting closed at 8.04pm, and the Chair thanked everyone for their attendance.


The Recreation field continues to be used by many villagers and this is fantastic to see, we hear so much about young people sitting with screens in front of them these days and green spaces being eaten up by development. We need to keep our Rec special.

This leads me on to thank all the committee members that help keep this field in good order.

There are a lot of things going on behind the scene, such as all the secretarial jobs completed by David and general maintenance of the field and financial undertakings that Vanessa does so well.  Additional thanks to David Duncan who cut the outfield verge last year, Mathew for continuing to cut the play park and of course Frank who has marked out the football pitch and continues to do those jobs that I notice need attention.


The club is still in good repair. We / Frank tiled out the floor of the showers this year.


We have had Frome Town Sports reserve team playing this year and the pitch

has really stood up to the task well.

Vicki Taylor has very kindly negotiated the making of some new goal posts for us, by Duo a big thank you to her and them.


The Cricket club still continues to play and it is still great to see this happening in the summer.

We also hosted another fun match in September and it again was a great success.



Tuesday Night Bowls

Once again we heard the squeals of delight when the bowls actually got anywhere near to the target jack. The team met on Tuesday evenings still trying to beat the rather bumpy rough terrain they call the GREEN!!

If you would like to join in, keep an eye out in the magazine for the start date of this year’s season.


At this current time our finances do look very healthy owing to the amount of fund raising we have completed in the past few years focusing on the pump track project. I would like to thank Vanessa for sorting out our finances over the year.


Fund Raising events

We held Christmas bingo and we are continuing with our monthly Whist drives.

The Village Fair once again was held on the field in June. This is always a great day.  If you are able to help in any capacity please let any member of the committee have your details. We need people to help with car parking, gate duties and behind the bar.

Pump Track

Followers of the Parish Magazine will be aware that we were about to throw in the towel on this project, but Adrian Smith heard our cry for help and has got us “back on track”. He is using his contacts to help us overcome all the things we became disillusioned with like tree surveys etc.

We hope to have more news as the month’s progress. A big thank you to Adrian for his assistance.

Grass cutting

The Parish council is still paying for the grass cutting of the field. The contractor has worked very closely with us, and we are very pleased with the result and are happy to hear again that the same contractor has been issued again this year.

Keep up of the field

This is a very big task and the committee do their best to keep this in hand. We do however need and accept any help in this area. So if you have any spare time we would be very grateful to any help that could be offered. Please just contact any member of the team for job suggestions.

Dog Fouling

All Dog walkers are asked to keep their dogs on a lead in the recreation field.

There are now signs asking for this to happen but sadly some people do not think this applies to them.

We continue to see dog mess in the field and it makes me very cross indeed, please be responsible and clear up after your dog and keep them on a lead or don’t use the REC.



Committee members:

Vicky Higgins - Chair

David Pattison - Secretary

Vanessa Barnes –Treasurer

Alan Dagger- Fair rep

Julian Back - Bell ringer rep

Trevor Wells - Cricket club rep

Anthea Brooks-PC rep