Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 8 October 2018

Present:   Vicky Higgins, Denis Pattison, David Pattison, Alan Dagger, Simon Wolf, Vanessa Barnes

Apologies:   Anthea Brooks, Vicky Trundle

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 10 Sept were agreed and signed.


2.    Shed.  Some paint had been kindly donated by Chris Ingrem.  Work required:

a.         Prime and paint barge boards

b.         Prime walls (40% diluted with water)

c.         Paint walls (2 coats) 

d.         Guttering (plus somewhere to send the water!)

The 5 litres of paint from Chris might be enough.  Decided to do a and b and one coat of c and see whether to buy more.  Working party 14 Oct 10am if dry.  Publicity this week: Facebook (DP), check type of paint (Sandtex Trade Country Stone – not easily obtainable), bring rollers/brushes, paint kettles/diluting                                                                                                                Action DP

3.    Install new rubbish bin.

4.    Matt’s large picnic table needs repainting. 

5.    Get the ride on mower fixed.                                                                                        Action FH

6.    Bench near pedestrian gate.  Michael Wainwright has started fixing it at DP’s house. DP will put it back, further from the hedge.                                                                                      Action DP

7.    The small goal has been replaced.  DP to send invoice to DNP. Done

Football  Nil


8.    Electricity meter reading was 28493, usage 34 units. 

9.    DNP had received £65 from electric company who had overestimated our usage.

10. VH passed DNP £21 from Sept whist, and received £40 for Bonus prizes.

Cricket Club 

11. Dave Cox may be nominated as CC rep on RFMC.

12. Three issues outstanding:

a.         CC to provide a copy of their insurance

b.         CC to provide a copy of the licence

c.         CC to nominate a member for RFMC

Fund Raising

Bonus Club



Winning No


Winner 1

Winner 2




Andy & Darren

Vicki T & Martin


13. Ticket selling is virtually complete.  A few stragglers to finalise.                           Action DP



21 Sept

19 Oct

16 Nov

21 Dec




No Whist

14. Raffle prizes required. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.  Score cards? Wine?                    Action DP

Wreath Making

15.   Hall booked for 2 to 4pm on Sat 8th Dec and 12 to 2pm on Sun 9th Dec. 

a.         Need greenery, Christmas trees, holly, teazels, pine cones etc            Action All

b.         Publicity – facebook page DP, website DP, posters/flyers(?) VB


Health & Safety.

16. Wicksteed inspection.  Done.  No high priority items.  It was agreed to replace the cradle swing basket and chains at around £300 – but try other sources first.                                        Action VH

17. Trees pruning.  Some done.  More to do when leaves have dropped.

18. Revisit the site hazard log, including adding the pump track.                               Action DP

19. Fire risk review and check fire extinguishers.  DNP to get Chubb contact..  DNP volunteered to assist.  Chubb are visiting  Tues 9 Oct, with a view to extending the hall contract to cover the clubhouse.                                                                                                                                     Action DP

a.         The desirability of eliminating portable lights and replacing them with new lights was discussed.  It was agreed that better lighting was needed for whist and for meetings.  AD will contact a local electrician.  One of the existing lights was missing a translucent panel. DNP to send DP a link to dimmable 600mm LED panels at £20 each (done, cost for 5 panels with switches is £255).                                                                                                                   Action AD

Parish Council Issues

20. EXTENDED PLAY AREA.  Public meeting 24 Oct, some members plan to attend.  The provision of water was discussed. 

21. Mowing.    Need to mow the meadow area v soon.  VH has reminded Chris who does the mowing.                                                                                                                                           Action VH

22. PC are procuring a new salt bin which is more robust

Regular Items

23. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Sept.                                                             Action VH

24. Emergency lighting, 2 smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book checked today.  One smoke detector absent.   Electrical reading above.                                                              Action AD

25. One of the emergency lights seems very dim.  Look at prices of a new one.     Action AD

26. Report for Parish Magazine – Whist, BC, TY for Working Party, Wreath Making, TY for BC.                                                                                                                                                 Action DP

Annual list of jobs. 

27. Check torque on main bolts of swings frame twice per year – done.

28. Health and Safety Risk Assessment, & survey of clubhouse and grounds for handling, storage, fire and general hazards in odd years.                                                                             Action DP

29. Contact alarm man TDi for alarm annual check.   Check insurance                   Action DP

30. Do the annual 3 hour emergency lighting test.  After new light installed.

Any Other Business

Date of next meeting Mon 12 Nov at the Pub at 7.30