DATE: 19 June 2007        Commenced: 8.00pm

Present:          Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Caroline Peat


1)      Apologies for Absence: Dave Mears

2)      Previous Minutes: Minutes of meetings on 16 May were agreed and signed.

3)      New Charitable Objects: The Charity Commission had responded to our first draft with a much shorter version, which does not meet our needs for bidding for funds. It was agreed to try a compromise draft.      ACTION: DP

4)      Agenda: No new actions had been proposed.                                                              ACTION: ALL

Football: New rules have been introduced which require:

a)      All hooks to be removed from goalposts                                                                ACTION:FH

b)      Referees to have separate changing facilities.  It was agreed to offer the disabled toilet.

5)      The Griffen Inn team had not got back to us.

6)      The Frome Boys team have confirmed they want another season.

Cricket Club: 

Drafting of a Hiring Agreement.                                                                              ACTION: DP

7)      CP/VH to endeavour to get more financial data from the CC and CSC.  STILL NO RESPONSE.  This now urgent and we may not get the lottery bid if this is not forthcoming.                                      ACTION: VH

8)      Cricket Club had replaced the wire round the pitch with orange rope, but it was considered that flags are still necessary.        ACTION LC/SW

9)      To buy a chain harrow at about £80, funded by the RFMC and stored by CC         ACTION SW/LC


10)  Grounds Maintenance:. One big tree to come down (in the Autumn?)                       ACTION:VH

11)  Benches:  DP has the oil.   New oiling rota required.  VH has done the 2 nearest.   ACTION: DP

12)  Playground Safety Inspection. Bark.  Best bid to date is £375. K Massey?              ACTION: VH

13)  Gates still need repair..                                                                                                 ACTION: DP

14)  Spoil Heap: LC to try Eddie Gould.                                                                       ACTION:LC/SW

15)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done  .    ACTION: ALL

16)  Boiler

a)      New hoses required.  Frank will do it.                                                                    ACTION: VH

b)      We need to move the bottles outside.  It was agreed to seek confirmation.              ACTION: CP

17)  Floor tiles.  Procured, waiting on adhesive.                                                                 ACTION: DP

18)  Standing item – check jobs list.   It was agreed to increase the liability on the insurance to £5M next time around        ACTION: DP


19)  Financial Report :-In good shape.  CAP funds have been transferred.

20)  Gift Aid Registration                                                                                           ACTION: CP/VH

21)  It was agreed to register to receive Income Tax Repayments.                                       ACTION: CP

22)  Internet banking is not available on a view only basis with Lloyds.  NFA

23)  It was agreed to investigate a high interest account, eg National Savings.                       ACTION: CP

24)  A lockable cupboard had been bought.  It was agreed to buy crockery and cutlery for the ALC.                        ACTION: CP

Lock needs fixing                                                                                                               ACTION:DP

25)  The Lease. The first year’s rent (£1) has been paid.  Our solicitor has stated that we do need to register the lease.  DP to suggest to PC that we do it together with the registering of the land, using our solicitor.           ACTION: DP


26)  June  Bonus Club winners were Gerald & Wendy Jeanes and Dave & Sue Mattick

27)  The fete was a big success, payout to the organisations is expected to be about £700 each.  Suggested changes for next year:

a)      Plan and sign the separate exit from the car park

b)      Take car park money away from the road.

c)      RFMC duties (games and access/parking) needs 10 jobs to be manned, which was v difficult.

28)  Treasure Hunt, 22 June.

a)      Food OK

b)      Question sheets OK

c)      VH and her Dad will hand out Q sheets.

d)      Vicki Taylor and Maureen helping with food.

e)      Bring picnic chairs                                                                                                  ALL

f)       Float                                                                                                                     CP

g)      Charge is £5 per person, £2 under 14

h)      Raffle.  DP to bring wine.  JP to sell tickets.

i)        Prizes.  DP to bring wine (4 r, 4W in total)+ sweets for children

j)        Start work 1630


29)  H&S Policy.  To be reviewed and converted to action list.                                          ACTION: DP

a)      A lady tripped badly outside the main door last week.  Edge of path to be painted white.                                         ACTION: DP

30)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in May.                                                ACTION: VH

31)  Report for Parish Mag  Mention success of fete, village day, TY.                              ACTION DP

32)  Grants: Grant from Gloria Cawood.  Try again later?

33)  It was suggested that some pictures of the rec should be on the website.                       ACTION: CP

34)  Date of next MEETING :                19 23 July  at 7:30 at the clubhouse [note change of date]