DATE: 19 October 2005        Commenced: 8.00pm

Present:          Vicky Higgins                         Chair, Elected

David Pattison                                    Elected           

Dave Mears                                       Elected


1)      Apologies for Absence: Caroline Peat, Steve Willis, Steve Anderson

2)      Previous Minutes: Minutes for meeting 7 Sept 05 were agreed and signed.

3)      Football:  A suggestion had been received that we should have a formal Hiring Agreement covering health and safety and child protection issues.  VH had consulted Mendip DC, who advised that it is not a requirement, but is good practice.  VH agreed to investigate, low priority. 


4)      DP to open up 20 Nov.                                                                                                  ACTION: DP

5)      Cricket Club:

6)      Cricket Social Club:.


7)      Grounds Maintenance:. Two broken tree branches had been dealt with.  One big tree to come down when leaves have fallen                                                                           ACTION:VH

8)      Asbestos Act (May 2004)  Holes above ceiling tiles should be sealed. DP thought he could use his excess expanded foam.                                                                                            ACTION: DP

9)      Bollards.  The committee would prefer a fence of some sort.  Awaiting funding        ACTION: DP

10)  Spoil Heap: VH to try Eddie Gould.                                                                               ACTION:VH

11)  Playground  Gate needs realignment to remove finger trap.  May need concrete to posts or reversing.                                                                                                                 ACTION: DP

DP to remove the perspex in the signs, add the emergency number to the notices, and organise a tidy up to deal with other items (including clearing around car park hedge).                                 ACTION: DP

Some soft landing area tiles are lifting.  DP to investigate purchase of adhesive            ACTION DP

Tiles are slippery.  VH to try Jeyes fyuid to remove algae etc.                                    ACTION:VH

12)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done  .  ACTION: ALL

13)  Gas  Propane cylinders.   One old cylinder to be taken away.                                          ACTION VH

14)  Heater It was agreed to write a notice giving instructions on how to use the heater.   ACTION DP

15)  Benches      VH, DP, CP DM to help apply,         3 done DP & IR

16)  Toilet Works/Ramps: It was agreed to seek additional quotes.  DP to inform Richard D




18)  There was doubt over whether the cricket club contribution to the insurance had been paid. CP to check.                                                                                                             ACTION CP

19)  The Lease DP to review new version.  All agreed it needs to be simple.     ACTION VH/SA/CP


20)  Bonus Club winners for July to October were Patricia Simpson, Margaret & Alan Nicklin, Alison & John Wright, Rob & Vanessa Moore, Mrs Sparkes, Gill Nicholls, Tony Gould and Sarah Claxton.

Last ball for this round is 5 Nov.  Please get money to Jan & Anne by end Oct for next year.  Lists of who is collecting from whom have been sent out (but will be sent again).  The committee expressed their thanks to Jan & Anne for continuing to run this event.

21)  Race night to raise money for tiling the slide area.  It was decided to put this on hold pending a grant application.

22)  Burns Night It was agreed to book a diary date through he village mag of 22 Jan.   ACTION: DP


23)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in September.                                         ACTION: VH

24)  Report for Parish Mag                                                                                                  ACTION: DP

25)  Alarm Testing: Due in November 2005, sponsored by LJH.                                         ACTION: VH

26)  Grants: Grant from Gloria Caywood.  Try again next year?

27)  VH had renewed the insurance.  Papers now with DP.

28)  Complete charity return                                                                                                  ACTION: DP

29)  Vandalism  The football pitch had been dug up indicating that Tony loves Rob!  VH/FH had fixed.  


31)           Date of next MEETING       :8.00pm    2 Nov 2005 (Bonus Club only)

 8.00pm    7 Dec 2005 (regular business)

Distribution:   Parish Council                          Vicky Higgins (Chair)

Caroline Peat (Treasurer/WI)                David Mears (Elected)

Steve Willis (Cricket Social)                 Steve Anderson (Parish Council)

David Pattison (Secretary                     Jan & Anne Robson (honorary helpers!)


-------------------------------------------------------------  Chairman


------------------------------------------------------------  Treasurer