Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 9 April 2018


Present:   Vicky Higgins, Simon Wolf, Alan Dagger Trevor Wells,, Denis Pattison, David Pattison,

Apologies:  Anthea Brooks, Vanessa Barnes, Vicky Trundle

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 12 Mar were agreed and signed.


2.    Shed. Vandal damage to both coats needs to be repaired before painting.  FH requested cement. It needs to dry before it is painted.  Spring time.

3.    Guttering for shed roof.  Later.

4.    Sand at back of shed - spread it in the car park.

5.    Fix curb at entrance. 

6.    Install new rubbish bin.

7.    Replace outside socket, upgrade lighting the path to the clubhouse, fit new smoke detector, move CO alarm (all items have been acquired).                                                                        Action AD

8.    Matt’s large picnic table has been moved, but needs repainting.  Spring

9.    Extend the clubhouse alarm to the shed, and a power supply.

10. Get the ride on mower fixed.                                                                                        Action FH

11. Bench near pedestrian gate has been moved to changing room to dry out. Michael Wainwright has very kindly volunteered to fix it.  To be moved to DP’s house before cricket.                 Action DP

Bar store

12. All redecorated and new cupboards fitted except:

Bar store (1250 wide)

a.    Wooden tables and chairs to be stored at end.

b.    New flooring – lino type on top of tiles.

c.    Stop tap leak fixed by AD.

d.    Hoover and other cleaning equipment to be stored at bar end.

e.    It was agreed to fit a plastic cap on the hole in the floor.                            Action FH

Old door area (900 wide)

f.     Heavy CC drink to remain.

g.    Plastic glasses now in Youth Club cupboard.

h.    Locks to be fitted                                                                                                Action DP

Football  Nil


13. Electricity meter reading was 28150, usage 47 units. 

14. Richard Blunden has inspected the 2017 accounts and found them good.  Gift to be procured.                                                                                                                                         Action DP

15. VH paid for boat storage and handed over whist money and bar store flooring bill. DP passed over receipts for cupboards etc.

16. The Coventry BS account needs to be changed to show DNP as treasurer.     Action DP

Cricket Club 

17. CC have not moved the practice nets to the car park or responded to the proposed CC agreement.  After discussion a vote was taken and it was agreed to tell the CC that they would not be permitted to use the clubhouse for cricket matches until it was signed, changing the locks if necessary.  DP to deliver a new letter to Steve Phelps.                                                                   Action DP

18. CC have added an extra security feature to the new shed.

Fund Raising

Bonus Club


Winning No


Winner 1

Winner 2




Jane Elliott

Chris & Cathy Cudmore




Vicki Trundle

Jane Llewellyn




Paul Sherne

Tom & Sue Rodford




Caroline and Mark Palmer





Ian Phelps

Matt & Cathy Bennett




Jane Llewellyn & Ben Cabot

Tony Gould




Dave & Barbara Turner

Mark Humphrey

£20 was passed to DP to pay Tony Gould. Tony has asked his winnings be kept to pay for next year’s tickets. £20 kept by DP.

19. Whist  


20 Apr

18 May

15 June




None (Fair)


20. Raffle prizes required. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.  Score cards? DP to top up wine stock.                                                                                                                                                Action DP


21. Next Fair will be 16 June 2018.  Bouncy castle will be unattended – AD to make sure insurance remains valid.                                                                                                                 Action AD

22. The car parking field is available, but we need to get it cut (the area we use plus a track to the far gate).  Rick, Hans and Billy were mentioned as possibles.  VH to ask Rick first.                       Action VH

Health & Safety.

23. Wicksteed inspection.   

a.    Cradle swing chain.  Still waiting for Wicksteed .                                        Action VH

b.    Tiles were cleaned on 7 April.

c.    Trees over play area to be removed / trimmed  The working party on 18 March had to be cancelled due to weather   FH agreed to ask for some equipment.  To be re-arranged.

24. Revisit the site hazard log, including adding the pump track.                               Action DP

25. Fire risk review.  DNP volunteered to assist.                                                            Action DP

Parish Council Issues

26. EXTENDED PLAY AREA  VH has asked for designs and quotes from various companies, no response yet.

27. Mowing.  Has started.  VH will ask Matt to continue with the play area.              Action VH

Regular Items

28. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Mar.                                                               Action VH

29. Emergency lighting, 2 smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book checked today.  CO detector is in wrong place!.  One smoke detector missing!  Electrical reading above.                      Action AD

30. Report for Parish Magazine – Whist, BC, Clean up, fair.                                       Action DP

31. Review annual list of jobs. 

a.    Check fire extinguishers.   Both due for service March 18  2kg CO2 £33, 6l Foam £35.29 SW had got agreement from the school to combine with them.  We will need to take our extinguishers to the school.  SW to get date                                                 Action SW


b.    First aid box, plasters replaced.

c.    Wash play area surfaces.  Done

d.    Check torque on main bolts of swings frame twice per year (Frank)                    Action FH


e.    Provide report to annual parish meeting in the hall.                                   Action VH

f.     Start cutting grass around edges of field and play area.


g.    Clean out changing rooms, toilet and shower for cricket season. Check propane cylinders and order replacements as necessary (get rid of empties at same time or you will get lumbered!). See 11 above.

h.    Treat benches with teak oil during the summer. DP to issue list.              Action DP

i.      Invoice Cricket Club for annual sub.                                                              Action DNP

Any Other Business

32. Rec clean up.  Pre-fair event will be on 3 June at 10am.  Publicity                     Action DP

33. LOMCA has asked to hire the clubhouse on 23/7.  VH has agreed a fire fee.  FOLC has also asked to use the car park for the village open garden day on 20 May.  No charge.


Date of next meeting Mon 7 May at the Rec at 7.30