Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 23 August 2010


Present: Vicky Higgins, Julian Back, David Pattison, Rose Martin, Trevor Wells

Apologies: Barry Gould

1.      The minutes of the meeting held on 26 July were agreed and signed.

2.      Youth Club:  No meeting in Aug.  Next meeting 6 Sept – the fire brigade will be there!


3.      Disposal of cuttings – on hold until the playground work is done.

4.      Sealing of concrete panels of Club house with mastic. Done.

5.      Decoration of Club house - Bar area, changing room ceilings and doors still to be done. DP to do doors.  VH to do changing rooms and ask CC to clear bar area after end of season               Action: VH, DP

6.      Oiling of benches.  JB’s done.  IR has the oil.  VH next, then RM.  Please take some oil and pass the tin on                                                                                                                                Action IR

7.      Playground

a.      Soft surface tiles – gaps have been filled and edging renewed under big swing – small swing to be done                                                                                                              Action VH & FH

b.      Slide – There is no concrete under the bark, just a membrane.  DP to calculate aggregate and soil volumes needed and reprice/order the mesh. VH has grass seed.  We need to get it done in Sept before the ground is too wet.  Tasks shown in detail at Annex.               Action VH/DP

8.      Moles.  It was agree that the trenches left are a safety hazard to players, and to get in a mole catcher.  VH is finding a contact number (post meeting note: DP has used Nigel Matthews 01749 840862 or 07811 042428, but not for moles).  Cricket club have offered to go halves.

Football: Nil.

Cricket: Nil.


9.      VH now holds the cheque book.

10. The following cheques were made out:

Amount £



Cheque no.






Timber for compost heap





Bonus Club prizes July & Aug


Regency Insurance Brokers ltd





11. DP had met with BG who was about to pay in several cheques.                         Action BG

12. BG to invoice CC for the season.                                                                               Action BG

13. Accounts had been audited and were reviewed by the committee.  No problems were found.  DP to complete the Charity Commission return.                                                                Action DP

14. The £430 share out of profits from the fair had been received.  DP to send to BG for banking.                                                                                                                                            Action DP

Bonus Club

15. August winners were Patricia Simpson and Matthew and Victoria James.  DP had paid them.

Race night 

16. Agreed to hold it on 23 Oct.  TW to get agreement from CC.  DP to book hall.               Action DP/TW

Christmas Bingo

17. Agreed to go for 4 Dec if the fair is not on the 3rd.  DP to book hall.                     Action DP

Health & Safety.

18.  Horse Chestnut tree near drive to car park has weeping canker. It needs cutting down soon. One branch has been removed.  Also a Plane tree on opposite side of the field needs 2 limbs removed to save the tree.  Agreed to do the work in the autumn after the leaves have fallen.

19.  Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book all checked.

20. PAT testing requirements.  Not a legal requirement, but useful as a demonstration of due care in case of accident (and might even prevent one!).  VH to check with Hall Committee what they do.                                                                                                                                     Action:VH

Annual Items

21. Replace 3 alarm batteries                                                                                            Action DP

22. Talk to Caroline re Gambling Act                                                                                Action DP

Any Other Business


b.      Complaints had been received about the amount of mess on the field in the SE corner.  It was judged that this arose from the nightly feeding of foxes in that area.  VH and DP had spoken to the people doing it and asked them to stop, but the feeding had restarted after a short break.  VH to seek assistance from MDC and consult LOM PC.                                        Action: VH


Next Meeting Wednesday 22 September, 7.30 at the Club House