DATE: 7th August 2002                  Commenced: 8.00pm,            Concluded: 9.30 pm


Present:            Jan Robson                                                           Chairman Elected

                        Caroline Peat                                                            Treasurer/WI

                        Vicky Higgins                                               Elected

                        Anne Robson                                                           Secretary Elected



1.0       Apologies for Absence:- David Pattison and Dave Mears


2.00 Previous Minutes: Minutes for last meetings were signed.


3.00 Football Club: No main team, but Frome Town Boys want to start on 9th September and hope to play every Sunday afternoon. Might use Sunday mornings too. Price now up to £12 per match. Article in Frome Times and Somerset Standard to be resubmitted.  Also article sent to Parish Magazines. Also ask Coleford and Stoke teams for overspill matches.            ACTION:AR/ALL


4.00 Cricket Club: Invoice had been sent for subs. Bench had been ordered.                                  


5.00 Cricket Social Club: Doors have been completed – invoice of £1000 expected. Full cheque from Insurers to come less £250 excess.


6.00 Jobs:

1)Grounds Maintenance:.

Fence treatment to be given to Community Service.                                                ACTION: JR

Letter had been written to thank Gerald Jeanes for mowing outfield before the Fair            

Idea for future that several people could be responsible for a small piece of the field each.


2)      Car Park.

Progressing well. Used 380 tons so far. The Tax for us to pay is £1.60 per ton. Hopefully will use less than initial 600 tons estimated.


4)Spoil Heap: Rest of Heap to be dismantled. If Concrete pipe could be transported to Hanson pipes they would crush it. Is this possible?                                                                      ACTION: TG


5) Playground: Dave Jarvis continues six week dig for £12. Wicksteed had made their annual inspection. Had written to say Standards have now changed, need to act when replacing equipment. A few jobs to do – JR has given DM details of these                                        ACTION:DM

Doorstops to be put onto gates                                                                            ACTION:DP


6) Signage: Needed for Playground and Elsie’s Walk. Letter from Mary Nielsen suggesting wording for sign Elsie’s Walk In Memory of Charles and Elsie Jeanes of Manor Farm, Leigh on Mendip. Frome Signs had been asked for quote in aluminium. Two fences posts purchased for support.


7) Benches Two benches engraved and installed. Three more ordered: Cricket Club, Parish Council and Roma Moore. Cricket Club to be asked where they would like benches positioned        

.8) Extract Fan in Shower needs mending


7.00 Financial Report: As at 07.08.02


Balances b/fwd 12.06.02

                                                Current Account                        757.66                                                                                                                                     Building Society                        1511.99

                                                Cash                        12.88                        2282.53


                        From Parish Council for bench                        352.50

                        From Cricket Club for bench                        352.50

                        From Roma Harvey for bench                        352.50

                        Bank Interest (Apr, May, June)                        0.38                        1057.88


                        Playground Digging                        30.00

                        Bonus Club Draw (Jul, Aug)                        40.00

                        Materials                        69.51

                        3 Benches                        1004.62                        (1144.13)                                                                                                        £2196.28

Balances c/fwd 07.08.02         

                                                Current Account                        671.38            

                                                Building Society                        1511.99

                                                Cash                        12.91                        £2196.28        


Money due in near future: Cricket Club Sub £150, Contribution from the Fair £300.

To find: Keith Watson (although hoped Insurance would pay this) and Tax for stone.


8.00 Fund Raising:

Bonus Club winners for July was Shelagh & Roy Haywood and August was Jan & Colin Horn

Second Bonus Club later in the year- list of names had been compiled.             ACTION:JR/AR


Fund raising ideas:

Ideally to have three regular Fundraising Events a year.

In June, a Walking Treasure Hunt around the village.

October/November: Race Night in Hall with Food. Need answer from Cricket Club. AR to ask Hall for their event dates.


9.0              Fair            Saturday 6th July

We all done well!


10.0          Any Other Business:

Inspection Report: VH doing weekly.                                                               ACTION: VH


Waste land to side of ground: Agreed to continue this with Stone.


Website: Ask Tom if possible to link Football pitch to Search Engine for Football/Frome to advertise Football pitch.                                                                                      ACTION:AR


Trees around Field: Split one to be removed in winter. Bluebells to be planted.


Millennium Bench: It had been suggested that bench should come to Rec. Field. Committee agreed that this could happen, but was this the right place for it to be seen by all the village?


WI Booking:            An archery evening on 19th August for fee of £25. The toilets will need to be cleaned.                                                                                                                        ACTION: JR


Insurance:            Since the break in, the loss adjustor had been to inspect the Clubhouse and had since written with a large amount of alterations.

Sum insured: This should be £150,000. JR had worked out new build and felt this could be contested.

Electrics:            A full test. Paul Burlison had agreed to do a part investigate, as a full test if failed could close the club down. Also suggested SWEB can put new earth system for free. Powergen had already put in new meter.

Portable Heaters:            These should not be used unless caged etc.

Window Security:            Screwfix shut some windows, others to have locks. To be completed by 30th August.

Children’s Playground: Several recommendations. They should be sent copy of check list, together with details of equipment check and regular digging.

Hinge bolts on back door: This is possible

Boiler Inspection:            This is a problem. Cost of replacement too high.

Foliage to rear of clubhouse cut:       This is possible.

It was agreed that the Cricket Club must be involved with this, both financially and practically, as they are the users of the Clubhouse. JR to arrange a formal meeting with Eddie Gould and Tristan Reakes.                                                                                                             ACTION: JR


11.00 NEXT MEETING            :                       8.00pm Wednesday 18th September 2002


12.00 Distribution:            Parish Council +                      Jan Robson (Chairman)

                                    Caroline Peat (Treasurer/WI)            Tony Gould (Parish Council)                                                           David Mears (Elected)                      Vicky Higgins (Elected)                                                          Steve Willis (Cricket Social)              David Pattison (Elected)                                                          Anne Robson (Secretary)



--------------------------------------------------------------  Chairman



------------------------------------------------------------  Treasurer