DATE: 18 August 2008        Commenced: 7.30pm

Present:          David Pattison, Rose Martin, Julian Back, Barry Gould, Trevor Wells


1)      Apologies for Absence: Vicky Higgins.  RM chaired in her place.

2)      Minutes of last meeting   The 16 July 2008 minutes were approved as accurate and signed.

3)      TW completed the Register of Members.


4)      VH to get the booking diary from CH                                                                      ACTION: VH

5)      Youth Club. The £800 bid is still on its way via the Parish Council.  RM to get catalogues to select what to buy.  YC has stopped until next term.                                                                                      ACTION: RM

6)      Licence The Social Club saw no problem with changing to a full licence, but details of how the bar would be run would have to be resolved.  Since we would want it only for events, this was not seen as a problem. 


7)      Roof The Somerset Aggregates Sustainability Levy will be considered on Aug 22nd.

8)      Insulating Walls RM will agree 3 dates (after 4 Sept) with Mike Wiscombe, who is a Mendip Energy Audit Advisor, to come to the building and suggest a way forward.                                        ACTION: RM

9)      Awards For All scheme.  RM had acquired application forms for the and passed them to DP.

10)  Marking Disabled bays.  DP has paint and has made a stencil.  DP to e mail a date when the weather looks OK!!  RM to get some fixing spray.                                                                           ACTION: DP/RM


11)  We will need a VAT invoice form.  BG will E mail one to all.                               ACTION: BG

12)  Next Season Only the Sunday afternoon boys team had booked the pitch so far.  DP to suggest to VH that we advertise in the Guardian and Standard.                                                                         ACTION: VH


13)  Possible merger of the Cricket Club, Social, Club and RFMC.  BG agreed to raise it at the AGMs of the CC and SC.                                                                                                                                   ACTION: BG

14)  VH had attached flags to the orange rope round the pitch, but it had since been replaced by the CC.                    ACTION VH


15)  Oiling Benches.  Oil to J&A next.  DP had ordered more oil.                                 ACTION: DP

16)  Renew insurance.  DP had e mailed (post meeting note – Janice posted the quote to DP 19/8)

17)  Standing item – check jobs list. 

a)      Chase SCC re marking out football pitch.                                                           ACTION: VH


18)  VAT.  BG has submitted the first return, and is expecting a visit from the VAT man on Friday.                            ACTION:BG

19)  Social club have paid their insurance contribution.

20)  High interest account. On hold.

21)  BG had initiated the changing of signatures and addresses with Lloyds and Stroud and Swindon after the change of committee members.  DP and RM signed.  DP to pass to VH for signature.                                ACTION: DP/VH

22)  The Lease.

a)      DP to chase the solicitor.                                                                                     ACTION: DP

b)     The £1 annual rent had been paid.


23)  Bonus Club Aug winners were Shelagh & Roy Haywood and Barry Breeze & Stacey Showering.  DP had paid them.

24)  Ceilidh  

a)      Details for the hall order form were agreed.  RM to ask Rod Cambourne to be our DPS, otherwise use the Nunney arrangements (they run the bar, provide DPS & stock and take half of profits).                       ACTION: RM

b)     BG wrote cheque for hall deposit.  VH to sign.                                                  ACTION: DP

c)      Agreed to charge £3 for children and £7 for concessions.

d)     Ad will appear in Parish mag. Ticket & flyer design agreed.  JB will print 100, numbered. Agreed 20 tickets to RM, 30 to VH, 10 to rest.                                                                                     ACTION: RM


25)  H&S Policy.  Action list agreed.  Actions to be pursued.  It was agreed to fit a Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detector in the men’s toilet (by the heater) and a smoke alarm in the main room.  Testing to be added to meeting agenda.  Battery replacement to “Year at a glance”.                                                       ACTION: DP

26)  Safety Inspection: VH to confirm completion each week in July.                           ACTION: VH

27)  Electrics: Emergency lighting test procedure to be done at each meeting. Done.    ACTION: DP

28)  Review Accident Book at each meeting. Done. Nil items.                                      ACTION: DP

29)  BG reported a near miss.  A cricket ball nearly hit a girl on the slide when hit for 6.  It was agreed that this was not likely to recur, but was potentially very serious.  Possible preventative steps were considered eg

a)      close playground during cricket (but some children would merely move to other areas of the field, and still be equally at risk)

b)     erect a net during matches – this would only protect children in the playground, but protecting everyone is not feasible.

c)      put up notices advising of the hazard. 

It was agreed to do the latter asap, add the hazard to the register, and consider more action at the next meeting, noting that the cricket season is ending soon.                                                                 ACTION: DP

30)  Hazard Assessment   First phase of assessment done.  To be completed and written up. VH & RM agreed to review/check.                                                                                                              ACTION: DP/VH

31)  Fire Fire Safety handbook with DP for review.                                                       ACTION: DP


32)  Report for Parish Mag (Bonus Club, Ceilidh, Youth Club restart date).               ACTION DP

33)  Letter from Charities Trust. Passed to BG to complete form and respond.          ACTION: BG

34)  Letter from Som Community Foundation DP to erect their plaque near the flatscreen TV.                                 ACTION: DP

35)  Date of next meeting:      22 Sept at the clubhouse at 7.30 pm.