DATE: 8th September 2004               Commenced: 8.00pm Concluded: 8.50pm


Present:          Jan Robson                Chairman Elected

                        David Pattison            Elected

                        Vicky Higgins             Elected

                        Anne Robson              Secretary Elected


Apologies for Absence: None


2.00 Previous Minutes: Minutes for meeting 21.7.04 were not signed.


3.00 Football Club: Frome Town Boys start fixtures on Sunday 12th September. They hoped to have two sides. Jim’s team starts 26th September and John Kelly’s team has booked for 9th Jan.2005.


4.00 Cricket Club: Nothing to report.


5.00 Cricket Social Club: Has electrical equipment been tested as requested by insurance? SW to ask Eddie      

ACTION:  SW                                                                                                   


6.00 Jobs:

1)Grounds Maintenance:. Many thanks to DM for his work on both mowers. Stewart, the postman, has kept the field looking very neat. A present to him for the end of season was discussed. Decided on a bottle of hard stuff.                   ACTION: JR

Mower needs new drive belt. VH to ask Dags.                                                 ACTION:VH


2)  Spoil Heap: Rest of Heap to be dismantled.


3)  Playground:

Climbing frame to have chips painted over                                                         ACTION: DM

Small swing seat top rail nuts to be covered.                                                      ACTION: DM


4) Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting.      ACTION: ALL


5) Concrete ends to Benches: Still a few around the ground. If anyone going to Coleford tip, please take one with you.                                                                                                                                                                                     ACTION: ALL


6)Water heater: To be replaced in the future. SW to ask if this might combine with gas installation.

                                                                                                                          ACTION: SW

7) Goalposts: It was decided not remove hooks from goalposts at present, but to paint them with white gloss.                                                                                                              ACTION:VH


7.00 Financial Report as at 21.07.04:-  (as previous meeting)

Balances  b/fwd





Current Account


 £  1,313.34



Building Society


 £     904.96





 £       93.25

 £ 2,311.55











Village Fete Ins Cont

 £     100.00



Building Soc Interest

 £         3.98



Cricket Subs 2004

 £     150.00






 £    253.98






Wicksteed Inspection

 £       35.25



Bonus Club Draw(Jul)

 £       40.00



Wine for Parcelforce

 £         5.29



Frome Town Boys Refund

 £       72.00






 £    152.54





 £ 2,412.99

Balances c/fwd





Current Account


 £  1,456.09



Building Society


 £     908.94





 £       47.96

 £ 2,412.99






Ring fenced money:





Bonus Club Draw

 £     120.00






 £    120.00


CP reported that Jackie Witt had requested information upon which the recent parish council grant could be based instead of insurance premium. There appeared to be an audit problem DP contested this and will soon be speaking to her.                                                                                    ACTION: DP


8.00 Fund Raising:

Bonus Club winners in August are Trish & Colin Gronow and Sue Vaughan and in September are Ray Corp and Clive & June Featherstone for a second time!

October will be the last Bonus Club, so 80 people will need approaching for the next one, with the same rules as before.                                                                                                                                                                                                ACTION:AR

Article in Parish Mag. re. Bonus Club, Stewart and new fair date.                                  ACTION:AR

Other Fund raising ideas:

Walk as arranged by Steve and Jo Anderson. AR to check with Steve & Jo.      ACTION: AR


Also Walking Treasure Hunt around the village, Car Boot Sales.


Fair     New date: Saturday 18th June 2005.

2004    Cricket Social made a donation of £50. Organisations to receive £250 – it was not known if this had been handed out.                                                                                      ACTION: CP


Next Fair Meeting: 5th January 2005


 Any Other Business:

Inspection Report: VH doing weekly.                                        .           .           ACTION: VH


Insurance: Bad News that Norwich Union had withdrawn insurance. Good news that Royal Sun Alliance had taken it on at annual premium of £870. (3rd September will be new insurance renewal date). Broker is trying to get back as much of premium from Norwich Union as possible.

New premium could be paid as a standing order – not known if this was possible on our account.

                                                                                                                                    ACTION: CP

Alarm has been tested (as N.U had insisted) and serviced by installer at cost of £70. Also demonstrated how to change code. JR to ask LJH to sponsor this each year.     ACTION: JR


Smartwater: It was agreed that the Recreation Field, Cricket and Cricket Social should each have this at a cost of £10 each and these had been ordered.


Disabled Discrimination Act (October 2004)/Asbestos Act (May 2004):

JR to look into Asbestos Audit report.                                                              ACTION: JR


Charity Form: This would need to be filled in by end of October.                                   ACTION:JR


Parish Council Representative: A name for this was still awaited. DP to ask Jackie Witt.    ACTION:DP                                                                                                                     


Boat Park: VH asked if their boat could be parked in the side lane. It was agreed that this could be done at a cost of £10 per month.


11.00   NEXT MEETING     :           8.00pm Tuesday 5th October 2004 

Committee Members please note that from now on Meetings will be held on a Tuesday.


12.00 Distribution:     Parish Council  +                      Jan Robson (Chairman)

                                    Caroline Peat (Treasurer/WI)    David Mears (Elected)                      Vicky Higgins (Elected)                        

                                    Steve Willis (Cricket Social)      David Pattison (Elected)                    TBD  (Parish Council)

                                    Anne Robson (Secretary)