DATE: 31 Oct 2007        Commenced: 7.30pm

Present:          Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Caroline Harris, Rose Martin


1)      Apologies for Absence: Nil

2)      Check the procedure for making new members Trustees and implement for RM.  DP stated that the Charity Commission had recommended waiting until new scheme is in place.                                   ACTION: DP


3)      Planning application  There had been objections to the application to resurface part of the car park.  A letter had been delivered to all immediate neighbours.  Some reported being told that the work included lighting, which was untrue.  Some had withdrawn their objections.

4)      New Building Some neighbours had attended the open day and presented alternative proposals.  They had also presented proposals to the Parish Council.  It was agreed to examine these proposals carefully and fairly to see which presented the best advantages to the community as a whole.                                                                  ACTION: CAP

5)      Computing Equipment  It was agreed that the Treasurer had authority to set up the direct debit with BT for the phone line.  The  BT line is in.  It is blocked to outgoing calls except with a PIN, to avoid fraudulent use.  DP had placed an order for an ISP (Plusnet), and a Direct Debit for that had been sent off, signed by two authorised people.                  ACTION: CH

6)      VAT.  The advantages and disadvantages of registration were discussed at length.  CH yhad spoken to someone with experience ion a small business.  The financial advantages were deemed to outweigh the difficulties and it was agreed to register for VAT.                                                                                                          ACTION: CH

7)      Play Area/Youth.  The bark, the new seats for the swings, the Log train & target panel, and the Wii had been ordered.  The screen has arrived.                                                                                                      ACTION: CAP

8)      Path gravel. 4 samples had been delivered to GH.  Guy has agreed to dig the trench and has been shown the job in detail.  VH/DP to chase.  DP to get timber for edges.                                                    ACTION: DP/VH

9)      Charity Commission:  A final draft of the new Scheme had been circulated.  Detail comments from DP and CH will be incorporated. The draft was agreed as amended.  To be returned to Ch Comm.                  ACTION: DP


10)  There had been difficulties with

a)      Showers:  DP to redraft the notice for the boiler to encourage users to call Vicki/Frank and not to leave the boiler set to heat the building all week!                                                                                   ACTION: DP

b)      White lining on top of leaves and just before mowing is ineffective.

c)      The net arrangements.


11)  E Mail revised draft Hiring Agreement.  It was agreed to comment in writing and call a special meeting if there were issues.                                                                                                                               ACTION: VH

12)  Cricket Club had replaced the wire round the pitch with orange rope, but it was considered that flags are still necessary.                                                                                                                                      ACTION VH


13)  Boiler

a)      We need to move the bottles outside.  It was agreed to seek confirmation.              ACTION: CH

14)  Standing item – check jobs list. 

a)      Invoice Cricket/Social for use of field and insurance contribution                             ACTION: CH


b)      Financial Report :-In good shape.  Recent statement attached (not yet updated to separate CAP funds). 

15)  CH had identified the Charities Aid Foundation as a high interest account with suitable internet accounts.  It was agreed to open a savings account.                                                                                                 ACTION: CH

16)  It was agreed to withdraw £600 from the Stroud and Swindon in preparation.

17)  The Lease. DP reported on the solicitor’s response.  It was agreed to register the lease despite the cost.          ACTION: DP

18)  It was agreed to transfer £3000 (less the money already spent by RFMC on CAP) from the RFMC account to the CAP account.                                                                                                                            ACTION: CH

19)  We need to check that there is a TV licence for the rec building.                 ACTION: CAP (TW)


20)  Bonus Club winners for Oct were Simon & Nicki Coe and Ian & Vanessa Barnes.

21)  Bonus Club 2008  In hand under the management of A&JR.  We need to register. ACTION: VH

22)  It was agreed to cancel the Quiz in view of the negligible ticket sales.

23)  Ceilidh  Mells Barn booking to be 6.30 to 1230 on 8 March.  Morris invited, no reply yet.  Cheque for deposit was signed.

24)  Burns Night.  It was agreed to run it again; 26 Jan 2008 at 7.30 for 8, cost £10 for a3 course feast with tot of whisky

a)      Tickets                                                                                                                  ACTION: CH

b)      Checklist                                                                                                               ACTION: DP


25)  H&S Policy.  Action list agreed.  Actions to be pursued.                                             ACTION: DP

a)      Illumination in the main room.  New standard lamp & light diffusers to be cleaned. Done.

b)      Outside light fixed.

26)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in Sept and Oct.                                   ACTION: VH

27)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done  .    ACTION: ALL

28)  Create H&S Notice for clubnouse                                                                           ACTION: DP

29)  Review Accident Book at each meeting  Done. Nil items.                                          ACTION: DP

30)  Hazard Assessment   First phase of assessment done.  To be completed and written up.                           ACTION: DP/VH

31)  Fire Fire Safety handbook was passed to DP for review.                                             ACTION: DP


32)  VH reported that dog fouling had increased markedly, probably due to one large dog new to the village.  It was agreed to put a sign on the gate and seek support from the Parish Council                                                         ACTION: VH/RM

33)  Report for Parish Mag  Burns night, Barn Dance, Bonus Club                                   ACTION DP

34)  Vulnerable Adults Policy  RM had drafted.  It was agreed and signed. DP to hold.  CH to send electronic version to all.                                                                                                                                ACTION: CH

35)  Date of next MEETING :                2 Jan at 7:30 at the clubhouse