DATE: 30 April 2008        Commenced: 7.30pm

Present:          Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Rose Martin, Julian Back


1)      Julian Back was welcomed to the committee as the representative of the Bellringers.

2)      Apologies for Absence:   Nil

3)      Minutes of last meeting   The minutes of the meeting held on 2 April 2008 were approved as accurate and signed.


4)      Community Activity Project:  The lottery bid aimed at building a replacement clubhouse failed in December, despite heroic efforts on the part of Graham Harris and others on and off the committee.  Nevertheless, the CAP project has improved life in the village by responding to many of the needs identified in the Parish Plan, eg the Active Living Centre, the new Youth Club, the Gardening Club, the dance events, the local collection of clothing, plastic and cardboard for recycling and the improvements to disabled access.

We considered applying for smaller grants to build an extension to the current building (with the long term objective of renewing it all), but that plan has also had to be abandoned recently.  We will now look at what to do next, with the renewal of the roof a possibility if we can get the money.  The other CAP work mentioned above will continue.

5)      VAT.  CH is still dealing with questions.                                                                 ACTION: CH

6)      RM had agreed to provide a phone.                                                                          ACTION: RM

7)      Youth Club. RM had bid for funding (~ 800) for a lockable cabinet and play equipment (the children to choose).  The bid has been won, but not the full amount.  RM is now helping with the YC.

8)      Extension  This project had been abandoned.

9)      Licence CH was working on the forms.  It is now unclear whether a licence will be necessary.                              ACTION: CAP

10)  Community Council for Somerset.  It was agreed not to join. 

11)  ECOS  It had been agreed to join the need is now unclear.                                  ACTION: CAP


12)  Roof  VH had got 2 quotes for a roof with 100mm insulation.  Both were much cheaper than expected. RM had not found funding at the E Mendip partnership. She will try some other sources. The PC had indicated that they would also support this work and RM will ask them now we have a definite cost. ACTION: VH/RM

13)  The possibility of insulating the walls was discussed.  JB had done a straw bale building course.

14)  Porch  It was agreed to examine the possibility of providing disabled access via the North door.  RM to get information on the width requirement.                                                                            ACTION: RM

15)  Drains.  It was agreed to wait and see if there was more trouble.


16)   Consider a different charging regime next season so that teams do not book the pitch and not pay for it.             ACTION: VH

17)  Permaframe and Mells had paid.


18)  Review draft Hiring Agreement.                                                                               ACTION: All

19)  VH had attached flags to the orange rope round the pitch, but it had since been replaced by the CC.                    ACTION VH


20)  Gas Bottles  The cage is complete.  Thanks to Alf and Frank  The bottles need to be moved and connected up by a qualified a gas fitter.                                                                                                ACTION: AS/FH

21)  Standing item check jobs list. 

a)      Oiling Benches.  DP to issue the rota.  Volunteers VH (2), RM (2), JB (2), DM, DP, JR                                   ACTION: DP

b)     Draft report for Annual Parish Meeting on 19 May                                            ACTION: VH

c)      DP to draft a document for the PC about not letting neighbours get rights of way across the car park, before 19/5, and send to RM                                                                                                ACTION: DP

22)  VH had painted the floor of the changing rooms.  It was inspected and found to be excellent.  The walls had also been painted.  Many thanks to Vicky and Frank.


23)  VH is collecting Youth Club monies and needs to spend small amounts of money to support the Youth Club.  It was agree that it was acceptable to spend the cash received as long as she accounted for all receipts and expenditure to the treasurer.                                                                                                                ACTION: VH

24)  Social club have yet to pay their insurance contribution                                       ACTION: CH.VH

25)  High interest account. On hold.

26)  The Lease. A letter had been received from the revenue demanding 200. CH is working on it.                           ACTION: CH


27)  Bonus Club Winners were:

Apr:  Vicky & Frank Higgins and Julie Mooreshead

May:  Ken & Tina Johnson and Peter & Mavis Knowles

28)  Ceilidh   4 Oct is a bad date for VH.  RM will try other dates.                               ACTION: RM


29)  H&S Policy.  Action list agreed.  Actions to be pursued.                                         ACTION: DP

30)  Safety Inspection: VH completed each week in April                                             ACTION: VH

31)  The Wicksteed inspection had been done. 

a)      One significant item apparently regulations now require all play areas (ie including the field) to exclude dogs.  It was agreed that this was a controversial and difficult area and needed thought.                           ACTION: ALL

b)     The report was handed to DP for review                                                            ACTION: DP

32)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done.    ACTION: ALL

33)  Create H&S Notice for clubhouse.  It is now up.                                                  

34)  First aid box was checked and the check was added to the jobs checklist for March.

35)  Review Accident Book at each meeting  Done. Nil items.                                      ACTION: DP

36)  Hazard Assessment   First phase of assessment done.  To be completed and written up. VH & RM agreed to review/check.                                                                                                              ACTION: DP/VH

37)  Fire Fire Safety handbook with DP for review.                                                       ACTION: DP

38)  The extinguisher by the changing rooms needs a bracket.                                         ACTION: DP


39)   Dog fouling is still a problem.

40)  Report for Parish Mag (Bonus Club, CAP, Treasurer).                                          ACTION DP

41)  Bollard Safety There was concern that it could be a hazard if dropped, but there is no way to lock it down.  No method of holding it down had been identified. It was agreed that the hazard is unlikely and minor in effect, and that we could wait and see if problems arose                                                                 

42)  Booking diary  Cricket/Social club events need to be added, via Barry Gould.     ACTION: CH

43)  Date of next meeting:      2 June at the clubhouse at 7.30 pm.