DATE: 22 Mar 2006              Commenced: 7.30pm

Present:                                  Vicky Higgins

David Pattison


1)      Apologies for Absence: Steve Anderson, Caroline Peat, Dave Mears. Leigh Crafter, captain of the 2nd eleven, has agreed to join the committee, after being approached by JR.

2)      Previous Minutes: Minutes for meeting 15 Feb 06 were agreed and signed.

3)      Football: A Hiring agreement is not a requirement, but good practice.  VH to investigate, low priority.         ACTION:VH

4)      Cricket Club:  The storage of mowers in the clubhouse was considered to  add to the fire risk unnecessarily.  Most had been removed. VH would speak to SW about remaining one. ACTION:VH

5)      Cricket Social Club:. Nil.


6)      Grounds Maintenance:. One big tree to come down                                                 ACTION:VH

7)      Asbestos Act (May 2004)  Holes above ceiling tiles should be sealed.                        ACTION: DP

8)      Bollards. VH reported an incident.  A young man had driven up onto the posts and got stuck, whilst in “distress”, at night.  The police had to be called.

The committee would prefer a fence of some sort. SA reported that he had some posts removed from stiles being converted to kissing gates, which he would keep for rec use.                                                                                                                        ACTION: DP

9)      Spoil Heap: VH to try Eddie Gould.                                                                           ACTION:VH

10)  Playground Remove finger trap at Gate - Has also ceased to close.                             ACTION: DP

11)  Soft landing area. VH was expecting a quote, and would seek another one.               ACTION VH

12)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done  .         ACTION: ALL

13)  Toilet Works/Ramps:  Inner ramp still on order.  JR had reported completion and the acknowledgement had been received (so further grants could be applied for).

14)  Changing Rooms: Ceiling had been taken down and new plasterboard put up.  Yet to be taped, sealed and redecorated.  FH had fixed roof leak (subject to testing!).  Approx £200 spent to date.                                                                                                   ACTION VH

15)  Paint Window Sills. Summer job


16)  Financial Report :-see attached. 

17)  The Lease DP to review new version.  All agreed it needs to be simple.       ACTION VH/SA/CP

18)  PC grant - £300 received with thanks.  The PC’s suggestion that the RFMC take on the cutting of the grass at Park Hayes had been politely declined.

19)  £15 gift for auditor and payment of the bill for the Burns night beer was noted.


20)  Bonus Club winners were Chris and Cathy Cudmore & Jane Elliott in Feb and David Sparkes & Peter Westcombe in March

21)  Race night. on hold


22)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in Feb/Mar.                                         ACTION: VH

23)  Report for Parish Mag                                                                                             ACTION: DP

24)  Alarm Testing: Due in November 2005, sponsored by LJH. TDI contact info is Technology Detection Industries (TDI), 7 Vine Gardens, Frome Somerset BA112LX  01373 465 429  01373 463 286 (fax)                                                             ACTION: VH

25)  Grants: Grant from Gloria Caywood.  Try again later?

26)  Charity return 2005 return received.                                                                          ACTION: DP

27)  FAIR Insurance DP had asked the brokers to check the coverage                             ACTION: DP

28)  Date of next MEETING :        7.30pm    3 May 2006

Distribution:   Parish Council                          Vicky Higgins (Chair)

Caroline Peat (Treasurer/WI)                David Mears (Elected)

Steve Willis (Cricket Social)                 Steve Anderson (Parish Council)

David Pattison (Secretary                     Leigh Crafter

Jan & Anne Robson (honorary helpers!)


Financial Report as at 22/03/2006






Balances  b/fwd






Current Account


 £  4,428.18



Building Society


 £     919.75





 £     109.61

 £ 5,457.54












Boat Parking Fee


 £       10.00



Cricket ins cont


 £     186.28



Football fees


 £     200.00



Burns Night


 £     886.45





 £       20.00











 £ 1,302.73












Bonus Club Draw Jan/Mar


 £     120.00



Burns Night exp


 £     395.34



Toilet works


 £  2,458.18



Auditor gift


 £       15.00






 £ 2,988.52





 £ 3,771.75






Balances c/fwd






Current Account


 £  2,831.10



Building Society


 £     919.75





 £       20.90

 £ 3,771.75






Ring fenced money:






Bonus Club Draw


 £     320.00











 £    320.00