Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 11 March 2019

Present:   Vicky Higgins, Denis Pattison, Vanessa Barnes, David Pattison

Apologies:   Simon Wolf, Anthea Brooks, Alan Dagger, Vicky Trundle

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 11 Feb were agreed and signed.


2.    Shed.  Some paint had been kindly donated by Chris Ingrem.  Work required: Prime walls (40% diluted with water),  Paint walls (2 coats). The 5 litres of paint from Chris might be enough.  Decided to do 2 coats and see whether to buy more.  Wait until spring.  It was decided to

a.         include guttering

b.         lead it to a soak away behind the shed, to be installed when the digger is on site for the Open Space work

c.         install a guttering size pipe from the soak away area to the allotments area when the mains water pipe is installed (and also an electrical conduit).

3.    Install new rubbish bin, in its current location.

4.    Matt’s large picnic table needs repainting. 

5.    Get the ride on mower fixed.                                                                                        Action FH

6.    Tree pruning. 

7.    The boiler inspection was done.

8.    Changing room lights.  DP had investigated and found that there is no power to either switch, suggesting a wiring fault in the attic above the changing room area, which is accessed via a door in the wall above the pool table.  AD offered to investigate further.  Action AD

9.    Wash play area surfaces – as needed.


10. DNP had paid the boiler service (£96) and water (£61) bills.

11. DNP passed £1 to VH for the rent!

12. Electricity meter reading was 28706, usage 31 units. 

13. DNP to procure a gift for the inspector of the accounts.                                         Action DNP

Cricket Club 

14. Three issues outstanding:

a.         CC to provide a copy of their insurance

b.         CC to provide a copy of the licence

c.         CC to nominate a member for RFMC (may be Dave Cox)

15. No response on any of our issues.  It was agreed that we should not allow cricket until the important issues had been resolved.                                                                                           Action VH

Fund Raising   Nil

Bonus Club


Winning No


Winner 1

Winner 2




Andy & Darren

Vicki T & Martin




Val Davis





Jane Llewellyn & Ben Cabot

Vicki & Kiley Trundle




Margaret Nicklin

Matt from the flats





David & Jerry Duncan




Big Richard

Emma Brooks


16. DNP passed £30 to AD and £30 to DP to pay the prizes.                                Action AD/DP



18 Jan

15 Feb

15 Mar

11 Apr






17. Raffle prizes required. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.  Score cards? Wine?                    Action DP

18. It was agreed continue for the summer (no heating), and to draft an article for the Parish mag & facebook seeking ideas for “games evening” .                                                         Action DP

Fair  Nil

Health & Safety.

19. Revisit the site hazard log, including adding the pump track.                               Action DP

20. Fire  Next Chubb visit is due in Nov 2019. 

21. Lighting 

a.         One of the existing lights was missing a translucent panel.

b.         AD to contact a local electrician re new fixed lighting.  600mm LED panels or small LED downlighters may be fine and cheaper, but doubts over ability to cut holes in the panels.                                                                                                                     Action AD

c.         It was agreed to try new daylight tubes in the existing lights in the interim.                                                                                                                                    Action DP

Open Space

22. The PC have agreed unanimously that the PC will lease the allotment land directly to the Allotment Association (AA), and the rest of the new land to RFMC.  This includes the strip of land between the allotments and the hedges to the N and E.

23. The hedge to the N of the allotment land has been cut. 

24. EXTENDED PLAY AREA.  RFMC to design the new layout to minimise conflict between cars and children.

Regular Items

25. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Feb.                                                               Action VH

26. Emergency lighting, 2 smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book checked yesterday.  One smoke detector absent.  AD has one   Electrical reading above.                                       Action AD

27. One of the emergency lights is very dim.  AD has one, to be fitted.                     Action AD

28. Report for Feb Parish Magazine – Whist, BC, AGM, games evening.                 Action DP

Annual list of jobs. 

29. Do the annual 3 hour emergency lighting test.  After new light installed.

30. Accounts to auditor. Done.  DNP to procure a gift.                                                  Action DNP

31. Wicksteed inspection now due in Oct.

32. Start cutting grass around edges of field and play area.

Any Other Business :  Nil


Date of next meeting Mon 8 April,  AGM at 7.30 at the rec, committee meeting to follow.