DATE: 19 Sept 2007        Commenced: 7.30pm

Present:          Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Caroline Harris, Rose Martin


1)      Apologies for Absence: Nil

2)      Check the procedure for making new members Trustees and implement.                       ACTION: DP


3)      Planning application  There had been objections to the application to resurface part of the car park.  It was agreed to write a letter and call on all immediate neighbours to deliver and explain it.                           ACTION: DP/CH

4)      Calor Village of the Year Competition. Leigh had won the Somerset Best Village competition. Presentation is in Glastonbury on 27th September 7.15-8.15pm.  Regional competition form needs to be in by 28 Nov.                ACTION: CAP

5)      Computing Equipment  GH will bid for other equipment when appropriate.  The BT line can only be ordered by CH who will  be paying from charity funds.                                                                               ACTION: CH

On completion, DP will set up the ISP.

6)      VAT.  CH to investigate.                                                                                        ACTION: CH

7)      Play Area/Youth.  The bid for topping up the bark, new seats for the swings, a Log train, a target panel and a Wii/screen has been won.                                                                                                  ACTION: CAP

8)      Path gravel.  DP had identified 3 sources with prices.  The meeting discussed the plan and considered that this project may not now be necessary.  [Post Meeting Notes. The gravel path plans existed because they were the matched funding for the bid for the resurfacing for the car park. Otherwise we would have had to put in about £3000 in cash.  Another better cheaper source has been recommended – DP will investigate.]                                            ACTION: DP

9)      Paint for the fence DP had provided the information required.  We would have to pay for the sprayer.

10)  GH will need help with getting data on current recreation use in Leigh.  Need to approach potential candidates with analytical skills eg DNP, DJ                                                                                           ACTION: DP/CH

11)  A simple toilet sign had been added to the disabled toilet door.

12)  Charity Commission: The CC had commented on our proposed Scheme.  Most issues were straightforward.  It was agreed to use the Official Custodian to avoid the expense of rewriting the lease every time a Trustee changed, after consultation with the Parish Council.                                                                                   ACTION: DP


13)  3 teams are now playing:

a)      Mells A                         Sat pm

b)      Permaframe                  Sun am

c)      Frome Town Youth      Sun pm

14)  All hooks have been removed from goalposts


15)  E Mail revised draft Hiring Agreement                                                                          ACTION: VH

16)  Cricket Club had replaced the wire round the pitch with orange rope, but it was considered that flags are still necessary.                                                                                                                                      ACTION VH


17)  Benches:  All done                                                                                                    

18)  Gates done                                                                                                                

19)  Boiler

a)      New hoses: done                                                                                                  

b)      We need to move the bottles outside.  It was agreed to seek confirmation.              ACTION: CH

20)  Floor tiles. Done enough.                                                                                           ACTION: DP

21)  Standing item – check jobs list.  

a)      Increase the liability on the insurance to £5M: Done                                                ACTION: DP

b)      Invoice Cricket/Social for use of field and insurance contribution                             ACTION: CH


22)  Financial Report :-In good shape.  Recent statement attached.  Current balances:

a)      Current              £4161

b)      CAP                  £3962

c)      Cash                  £74 

d)      Building Soc       £944

23)  CH has registered to receive Income Tax Repayments.

24)  It was agreed to investigate a high interest account, eg National Savings.                       ACTION: CH

25)  The Lease. DP had given the papers to our solicitor to register the lease. No response yet.

26)  It was agreed to transfer £3000 (less the money already spent by RFMC on CAP) from the RFMC account to the CAP account.

27)  We need to check that there is a TV licence for the rec building.


28)  Bonus Club winners for Sept were John & Alison Wright and Rob & Vanessa Moore.

29)  Bonus Club 2008  Send 2007 list to CH for updating (NB IR is sending direct)      ACTION: DP

30)  Morris side for 8 March.   Invited, no reply yet.


31)  H&S Policy.  Action list was agreed.  Actions to be pursued.                                      ACTION: DP

a)      Edge of path has been painted white by VH.

b)      Illumination in the main room is poor.  

i.                     DP offered a standard lamp to improve.                                                     ACTION: DP

ii.                   Light diffusers to be cleaned.                                                                      ACTION: ??

c)      The outside light is unreliable and could contribute to accidents.                              ACTION: DM

32)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in Aug (NB: last month’s minutes should have said July).            ACTION: VH

33)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done  .    ACTION: ALL

34)  Create H&S Notice for clubnouse                                                                           ACTION: DP

35)  Review Accident Book at each meeting  Done. Nil items.                                          ACTION: DP

36)  Hazard Assessment To be done 21/9 at 1100.                                                     ACTION: DP/VH

37)  Fire To get a Fire Safety handbook                                                                             ACTION: CH


38)  Report for Parish Mag                                                                                             ACTION DP

39)  Get a padlock with more visible numbers for the cupboard.                                          ACTION: DP

40)  RM needs a computer stick with a disc for W98                                                          ACTION: DP

41)  Gas boildr is not working. (PMN, fixed – one gas bottle empty).                                  ACTION: VH

42)  The Parish Council had requested that the rec building be designated as a building to be used in event of public emergency.  This was agreed.  RM to pass back names of keyholders.                          ACTION: RM


43)  Date of next MEETING :                31 October at 7:30 at the clubhouse