DATE: 25 Feb 2008 Commenced: 7.30pm

Present: Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Caroline Harris, Rose Martin


1)      Apologies for Absence:

2)      Minutes of last meeting The minutes of the meetings held on 31 Oct 2007, 2 Jan 2008 and 8 Jan 2008 were approved as accurate and signed.

3)      Charity Commission: Check the procedure for making new members Trustees and implement for RM at the AGM. ACTION: DP


4)      Computing Equipment The BT line, and ISP are working, but a wireless router is needed.


5)      VAT. The treasurer had sent off the forms and was dealing with questions. ACTION: CH

6)      Play Area/Youth. The Log train & target panel are in. The youth club had met twice, first with 4 youngsters, then 10. Working well.

7)      Access Project. GH has got grants from 3 bodies for completion of the access project, one of which also covers the completions of the paths.


8)      Not much usage it was decided to consider a different charging regime next season so that teams do not book the pitch and not pay for it.


9)      Review draft Hiring Agreement. ACTION: All

10)  Cricket Club had replaced the wire round the pitch with orange rope, but it was considered that flags are still necessary. ACTION VH


11)  Boiler

a)      We may need to move the bottles outside. It was agreed to seek confirmation. ACTION: CH

12)  Standing item check jobs list.


13)  Cricket Club had paid their 2007 contribution. Social club have yet to pay their insurance contribution ACTION: CH

14)  Charities Aid Foundation high interest account. RM had had poor service from this bank. CH now has others in mind ACTION: CH

15)  The Lease. The solicitor had been asked to register the lease no response. ACTION: DP

16)  It was agreed to transfer 3000 (less the money already spent by RFMC on CAP) from the RFMC account to the CAP account. ACTION: CH

17)  The accounts for 2007 had been completed, except for some adjustment of headings. The financial position is healthy. [Depends on your view of things we need to raise around 20,000 for CAP but have only managed about 7,000 so far!] 1000 of SCC funds had been received from Gloria Cawood for the building project and 12,000 payment of the grant from SALSF for the paving.


18)  Bonus Club Winners were:

Nov: Tina & Ken Johnson and Mavis & Peter Knowles

Dec: Jane Elliott & Chris & Cathy Cudmore

Jan: Sarah Claxton & Phil Streather and Tony Gould

Feb: Shelagh & Roy Haywood and Emma & Phil Tomlinson

19)  Ceilidh Need to sell more tickets! It was agreed to e mail numbers and names sold to on Friday ACTION: All

20)  Burns Night. Was successful. Made about 630. CP agreed to provide feedback on drink consumption (bitter was much more popular than lager).


21)  H&S Policy. Action list agreed. Actions to be pursued. ACTION: DP

22)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in Jan. ACTION: VH

23)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done . ACTION: ALL

24)  Create H&S Notice for clubnouse. ACTION: DP

25)  Review Accident Book at each meeting Done. Nil items. ACTION: DP

26)  Hazard Assessment First phase of assessment done. To be completed and written up. VH & RM agreed to review/check. ACTION: DP/VH

27)  Fire Fire Safety handbook was passed to DP for review. ACTION: DP


28)  Dog fouling is still a problem. The Parish Council is taking action, RM to chase. ACTION: RM

29)  Report for Parish Mag Bonus Club ACTION DP

30)  Vulnerable Adults Policy had been sent out. Needs to be signed. ACTION: RM

31)  Trees Planting ceremony was successful 20 people present including Gloria Cawood.

32)  CAP Management Consideration of whether the CAP and RFMC committees should combine.

33)  Bins. The waste bins are rusting out. It was agreed to buy 2 new inners. ACTION: VH


34)  Licence Age Concern have agreed to consider an application for a grant of 50 towards the 100 fee. It was agreed to go ahead. Details of the application were agreed (timings, scope etc). ACTION: CH

35)  There is a requirement to determine the best way of obtaining licences to show films the future ACTION: DP

36)  Community Council for Somerset. It was agreed to join from 1 April. ACTION: DP

37)  ECOS It was agreed to join. ACTION: CH

38)  Computer Course. Needs a wireless router. ACTION: DP

39)  Date of next MEETING : 2 April at 7:30 at the clubhouse

AGM 30 April 2008