DATE: 7 Dec 2005                Commenced: 8.00pm

Present:                                  Vicky Higgins

David Pattison

Caroline Peat

Steve Anderson


1)      Apologies for Absence: Dave Mears, Steve Willis,

2)      Previous Minutes: Minutes for meeting 19 Oct 05 were agreed and signed.

3)      Football:  A suggestion had been received that we should have a formal Hiring Agreement covering health and safety and child protection issues.  VH had consulted Mendip DC, who advised that it is not a requirement, but is good practice.  VH agreed to investigate, low priority.                                                                                                                                                             ACTION:VH

4)      Cricket Club:  The storage of mowers in the clubhouse was considered to  add to the fire risk unnecessarily.  VH would speak to SW.                                                              ACTION:VH

5)      Cricket Social Club:.  SW confirmed that the CSC has sought a new alcohol licence.


6)      Grounds Maintenance:. One big tree to come down                                                    ACTION:VH

7)      Asbestos Act (May 2004)  Holes above ceiling tiles should be sealed.                           ACTION: DP

8)      Bollards.  The committee would prefer a fence of some sort.  Awaiting funding        ACTION: DP

9)      Vandalism.  The change of location of the school bus pick up had created a surge in vanadalism. The school has been informed and had initiated action.

Fix bollards                  DP

Inform PCSO               SA

10)  Spoil Heap: VH to try Eddie Gould.                                                                               ACTION:VH

11)  Playground Remove finger trap at Gate - Has also ceased to close.                                ACTION: DP

DP to remove the perspex in the signs, add the emergency number to the notices, and organise a tidy up to deal with other items (including clearing around car park hedge).                                 ACTION: DP

Tiles are slippery.  VH to try Jeyes fluid to remove algae etc. Done by VH.       

12)  Soft landing area.  Tiles are lifting.  It was agreed to investigate “soft tarmac” for the whole area.  PC had some literature                                                                                    ACTION SA

13)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done  .  ACTION: ALL

14)  Gas  Propane cylinders.   All OK. 

15)  Heater Draft notice giving instructions on how to use the heater was agreed.  To be laminated.                                                                                                                                   ACTION DP/CP

16)  Benches     

17)  Toilet Works/Ramps: The additional quote was much more expensive.  SA proposed that he do the decorating.   DP to set up meeting with SA & Richard Dunn.  To be finished by end Feb latest.



18)  FINANCIAL REPORT :-see attached.  We remain in good shape, having received monies from several sources.

19)  Invoice the Cricket Social Club for their contribution to the insurance                               .ACTION DP

20)  The Lease DP to review new version.  All agreed it needs to be simple.             ACTION VH/SA/CP


21)  Bonus Club winners for November were Marguerite Cockroft and Pauline Gillard.

22)  All tickets for 05/06 season sold!

23)  Race night. on hold

24)  Burns Night .

a)      The date in the village mag was wrong – it should be Sat 21 Jan .                            ACTION: DP

b)      Tickets – CP to print 60

c)      Wine – DP to work out numbers; SA to enquire about buying

d)      Beer DP to order box from Rod

e)      Other drinks – DP to get water, OJ, Whisky as previous years

f)       Food, Napkins etc – CP & VH

g)      Mag article DP

h)      Piper – DP to ask


25)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in Oct/Nov.                                           ACTION: VH

26)  Report for Parish Mag                                                                                               ACTION: DP

27)  Alarm Testing: Due in November 2005, sponsored by LJH.  LJH had nor replied.  Try TDI direct?                                                                                                                                         ACTION: DP

28)  Grants: Grant from Gloria Caywood.  Try again next year?

29)  Charity return Completed and sent in.

30)           Date of next MEETING       :7.30pm    4 Jan 2006 (Burns Night & Works only)

 8.00pm    15 Feb 2006 (AGM)

Distribution:   Parish Council                          Vicky Higgins (Chair)

Caroline Peat (Treasurer/WI)                David Mears (Elected)

Steve Willis (Cricket Social)                 Steve Anderson (Parish Council)

David Pattison (Secretary                     Jan & Anne Robson (honorary helpers!)


-------------------------------------------------------------  Chairman


------------------------------------------------------------  Treasurer




Financial Report as at 07/12/2005






Balances  b/fwd






Current Account


 £  5,567.41



Building Society


 £     908.94





 £       54.61

 £ 6,530.96












Boat Parking Fee


 £       30.00



Cricket fee 2005


 £     150.00



Football fees


 £     140.00



Village Fair Share


 £     450.00



Bonus Club shares


 £     980.00



Frome Town Youth


 £     300.00






 £ 2,050.00












Bonus Club Draw Oct/Dec


 £     120.00



Insurance premium


 £     745.14



Shower water heater


 £  2,334.08











 £ 3,199.22





 £ 5,381.74






Balances c/fwd






Current Account


 £  4,398.19



Building Society


 £     908.94





 £       74.61

 £ 5,381.74






Ring fenced money:






Bonus Club Draw


 £     440.00



Award for All work


 £     815.92






 £ 1,255.92