Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 13 May 2019

Present:   Vicky Higgins, Alan Dagger, Simon Wolf, Denis Pattison, David Pattison

Apologies:   Vicky Trundle, Vanessa Barnes, Anthea Brooks

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 8 Apr were agreed and signed.

2.    Nat was present from the Allotment Association (AA) to discuss water supplies to the allotments.  It was agreed that

a.         A water meter would be installed in the changing room toilet and a plastic pipe led out through the wall and underground to the hedge.

b.         A temporary arrangement would then run the pipe in the hedge, high over the car park access path and in the hedge to the vicinity of the allotments, then across the field to the center of the allotments, with a tee near the raised bed.  Nat will find a plumber to do the work.

c.         When the path etc was finalised, and the electric cable situation finalised, the pipe will be buried, with a spare pipe alongside.

d.         RFMC will charge AA the same for water as it costs RFMC.


3.    Shed.  Some paint had been kindly donated by Chris Ingrem.  Work required: Prime walls (40% diluted with water),  Paint walls (2 coats). The 5 litres of paint from Chris might be enough.  Decided to do 2 coats and see whether to buy more.  It was decided to include guttering led to a soak away behind the shed, to be installed when the digger is on site for the Open Space work.

4.    Matt’s large picnic table needs fixing and then repainting.                                   Action FH

5.    Get the ride on mower fixed. Done by AD & FH.  Invoice for parts handed to DNP to repay VH.

6.    The path from the front car park to the clubhouse door needs clearing. Done by VH.


7.    Electricity meter reading was 28839, usage 89 units.  The footballers had left the heaters on during a match, with the doors open!

8.    DNP to procure a gift for the inspector of the accounts.                                         Action DNP

9.    The bowls club had donated £100 to RFMC which was passed to DNP in cash.

10. A rebate of £22 had been received from the electric company.

11. The TENS for the folk evening had been paid for and received.

Cricket Club 

12. CC had provided a copy of their insurance.  (Post Meeting Note DP has reviewed the document and £5M public liability is included, with no limit mentioned on the type of activity.  Material Damage, eg mowers, is not included).

13. CC had shown a copy of the receipt for the club licence to VH.  This was accepted.

14. CC have yet to nominate a member for RFMC.

15. It was agreed to write to CC telling them that the annual charge was going up 10%                                                                                                                                                  Action VH

Fund Raising   Nil

Bonus Club


Winning No


Winner 1

Winner 2




Andy & Darren

Vicki T & Martin




Val Davis





Jane Llewellyn & Ben Cabot

Vicki & Kiley Trundle




Margaret Nicklin

Matt from the flats





David & Jerry Duncan




Big Richard

Emma Brooks




Chris & Cathy Cudmore

Jane Elliot




Mary & David Mears

Caroline & Mark Palmer


16. £40 was taken from the whist float to pay the prizes, £20 to VH, £20 to DP. Action VH/DP

Whist Rota

11 Apr

17 May

21 June

19 July





17. Raffle prizes required. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.  Score cards? Wine?                    Action DP

18. DP had put an article in the Parish mag & facebook seeking ideas for “games evening”.  Only one response.


19. The drinks order was agreed.                                                                                      Action DP

20. AD and FH will run the bar.  The rec are not running the bar in the evening.

21. DP to mark out parking rows to minimise wasted space. (Bays are 4m long and separated by 6m).

22. Plastic glasses.  VH has in hand.

23. Recycling bins.                                                                                                              Action VH

24. It was agreed to move the fridges back to the clubhouse after the dance, and refill them.      Action DNP/AD

Health & Safety.

25. Revisit the site hazard log, including adding the pump track.                               Action DP


26. One of the existing lights was missing a translucent panel.

27. AD to contact a local electrician re new fixed lighting.  600mm LED panels, LED tubes or small LED downlighters may be fine and cheaper, but doubts over ability to cut holes in the panels.                                                                                                                                        Action AD

a.         It was agreed to try new daylight tubes in the existing lights in the interim.                                                                                                                                    Action DP

Open Space

28. The AA and the land owners have asked whether we have any objection to diverting the footpath/right of way around the edge of the field along the E and N sides.  It was agreed that RFMC have no objection.  VH to pass on.

29. Helen Gulvin had volunteered to assist with the open space design, but cannot join RFMC committee because the meetings clash with WI.  Her offer was welcomed.

a.         A sub-committee was discussed.

b.         We can use the open space consultation responses in the bids

c.         More consultation will be necessary, especially with local residents, but also with the likely users!

30. The new layout to minimise conflict between cars and children.

Regular Items

31. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Apr.                                                               Action VH

32. Emergency lighting, 2 smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book checked yesterday.  All OK.                                                                                                                                            Action AD

33. One of the emergency lights is very dim.  AD has one, to be fitted.                     Action AD

34. Report for Parish Magazine – BC, Whist/games evening, Open space.  Also on FB and website.   .                                                                                                                                   Action DP

Annual list of jobs. 

35. Do the annual 3 hour emergency lighting test.  After new light installed.

36. Provide report to annual parish meeting in the hall, 20 May.  VH is away.         Action DP

37. Treat benches with teak oil during the summer.  List agreed.                               Action DP

38. Invoice Cricket Club for annual sub, with approx. 10% increase.                        Action DNP

39. Meadow: Late July / Early August (Best time to cut to maintain wildflower diversity),  cut and remove the grass, eg first cut with a strimmer then go over with a lawn mower that collects the cuttings.

40. July Start preparing for Bonus Club sales

Any Other Business

41. Resurrection of the LeighDown Folk Club on 25 July 2019.  RFMC to run the bar.  TENS is done.  Will need to ask Paddy how many people coming for drinks order.

42. The committee thanked Simon Wolf for his service to the committee as Parish Council rep, wished him well and hoped to see him back in the future.

Date of next meeting - Mon 10 June at the rec