Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 27 Mar 2017


Present: Vicky Higgins, Denis Pattison, Vanessa Barnes, David Pattison

Apologies: Vicki Trundle, Anthea Brooks, Trevor Wells, Alan Dagger,

1.    This was a special meeting to deal with the Pump Track Opening and urgent business only


2.    Kye started constructing the pump track on 6 March and finished by Fri 24 March.

3.    DP had ordered noticeboard. Receipts for timber passed to DNP Action DP

4.    DP to write to Kye re new invoice, grind rail, finish.


a.    Invitations had been sent out

b.    Publicity parish mag done, facebook, website, ACTION DP

c.    DP to get drink, cans: Bittter, Cider, Lager 30 each. Large Coke and Lemonade 6 each

d.    VB to get sausages & rolls.

e.    VH to get onions, sauces, charcoal, lighters, ribbon napkins. Everything a pound.

f.     Plastic glasses already at rec.

g.    FH to use half drum BBQ.

h.    VB & VH to provide gazebos

i.      Prices. Hotdogs 1, drinks normal prices.

j.      Date Fri 7 April 6pm for 7.

k.    Phil Streather had been asked to do photos, backup Richard Blunden or AD

l.      Sound system for speech????

m.   Raffle tickets at rec in whist box

5.    Extras. Picnic bench agreed at about 150. DP

6.    New trees. After site is clear.

7.    Fence done. Hedge done.

8.    Daffodils?

Date of AGM Mon 10 April at 7.30 at the rec (and meeting to follow at 8)