Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 6 October 2010

Present: Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Julian Back

Apologies: Barry Gould, Trevor Wells, Rose Martin

1.      The minutes of the meeting held on 22 September were agreed and signed.

2.      Youth Club:  All happening.  Dates: Oct 18,  Nov 1, 15, 29.


3.      Disposal of cuttings – on hold until the playground work is done.

4.      Decoration of Club house - Bar area, changing room ceilings and doors still to be done. DP to do doors.  VH to do changing rooms and ask CC to clear bar area after end of season.  All on hold pending end of use by playgroup.                                                                                             Action: VH, DP

5.      Oiling of benches.  All done ex RM, who has the oil.                                             Action RM

6.      Playground

a.      Soft surface tiles –big swing done– small swing to be done                    Action VH & FH

b.      Slide –  The stone was spread and compacted, and the sleepers removed.  15 tons of soil had been delivered and spread out.  Agreed to have a working party Sat 9 Oct at 1000, and to order another 15tons of soil.   Aim is to level and compact soil and lay tiles.                                             Action ALL

c.      Dave Jarvis had been advised that bark turning is no longer required, and KM thanked for his sponsorship.                                                                                                                  

7.      Moles.  Mole catcher to be called in again if moles reappear when the harvest is taken in.  Awaiting invoice.

Football: Nil.

Cricket: Nil.


8.      The following cheques were made out:

Amount £



Cheque no.


















Bonus Club prizes Sept

Soil (£387.75), Wacker plate (26.44)

Gambling Act Registration



9.      DP to send receipts to Rose and ask for £1000 from PC, and request inclusion in 2011 precept      Action: DP/RM

10. DP to check with BG re bank status.                                                                   Action DP/BG

11. BG to invoice CC for the season.                                                                               Action BG

12. The £430 share out of profits from the fair had been sent to BG for banking.   Action BG

13. £100 from Parish Council for new Bowls Club sent for paying in. Bowls Club to be reimbursed receipted expenditure by cheque to individuals on request.  (VH to inform bowls club??).                Action VH

Bonus Club

14. Sept winners were Simon Thomas and Wendy & Des Worley (post meeting note – paid).

Race night 

15. Cancelled

Christmas Bingo

16. Hall booked for 11 Dec.  DP to put in Parish Mag .                                                 Action DP

a.      Starts 7,  eyes down at 7.30

b.      Prizes

c.      Bar, tea, mince pies,

d.      All to collect prizes                                                                                                   Action: ALL

Health & Safety.

17.  Horse Chestnut tree near drive to car park has weeping canker. It needs cutting down soon. One branch has been removed.  Also a Plane tree on opposite side of the field needs 2 limbs removed to save the tree.  Agreed to do the work in the autumn after the leaves have fallen.

Regular Items

18. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Sept.                                                             Action: VH

19. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book all checked.

20. Report for Parish Magazine- Bonus Club; Y Club dates, Bingo, playgropund. Action:DP

Check Monthly list of jobs

a.      Gambling Act registration.  VH passed papers to DP for completion             Action DP

b.      Hedge cutting.  JB to arrange for the winter.                                                      Action JB

Any Other Business

21. Foxes. Complaints had been received about the amount of mess on the field in the SE corner.  It was judged that this arose from the nightly feeding of foxes in that area.  VH and DP had spoken to the people doing it and asked them to stop, but the feeding had restarted after a short break.  VH has contacted MDC but needs to speak again.                                                                     Action: VH


Next Meeting Mon 8 November, 7.30 at the Club House