Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 28th April 2010


Present: Vicky Higgins, Rose Martin, Barry Gould, Trevor Wells, Julian Back

1.      Apologies: David Pattison

2.      The minutes of the meeting held on 8th March were agreed and signed.

3.      Youth Club:  Restarting 10th May. RM liaising with people who might be able to assist.                                                                                                        

4.      Jobs:  Drew Houston has cleared the hedge to the west of the Rec Field, leaving a large pile of cuttings. Plans were discussed re disposal of cuttings – e.g. bonfire, shredding etc                                                    Action: VH,RM,JB

5.      Sealing of concrete panels of Club house with mastic                      Action: All

6.      Decoration of Club house - kitchen and bar area still to be done. Date to do this-Sun 23rd  May  at 10.30 am             Action: RM, TW, JB &DP if available Emulsion paint has been located, more green gloss paint to be purchased –Action: VH

7.      Pallets-    Action RM and VH

8.      Oiling of benches                                                      Action RM to complete

9.      Boiler being serviced on May 4th

10. Playground inspection yesterday (27.04.10) Report yet to be received

11. Football: Football season has finished. Problems with moles. V&FH have made some repairs. Topsoil has been purchased, but more needs to be done to make the ground safe                                           . Action BG to speak to Steve Willis

12. Dog Poo bins – Parish Council awaiting funding to purchase these

13. Cricket: season just starting. No issues.

14. Finance: VH handed  remaining money over to BG from the Barn Dance etc. Expenses have been paid out of the profits.

15. Youth Club finances quite simple VH handing over the paperwork to BG. We still have money left from the Community Grant for Youth Club, and we can apply to the Parish Council for funding for Youth Club.

16. RFMC owe Fair committee £40                                        Action: VH to pay

17. BG to write invoice to Fair committee for contribution to insurance  Action: DP to let BG know the amount

18. Village Fair:  Bryan Johnson doing a beer tent, so Club house bar not being used. The fair committee want the use of the Club house for displaying a children’s art exhibition. Fair committee need to organise supervision for this.

19. Car park and Gates Action: Julian to organise a rota sheet  Julian has not had confirmation that Nielsen’s field is available for car parking.

20. Graham Harris doing games again this year and is looking for access to power source                                                                                  Action VH

21. Bonus ball: Jan and Ann Robson want all monies in by Friday 30th Action: All

22. Race night  BG to talk to Cricket Club to discuss a joint venture

23. Health & Safety Horse Chestnut tree near drive to car park has weeping canker. It needs cutting down soon. All agreed.  Also a Plain tree on opposite side of the field is splitting and needs 2 limbs removed to save the tree. All agreed.

24.  Emergency lighting, smoke alarm, CO detector and accident book all checked.

25. PAT testing requirements                                            Action:RM to pursue

26. Copy of new insurance policy for Rec Field needs to be displayed  inside the building                                                                                         Action: DP

27. Parish Council risk assessment requirements were discussed. Action: RM to feed back to PC

28. Any Other Business :  None


Next Meeting  24th June 7.30 at the Club House