MINUTES OF MEETING held on 8 Mar 2010

Present: Vicky Higgins, Rose Martin, David Pattison, Trevor Wells, Julian Back


1)      Apologies for Absence:

2)      The minutes of the meetings held on 11 Jan and 1 Feb were agreed and signed.


3)      Will restart soon.  VH/RM have asked for volunteers, with some success.

4)      Community Grant.  TV licence money sorted.  More money still to be spent when things are required.        ACTION: VH/BG

5)      YC request for funds from Parish Council – RM to check with Sandrine                ACTION: RM 


6)      Thanks to Drew Houston for tidying up the hedge behind the playground.

7)      Sealing concrete panels, screen to bar and window screens.

8)      Decoration of club had progressed.  May need more paint.                                      ACTION: ALL

9)      Compost heap for grass cuttings etc.  RM getting pallets.  Site to be reviewed.  JB agreed to collect the pallets.  DP & RM  to fetch at next opportunity                                                     ACTION RM/DP

10)  Oiling benches.  – all done except one.                                                                     ACTION: RM

11)  Standing item – check jobs list:

a)      AGM April 28th, 7.30 at the rec                                                                           ACTION: DP

b)     Playground survey - in hand

c)      Football/cricket overlap.  Last football is 25 April.  First cricket 8 May.


12)  Awards For All scheme.  On hold.

13)  Play Area Improvement.  It was agree that resurfacing the play area was becoming urgent and should be the focus of our fund raising.

a)      Move the rubble heap (Rick Massey).  Between seasons                                    ACTION: VH

b)     Try Gloria re funding next financial year                                                            ACTION: VH

c)      Agreed to look at SALSF for next FY                                                                ACTION: DP

d)     Grassroots bid for £5k was unsuccessful. 

14)  Dog Bin   The PC has procured a dog bin which Mendip will empty.  The optimum siting was discussed and it was agreed to put it close to the main gate.  Signs to be made the other bins saying no dog mess.


15)  Little play recently due to weather.


16)  Nil


18)  It was agree that the RFMC owed the fete committee £40 (bar donation, from CC via RFMC!).                           ACTION: VH

19)  The following payments were made following the Ceilidh:

a)      DP was paid                                  £53.07 for Bingo expenses,

                                                            £56.05 for Ceilidh expenses

                                                            £80.00 for Bonus Club prizes Dec – Mar incl

b)     JB was paid £10 for hedge cutting


20)  Bonus Club winners are

a)      February: Mike & Michelle Taylor and Alex & Jill Taylor

b)     March: Paul Knowles and Val Blunden.                                                             ACTION: DP

c)      This was the last month, so we need to sell membership again.  Jan and Anne are happy to manage again.  DP to send out lists.                                                                                                          ACTION: DP

21)  Ceilidh was a popular success, but not so many people as previous year:

a)      DP has a list of drinks used.  Only one barrel of bitter was used up.  Have one barrel plus cans next year.  Not enough OJ & lemonade.

b)     Profit was about £245. 

22)  Village Fair – 19 June 2010

a)      VH to ask Neilsons re parking.  JB to get e mail address.                               ACTION: JB/VH

b)     DP to ask DNP to do coconut shy again                                                             ACTION: DP

c)      There is a proposal for a real ale tent.  TW to consult cricket club.                      ACTION: TW

d)     Invoice fete for insurance – 10% of premium is £67.                                           ACTION: BG

23)  Race Night

a)      Agreed to go for 9 or 10 July, but need to avoid clash with Glastonbury, fete, Frome Festival, committee holidays.

b)     VH to seek assistance from Mary Mears

c)      JB to bring laptop hooked up to stereo with microphone


24)  H&S Policy.  Action list to be pursued.

25)  Weekly safety inspection:    tbc                                                                                 ACTION: VH

26)  Electrics: Emergency lighting, smoke alarm & Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detector to be tested at each meeting. (Post meeting note: Done - one new battery required)                                                    ACTION: DP

27)  Review Accident Book at each meeting (Post meeting note: Done – no new entries).                                             ACTION: DP

28)  Add the hazard to the register.                                                                                  ACTION: DP

29)  Hazard Assessment   First phase of assessment done.  To be completed and written up. VH & RM agreed to review/check.                                                                                                              ACTION: DP/VH

30)  Fire Safety handbook with DP for review.                                                               ACTION: DP


31)  Report for Parish Magazine- Bonus Club, Ceilidh, Race Night, .                             ACTION:DP


32)  The hedge had been cut on Saturday. Thanks to JB.

33)  A rec field tree is touching the roof of TW’s house.  It was agree that FH and TW would tackle it.

NEXT meeting  - 28 April,  after the AGM,  at the clubhouse