MINUTES OF MEETING held on 28 Sept 2009

Present: Vicky Higgins, Rose Martin, David Pattison, Barry Gould Julian Back


1)      Apologies for Absence: Trevor Wells

2)      The minutes of the August meeting were agreed and signed.


3)      VH & RM had agreed next term’s programme. RM to send dates to DP to forward to website when ACTION: RM/DP

4)      Community Grant.  The Cricket Club had not yet claimed half the TV licence.  More money still to be spent when things are required.                                                                                            ACTION: VH/BG

CAVITY WALL INSULATION                                                                                

5)      The SALSF grant had been received.  Warmcare had paid their cheque in.  Electrician had been paid. 


6)      Sealing concrete panels, screen to bar and window screens.

7)      Decoration of club had progressed.  Agreed to meet Sun 4 Aug at 1000.                ACTION: ALL

8)      Compost heap for grass cuttings etc.  RM getting pallets.  Site to be reviewed.  JB agreed to collect the pallets                                                                                                               ACTION RM/VH/JB

9)      Benches. 

a)      Oiling - JR done. Oil with JB.                                                                             ACTION: JB

b)     Frank had fixed the broken one

10)  Standing item – check jobs list                                                                                  ACTION: DP

a)      Cricket money had been received.

b)     Insurance had been renewed. 


11)  Awards For All scheme.  On hold.

12)  Play Area Improvement

a)      The bid for £15000 was not successful.

b)     It was agreed to suggest to Rick Massey that he move the rubble heap before the ground becomes too soft                                                                                                                               ACTION: VH

c)      Sue Vaughan had suggested another source of funds                                         ACTION: VH

d)     RM has a list of fund raising sources and will contact Gloria                             ACTION: RM

e)      Agreed to seek £500 from Gloria’s fund                                                             ACTION: DP

f)       VH had submitted a Grassroots bid for £5k


13)  VAT invoice form.  BG to E-mail one to all.                                                            ACTION: BG

14)  A team from the Vine Tree is playing on alternate Sunday mornings for the whole season at the £35 rate.  Frome Town Boys withdrew.                                                                                               


15)  A possible merger of the Cricket Club, Social, Club and RFMC was discussed.  No enthusiasm for the idea was evident in the CC AGM.


The Charity Commission annual return had been completed.  [Post meeting note – you can see it at www.charitycommission.gov.uk Our Charity Number is 279013.

17)  DP was due £40 for Sept Bonus Club prizes A cheque was made out to reimburse DP for that and the insurance.

18)  Cricket Club to pay contribution to fete from bar takings.  BG will chase again.    ACTION: BG


19)  Bonus Club winners for Sept are Cedric Urch and Jan & Colin Horne. DP had paid. ACTION: DP

20)  BINGO (joint with CC)

a)      VH had booked hall for 5 Dec.

b)     Bar is available

c)      No tickets required

d)     BG has ordered a turkey

e)      Need to collect prizes                                                                                          ACTION: ALL

f)       Frank will call

21)  RM to ask Tony re Ceilidh on a Sat in March.                                                          ACTION: RM

22)  It was agreed to hold a Race Night in June.

23)  Dags had donated some chairs.  We would decide which to dispose of on Sun.


24)  H&S Policy.  Action list to be pursued.

25)  Weekly safety inspection:    Loose paling fixed. VH did in July.                             ACTION: VH

26)  Electrics: Emergency lighting, smoke alarm & Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detector to be tested at each meeting. (Post meeting note – done on 4/10/09)                                                                            ACTION: DP

27)  Review Accident Book at each meeting. (Post meeting note – done on 4/10/09)    ACTION: DP

28)  Add the hazard to the register.                                                                                  ACTION: DP

29)  Hazard Assessment   First phase of assessment done.  To be completed and written up. VH & RM agreed to review/check.                                                                                                              ACTION: DP/VH

30)  Fire Safety handbook with DP for review.                                                               ACTION: DP


31)  Report for Parish Magazine- Bonus Club; Y Club dates, Bingo (also for What’s On).ACTION:DP


NEXT meeting 9 Nov at the rec at 7.30