DATE: 6th April 2009 Commenced: 7.30pm

Present:       , Rose Martin, Barry Gould, Vicky Higgins, Trevor Wells, Julian Back


1)      Apologies for Absence:. David Pattison

2)      The minutes of the March 2009 meeting were questioned re no 23, should the date have read 2008? Barry to check.


3)      Youth Club.  Going well – 20youngsters attended the last meeting.

4)      Money still to be spent from community grant when things are required.           ACTION: VH

5)      Licence To be resolved after the pub situation becomes clear.

6)      All guttering now completed. Thanks to Frank.

CAVITY WALL INSULATION                                                                                

7)      Wall Insulation Successful in grant  Well done David . Need to look at way forward with DP.

8)      Sealing Cracks Does this need doing before insulation goes in?


9)      Re-putty windows.  

10)  Waste pipe from kitchen – complete thankyou                                                        

11)  Fit security screens to bar

12)  Painting of window  seals and doors by Peter Westcombe completed Thankyou.


13)  Awards For All scheme.  On hold.


14)  VAT invoice form.  BG to E mail one to all.                                                           ACTION: BG

15)  Next Season  Advertise in the Guardian and Standard?                                          ACTION: VH


16)  Possible merger of the Cricket Club, Social,Club and RFMC.  BG agreed to raise it at the AGMs of the CC and SC.  Awaiting outcome of Cricket AGM- on going


17)  Standing item – check jobs list.                                                                          ACTION DP


18)  VAT. Awaiting a response from the VAT man.  Discussion wether to  deregister took place decided not to whilst grants were being acquired.

19)  Stroud and Swindon change of committee members – form completed                   ACTION: BG

20)  The Lease.  Solicitor’s bill not received. 

21)  Agreed to order the playground survey at £45. happening 7th April.                        ACTION: VH

22)  2 small cheques from Phone Aid and Easy Fund Raising had been received and were passed to the treasurer.

23)  No-one could remember whether the cricket club had paid their dues for 2007. See above       ACTION: BG


24)  Bonus Club  thankyou to Anne & Jan again for organising.

25)  Aprils winners were Chris & Cathy Cudmore & Jane Elliott.

26)  Vicky took money from the £900 collected to pay these  2 winners. £860 was given to Barry to bank.

a)      CEILIDH

b)     Great success Well done all. Barry still unable to give us total profit due to receipts not all in.

Race Night with cricket club agreed to work with cricket club for a possible date in June.

                                                         Barry to liase with  criket club and to let Vicky know if to book hall


27)  H&S Policy.  Action list to be pursued.

28)  Safety Inspection: VH did in March                                                                  

29)  Electrics: Emergency lighting, smoke alarm & Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detector to be tested at each meeting.                                                                                                                                    ACTION: DP

30)  Review Accident Book at each meeting.                                                                  ACTION: DP

a)      A youngster had climbed on the bar and knocked off a glass which had hit another youngster.  It was agreed to fit security grills to prevent access to the bar when it is not manned.                  

31)  A cricket ball nearly hit a girl on the slide.  Before the Cricket season:

a)      put up notices advising of the hazard.   Action Cricket Club

b)     add the hazard to the register, and consider more action at the next meeting, noting that the cricket season has ended.                                                                                                                  ACTION: DP

32)  Hazard Assessment   First phase of assessment done.  To be completed and written up. VH & RM agreed to review/check.                                                                                                              ACTION: DP/VH

33)  Fire Fire Safety handbook with DP for review.                                                       ACTION: DP


34)  Report for Parish Mag  -                                                                                         ACTION: DP

35) We agreed to make a compost heap for grass cuttings etc                                     Action RM

36)  We need to sort out furniture need 25 seats for cricket teas                                Action VH

37) Golf played on the Rec. Long discussion took place wether this should happen. Committee unclear of  things they could ban and would we want too?

Agreed to ask  young people to hit from one goal post to the other and if possible to use T’s and or Mat.                                                                                                                                  Action VH



Next Meeting Monday May 11th at the Pub. 7.30