DATE: 7 September 2008        Commenced: 7.30pm

Present:          Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Rose Martin, Julian Back, Barry Gould, Trevor Wells


1)      Apologies for Absence:.  Nil.

2)      This was a special meeting to discuss urgent issues only


3)      The Somerset Aggregates Sustainability Levy had awarded us a £6,000 grant to renew the roof.

4)      Mike Wiscombe, who is a Mendip Energy Audit Advisor, had come to the building and suggested ways to improve the insulation, heating and condition of the building.  In summary he suggested:

a)      He had no knowledge of the specific materials of the proposed roof insulation.  DP agreed to ask the contractor.                                                                                                                  ACTION: DP

b)     Internal insulation of the walls would be very invasive and essentially require the rebuilding of the interior of the building.

c)      The walls could be clad on the outside, using, say, 4” Kingspan insulation and either steel or timber (shiplap) cladding on 4x2 timber battens.  This would achieve good insulation, but would require the roof to be extended.  This may or may not be possible without extending the roof timbers.

d)     Alternatively, it may be possible to insulate the cavity between the concrete outer skin and the inner (fibreboard?) lining.  Foam could not be used because the inner boards would not take the pressure, but other methods such as polystyrene beds or powdered newspaper may be possible.  It was agreed to pursue this option first, by investigating online.                                                                                     ACTION: DP

e)      It was also agreed to get further advice on this proposal from John Tolson of the Mendip Volunteer Energy Action Group.                                                                                                            ACTION: RM

f)       There was evidence of damp and he recommended sealing cracks around the concrete panels, especially at the base.  He also recommended removing the ivy from the W side, and killing the roots with (MHC??).              ACTION: ?

g)      He recommended keeping the existing windows, but noted that some putty had been lost.                              ACTION: ?

h)     He recommended a wood burner for heating, being very effective, carbon neutral and cheap, especially if wood could be acquired free or at little cost.  It was agreed to ask the roofing contractor for a price to install a suitable flue, and to consult the insurance company.                                                                               ACTION: DP

5)      The financial situation was also reviewed, and in view of the decision to grant only 75% of the requested amount, and our impoverished state, it was decided to approach the Parish Council seeking a bigger grant from them. 

6)      The mechanism for reclaiming the VAT was discussed and it was decided to seek clarification of the payment options from SCC.                                                                                                           ACTION: DP


7)      Cheques were written to LOMCA (dividing up the RFMC funds as agreed) and DP (for receipted expenses).




8)      BAR  Rod Cambourne could not do the bar himself but had suggested that he could nominate FH as DPS.  RM to confirm and inform Nunney of the outcome.                                                              ACTION: RM

9)      Tickets were distributed.  RM to get flyers out.                                                       ACTION: RM

10)  It was agreed that the minimum ticket sales to make the evening profitable was 50.  RM to check cancellation policy for hall and band.                                                                                                  ACTION: RM

11)  It was agreed that we have to go active on ticket sales.  DP to send out Burns Supper lists as a basis.  All to sell at events such as harvest supper, meetings, etc.                                                              ACTION: DP

12)  When selling tickets, keep notes of

a)      Who sold to

b)     How many vegetarians

13)  FOOD   It was agreed to serve baked potatoes and fillings, followed by cake.  RM to cook veggie filling, VH meat.                                                                                                                            ACTION: RM/VH

14)  Date of next meeting:      22 Sept at the clubhouse at 7.30 pm.