Leigh-On-Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on 12 August 2019


Present  Vicky Higgins, Alan Dagger, Denis Pattison, David Pattison

Apologies  Anthea Brooks, Vicki Trundle, Vanessa Barnes

1.    Minutes of meeting held on 10 June and 8th of July were agreed and signed.

2.    The cricket shed and the small shed had been broken into again.  FH has fixed the damage to the small shed.  CC have fitted an additional security device to their shed.  Nothing of any value was stolen. 


3.    Cricket shed still needs painting but we need to put a soak away in when we have a digger on site for open space work.

4.    Picnic table needs to be repaired.                                                                       Action FH

5.    Do the annual 3 hour emergency test.

6.    Treat benches with teak oil - 3 left to do.

7.    The fence between the rec field and the small car park is close to collapse and needs replacing soon.  A similar design was agreed.

8.    The fence between the large car park and the new open space will need replacing soon.  It was agreed to develop an overall design for the space first. 

9.    The car park sign is looking old.  DP to get a proper one.                               Action DP

10. Dags had fixed the mower again.

11. Ty and Jan had donated a new basketball net.  Thank you!


12. Electricity meter reading 29101, usage 95 units.  CC left the water heater on all week.

13. The cricket club have paid for second part of the season.

14.  Receipts were: fair - £423, Cricket Club - £245,  Football - £350,  Folk Club evening - £200.

15. In the absence of evidence that rainwater goes to soakaway, it was agreed not to pursue a rebate on the sewage rate.

16. VH passed DNP a receipt for £25.91 for parts to repair the shed after the break in. 


17. CC have yet to nominate a member for RFMC.


18.   July winning number 31 - June Brewster DP to pass £20, Marsha  VH  to pass £20.

19.   2 amendments were made to the sales list for 2019/20,  DP to send out final list.   



20. AD agreed to be the rec rep again.


22. Revisit the site Hazard log, including adding the pump track.


23. Agreed to look at lighting  in near future.  AD suggested trying out one dimmable panel to see how many we need.


24. Water is currently being delivered to allotments via hose from club hose by VH, who is keeping a record of how many litres.

25. The charging policy for the allotment water was discussed.  It was agreed to charge them what each litre costs us, plus half the standing charge.  DNP to work out what that means.         Action DNP

26. Consultation on hold till sale has gone through.  Frank has been cutting the grass, but he land is very rough.  The possibility of ploughing, harrowing and sowing was discussed, but it was decided to wait until an overall plan was agreed.  To start that process, all members were invited to send DP a list of all the issues which need to be addressed.


28. Weekly inspection completed in July .

29. Emergency lighting, smoke and CO alarms, accident book all checked and OK.


30. Coleford under 7’s have paid.

Date of next meeting:    Monday 9th September at the rec 7.30PM