DATE: 12 Jan 2009        Commenced: 7.30pm

Present:          David Pattison, Rose Martin, Barry Gould, Vicky Higgins, Trevor Wells, Julian Back


1)      Apologies for Absence:. Nil

2)      The minutes of the 24 November 2008 meeting were agreed and signed.


3)      Youth Club. £800 had been received for youth club requirements from Community Partnership Fund.  A number of the children had suggested equipment and games, and VH had spent £130.04 on games etc.

4)      A cheque for £500 had just been received from Gloria Cawood’s Community Budget for furntiture, and was passed to BG.  A record of youth club income and expenditure is being kept separately.  It was agreed to buy 2 Contour tables 183x76 @£86 each.  Members agreed to search for affordable low chairs.              ACTION: All

5)      Licence To be resolved after the pub situation becomes clear.


6)      All completed and paid for except finishing off the guttering.  Some vandalism had already occurred.                  ACTION: FH

CAVITY WALL INSULATION                                                                                

7)      Wall Insulation Warmcare had provided a quote, but require the power electrics to be removed from the void space.                                                                                                                          

8)      Electrics.  DP had invited 3 electricians to give quotes for the removal of the power electrics from the void.  The first had stated that the work is not necessary.  DP had gone back to Warmcare and also consulted the NICEIC.  A second electrician is visiting on Wed 14th, and will be asked his opinion.

9)      Need to decide whether electrics work needs doing or not, get quotes, submit for grant.  DP to lead.       ACTION: DP

10)  Sealing Cracks.  John Tolson had also recommended sealing all cracked joints. R.M.has offered to help       


11)  Re-putty windows.  

12)  Vermin.  Droppings had been found and cleared up.  Poison was laid, and a notice put up.  Entrance hole needs to be found and sealed.


13)  Awards For All scheme.  Put on hold.


14)  VAT invoice form.  BG to E mail one to all.                                                           ACTION: BG

15)  Next Season  Advertise in the Guardian and Standard?                                          ACTION: VH


16)  Possible merger of the Cricket Club, Social,Club and RFMC.  BG agreed to raise it at the AGMs of the CC and SC.  Awaiting outcome of Cricket AGM

17)  VH had reattached flags to the orange rope round the pitch.


18)  Renew insurance.  Done.  TV details were passed on.

19)  Standing item – check jobs list. 

a)      Hedge Cutting.  JB to ask John Davies                                                              ACTION: JB


20)  VAT.  BG had submitted the first return., and had a long conversation with the VAT man, who had asked a number of questions. DP had given some background in response.  This produced more questions, which need to be answered this week.  DP and BG discussed the issue after the meeting and agreed that BG will reply.           ACTION:BG

21)  Stroud and Swindon change of committee members – form completed                   ACTION: BG

22)  The Lease. The penalty had been cancelled.  Solicitor had been thanked!


23)  2008 Bonus Club is now over. JR had suggested starting the 2009 one in Feb.  It was agreed to sell the tickets in Feb and start it in March.

24)  Bonus Club licence.  Done

25)  Christmas Bingo was a success – profit £240 each for the CC and RFMC.  DP had a donation of £5 from the Robsons.

26)  It was agreed to run a Ceilidh in Leigh Memorial Hall on 14 March.  Tickets £10/£8. 

a)      RM – Check hall availability, book band,

b)     JB - tickets

c)      DP - Website, Parish mag (incl events), Try Fosse Way Mag


27)  H&S Policy.  Action list to be pursued.

28)  Battery replacement to “Year at a glance”. Done

29)  Safety Inspection: RM did in Sep..VH in Oct – Dec.                                        

30)  Electrics: Emergency lighting, smoke alarm & Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detector to be tested at each meeting. Done.                                                                                                                               ACTION: DP

31)  Review Accident Book at each meeting  Done. Nil items.                                      ACTION: DP

32)  A cricket ball nearly hit a girl on the slide.  Before the Cricket season:

a)      put up notices advising of the hazard. 

b)     add the hazard to the register, and consider more action at the next meeting, noting that the cricket season has ended.                                                                                                                  ACTION: DP

33)  Hazard Assessment   First phase of assessment done.  To be completed and written up. VH & RM agreed to review/check.                                                                                                              ACTION: DP/VH

34)  Fire Fire Safety handbook with DP for review.                                                       ACTION: DP


35)  Report for Parish Mag  Grants, roof, TY to SALSF & Gloria, Ceilidh,


36)  Date of next meeting:   9 Feb at 7.30 in the pub