Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee Meeting

17.10.08 started 8.00pm

Present: Vicky Higgins, Julian Back, Rose Martin, Barry Gould

Apologies: David Pattison, Trevor Wells.


1. Youth Club. Money from Mendip has still not been received by the Parish Clark. RM to get an update from Sandrine Vaillant.

A number of the children came up with suggestions for equipment and games.

2. The Roof & Building. A contractor came from Shepton today to give a quote. So far we have had a quote for bonded beads insulation at £652 +VAT. We would have to move the wiring and trunk them on the inside of the walls. Also we need to redecorate.

There is a meeting of the Sustainable Frome buildings group on Thursday 23rd October. R.M. is hoping to go to it for ideas and funding.

R.M.has also offered to help with sealing the external cracks and putty around the windows.

Vicky has a letter from Chris Cudmore about funding from the Parish Council. RM to take this up at the next PC meeting.



Approx £3,500 in Bank plus Roof Grant for £6,000

VAT  D.P. has drafted a mechanism for VAT returns. BG to forward this on to Inland Revenue for VAT returns for the last quarter.

Bonus Ball – last winners were Jan & Colin Horn  and Cedric Urch.

£20 cheque paid to Mendip District Council for the licence for the bonus ball draw. We will commence collection for the New year’s membership when D.P. returns from holiday.


Barn Dance was cancelled as we did not reach our target of 50 tickets by the deadline.


Suggestions for fundraising – Race Night / Bingo Night in conjunction with the Cricket Club.

Stall at Christmas Fair, Car wash, Mini Cider / Beer festival connected with Mendip Food & Drink Festival, Quiz night.

We planned a Christmas Bingo event  possibly on 13th December at the Memorial Hall sharing with the Cricket Club. V.H. to check availability of hall and book.

We need  3-4 volunteers to sell tickets, 2-3 people for refreshments, a caller and donations for prizes e.g. bottles of wine, chocolates, tins of biscuits etc. Everyone agreed to donate an item.


4.Regular Checks

Emergancy lighting, CO alarm and accident book checked.

Report for Parish Mag c/o V.H.


Date of next meeting: 24th November  in the Rec Field building at 8pm following Youth Club.