Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 18 January 2016


Present:   Vicky Higgins, Alan Dagger, Vanessa Barnes, Trevor Wells, David Pattison

Apologies:  Julian Back, Anthea Brooks, Vicki Trundle

1.    The minutes of the meetings held on 14 Dec were agreed and signed. 

2.    Vicki Trundle was unfortunately unable to attend this meeting.  DP to arrange joining process at next meeting.                                                                                                                           Action DP


3.    Adrian Smith attended the meeting.  A set of drawings by Chris Jones was discussed.  Adrian will get Chris to make the following amendments:

Drawing 1 Existing Location Plan

a.    The climbing frame is omitted.  Not sure if this matters?  It sits between the slide and the small swing.

b.    The small swing is omitted from the elevation.

Drawing 2

c.    The pump track seems to be drawn at the wrong scale?  It should fit between the basketball court and the corner of the field.  It should not conflict with the basketball court or project beyond the NS line running past the front of the playground (ie keeping clear of the football pitch).   

d.    The shed should be situated with the front face level with the front face of the existing building (see DP’s drawing, which also shows dimensions).

e.    We also need sufficient details of the shed to get planning approval for it’s construction.  The plan shows a pitched roof with a central ridge, but the elevation shows a single span.  The central ridge is what we want.  It is to be block construction.

4.    It was agreed to go ahead with the tree plan as recommended in Alister Rankine’s report, ie 4 trees to go and be replaced by 3 new ones.  Report and shed drawing to be forwarded to Adrian.                                                                                                                                        Action DP


5.    Jake Chant from the Save Our Magnificent Meadows campaign attended the meeting. 

6.    He explained that it would not be necessary to prevent access, and that the campaign have funds for the materials.  There would be a few weeks in September when the ground would be disturbed.  It was agreed to meet him at the rec at 9am on 9 Feb to agree which areas to plant with meadow flowers.

7.    Jake asked which village organisations might be prepared to help with growing young plants.  It was agreed to approach the school, the WI and LOMCA.  DP to make initial approach, copy to Jake.                                                                                                                                        Action DP

8.    It was also agreed to seek help from individuals via the parish mag, website and facebook page.                                                                                                                                      Action DP

9.    Jake asked for a copy of the field map from the tree report.                                   Action DP


10. WORKING PARTY – Sun 31 Jan.  Painting changing rooms gloss & clear cupboard.

11.  Guttering at rear of clubhouse is broken.  VH to identify the make/type.            Action VH

12. Area by closed off door has been cleared out, but the doorway needs sealing/rebuilding. Tables & chairs in disabled toilet to be relocated asap.  Agreed to ask CC to do in parallel with shed build.

13. Exterior window sills to be painted/repaired.

14. VH to price up new changing area doors.                                                                 Action VH


15. John Davis had found a heavy duty 12’x6’ goal from Tesco at under £100.  It was agreed to buy one and tell the PC, who had offered to fund it.                                                              Action DP


16. Electricity Standing Order has been reduced to £6 per month, and we are still in credit.  Meter was read :























Usage KWhr











Should cost £ (16p/KWhr + 25p/day)












2 whists


Incl Fair + disco

2 months

No heat at whist


2mnths Craft   2 whist





17. Safe for the treasurer to keep petty cash and valuable documents.                    Action VB

18. Still no response to 3rd Party Liability Insurance cheque.

19. Building insurance papers had arrived from Tennyson.  Cheque for £570.79 made out. VB requested a copy of the papers. (PMN Done)                                                                             Action DP

20. A cheque was written out to DP for Building Insurance £570.79, new signs £41.95, wine £23.94 total £636.68                                                                                                                            Action VB

21. VH had bought a new kettle and taken the money from the whist float.

22. Gas service had been done and paid for  The CO monitor is out of date.           Action AD

23. Hillside trees had been paid.

24. Current account balance £12,850.

Cricket Club 

25. It was agreed that we should satisfy ourselves that the CC are taking satisfactory measures to ensure that their activities at the rec are safe, and that insurance is in place.  We had seen evidence that they had insurance, but it was not clear that it covered work such as mowing, which is potentially hazardous.  It was agreed that DP would write to the CC chairman and ask for evidence that the CC are covered for non-cricket playing activities, and state that mowing etc should be done with due regard to safety, particularly when done in the presence of casual users of the field.                                                                                                                                                Action TW

26. DP to put up signs re liability for damage to cars in the car park,                         Action DP

Fund Raising

27. Bonus Club. Jan Paul Shearne.  VH has paid him  Roll over in Feb!.        

28. DP handed over £870 in cash and cheques to VB as the takings for the BC.  It was agreed to start earlier and allocate numbers better next year.

29. Christmas event.  The Wreath Making event was good fun and made money.  Lots of attendees asked for a repeat.  Vanessa was congratulated and thanked. 

30. Lessons for next year

a.    More mulled wine

b.    More breaks to buy drinks

c.    Costs wrre higher than thought – need to increase price

d.    Have it earlier

e.    Book hall earlier

f.     More publicity





Jan 15th

Feb 19

March 18




31. Raffle prizes required. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.  Need white wine?                        Action DP


a.    Date is 18 June.

b.    Check gambling act licence covers draw.                                                           Action DP

c.    Bar  Will stop other sellers.  We will buy our cider from Worleys.

d.    Evening as last year – Rec not manning bar.

Health & Safety.

32. DP had twice contacted Chubb re fire extinguisher maintenance, will chase again.                                                                                                                                                 Action DP

Regular Items

33. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Dec.                                                              Action: VH

34. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book checked last week.  All OK.  Electrical reading above.                                                                                              Action DP

35. Report for Parish Magazine-  BC, Whist, Wreath making TY, Pump Track. 

36. Review annual list of jobs                                                                                            Action All

Any Other Business


Date Of Next Meeting 8 February at 7.30 at the Bell