Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 10 December 2017


Present:   Alan Dagger, Vicky Higgins, Trevor Wells, Vanessa Barnes, Simon Wolf, Denis Pattison, David Pattison,

Apologies:  Anthea Brooks, Vicky Trundle

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 6 Nov were agreed and signed.


2.    Vandal damage to both coats needs to be repaired before painting.  FH requested cement. It needs to dry before it is painted.


3.    Sand at back of shed.  Advert in Parish Mag, if no response, spread it in the car park.

4.    Fix curb at entrance.                                                                                             

5.    Install new rubbish bin.                                                                                        

6.    New front doors.  Not now.

7.    Replace outside socket.                                                                                               Action AD

8.    Jenny had proposed to update the furniture and had been asked to give some options with costs.  Jenny is unwell.                                                                                                             Action VH

9.    Matt’s large picnic table has been moved, but needs repainting.  Spring

10. Extend the clubhouse alarm to the shed, and a power supply.

Bar store

a.    Has been emptied.

b.    Fridge has been moved to kitchen area, but sticks out too far. Alternative sites are in bar next to CC fridge and in old doorway.

c.    Now need to decide new layout (incl store card tables & chairs, fridge, hoover etc,). Next working party.

Football  Nil


11. Electricity meter reading was 27853, usage 96 units.  High because of CC fund raiser.

12. Bank balance at end Nov was £4745.  EDF refund and Cricket Club fee received.  Lottery licence & rendering paid. Insurance fell in Dec.

13. VH paid DNP £27 whist money.

14. Boat storage had been paid - £65 handed to DNP.

15. 2017 auditor – try Richard Blunden?                                                                         Action DNP

16. VB handed over £324.10 takings from the Wreath Making.  Hall yet to be paid.                                                                                                                                                          Action DNP

Cricket Club 

17. The CC have paid the reduced fee.

18. CC to move the practice nets to the car park.

19. CC to fit two retractable bollards in front of the shed doors.

20. It was agreed that we need a hire agreement with the cricket club.  They did not inform us of their recent quiz night, which could easily have clashed with whist. It would cover hire charges, what is included in the annual payment, dates for payments etc.                                     Action DP

Fund Raising

Bonus Club


Winning No


Winner 1

Winner 2




Jane Elliott

Chris & Cathy Cudmore




Vicki Trundle

Jane Llewellyn




Paul Sherne

Tom & Sue Rodford


21. Small Society Lottery licence has been paid.

22. Wreath Making.  A great success.  Thanks to all the helpers including Tina, Vicky T & Big Rick.  Made £324.  Next year:  possibly 2 sessions, include the mulled wine in a higher ticket price, more discipline on paying at entry.

23. Whist  





15 Dec

19 Jan

16 Feb






24. Raffle prizes required. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.  Score cards?


25. Next Fair will be 16 June 2018. 

26. The rec had paid the fair for the left over drink. 

27. The bellringers had paid for the surplus cider. 

Health & Safety.

28. Wicksteed inspection.   No high items. 

a.    Cradle swing chain.  VH/FH to get a price.                                                   Action VH

b.    Tile gaps.  VH had 3 quotes for resurfacing.  All were very high.  In view of thepossibility of redevelopment, it was decided to lift the tiles, clean underneath and relay, at a working party.                                                                                                                                Action ALL

c.    Regular cleaning had been added to “year at a glance”.

d.    The projecting pipe in bowl of skate park had been cut back below the gravel. 

e.    Trees over play area to be removed / trimmed                                               Action ALL

29. Revisit the site hazard log, including adding the pump track.                               Action DP

30. DP has discovered that we need to do a fire risk review.  DNP volunteered to assist.                                                                                                                                                            Action DP

Future development of the rec

31. After a parish wide consultation, the Parish Council has decided to apply for the £15,000 S106 funding and to buy additional land for the rec.  In the first instance, the land will be used for allotments and possibly a community garden.  In the long term, a future clubhouse may be sited there.

32. The PC had also asked about future PC grants:

a.    The PC is requested to extend the mowing contract to include cutting of the grass around the pump track, the play area, and the field edges including the meadow area in accordance with the advice given. It was confirmed that the CC is not interested in the contract.                                                                                                                                  Action SW

b.    It was agreed that the PC be requested to set aside funds for a new piece of play equipment for the 8-12 age range, at a cost of about £5,000.  The siting would be developed later.                                                                                                                                Action SW

Regular Items

33. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Oct and Nov.                                               Action VH

34. Emergency lighting, 2 smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book checked today.  CO detector is in wrong place!.  One smoke detector missing!  Electrical reading above.                      Action AD

35. Report for Parish Magazine – Whist, BC, Wreath Making, clothing bin.             Action DP Post meeting note : there is no mag in January! So these will have to wait til Feb

36. Review annual list of jobs. 

Any Other Business

37. The insurance has been renewed. 

38. VH reported that bags of rubbish had been left by the textile recycling bin.  DP to include in parish mag.

39. FH requested agreement to get the ride on mower fixed.  It was agreed.            Action FH

40. Mendip had written re designating the rec as a Local Green Spaces.  Agreed.             Action DP

41. VH suggested that the path to the clubhouse should be better lit.  AD volunteered to fit.                                                                                                                                          Action AD

42. Coleford PC are trying to build a pump track and have asked if they can hold a “Pump Track Marathon” on Sat 13 Jan.  This was agreed subject to

a.    No alcohol

b.    They are to do a risk assessment and let us have a copy beforehand.

c.    Toilet access to be agreed.                                                                               Action DP

Date of next meeting Mon 8 Jan at 7.30 at the Bell