DATE: 29 Nov 2006        Commenced: 8.00pm

Present:          Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Caroline Peat, Steve Anderson, Steve Willis


1)      Apologies for Absence: Leigh Crafter, Dave Mears

2)      Previous Minutes: Minutes of meeting on 25 Oct agreed and signed.


3)      To buy a chain harrow at about £80 to help smooth the field, to be funded by the RFMC and stored by the Cricket Club     ACTION SW/LC

4)      Cricket Club:  Drafting of a Hiring Agreement.                                                       ACTION: on hold

5)      Cricket Club to make the wire round the pitch more visible in a permanent way.  ACTION LC/SW


6)      Grounds Maintenance:. One big tree to come down (in the Autumn?)                       ACTION:VH

7)      Benches:  LC to pass oil back to DP for storage.                                                        ACTION: LC

8)      Asbestos Act (May 2004)  Holes above ceiling tiles should be sealed.                   ACTION: on hold

9)      Fence. Complete.  The fence looks good.  The committee thanked Steve Anderson and Dave Mears, assisted by David Pattison.

10)  Playground Safety Inspection. Gates.  Some repairs needed (some screws had come adrift).  Update signs as per report.                        ACTION: DP

11)  Spoil Heap: LC to try Eddie Gould.                                                                       ACTION:LC/SW

12)  Soft landing area. On hold pending village survey result..                                            ACTION: VH

13)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done  .    ACTION: ALL

14)  Paint Window Sills. VH had done topcoat.  Thanks to Vicky Higgins.

15)  Boiler Service Ben White will contact us when the service is due.

16)  Standing item – check jobs list


17)  Financial Report :-See attached.  In good shape.

18)  Richard Blunden had agreed to audit this years accounts.                                              ACTION: CP

19)  The Lease.  Ty Schlechter has transposed to simple English.  CP to pass on. Awaiting go ahead from Graham re grant application.             ACTION: CP

20)  The Cricket and Social Clubs  had paid their invoices.


21)  Nov Bonus Club winners were The Jeanes family and the Mattick family.

22)  2006/7 Bonus Club ongoing.  Outstanding slips and money to JR asap.                         ACTION: ALL

BURNS NIGHT   Actions were agreed as follows:

a)      SA   Get wine, 24 Red 18 white plus cans of 6X

b)      DP   Get rest of drink as last year, ex barrel of 6X

c)      SA   Will be the “responsible bar person”

d)      CP   Posters plus tickets for 70 people at £8.00, candles, napkins,

e)      VH   Food, raffle tickets, decorations

f)       DP   to send out info re last year’s ticket sales etc


23)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in Oct.                                                 ACTION: VH

24)  Report for Parish Mag  DP apologised for missing the Dec deadline.  No mag in Jan.      

25)  Grants: Grant from Gloria Caywood.  Try again later?

26)  FAIR   Next year’s will be on 16 June. LC to inform the fixtures person.                      ACTION: LC

27)  DP to re-approach Chris Cudmore with a view to him being the poc on the fair committee.                                      ACTION: DP

28)  It was suggested that some pictures of the rec should be on the website.                       ACTION: CP

29)  It was agreed that DP would pursue a possible grant to lay the hedge.                           ACTION: DP


30)  A special meeting followed to discuss this initiative.

31)  Date of next MEETINGS           :       20 Dec at Caroline’s at 7:30

                                                                    3 Jan at 7:30 at the clubhouse