Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 9 May 2011


Present: Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Rose Martin, Julian Back, Trevor Wells

Apologies: Barry Gould

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 20 Apr were agreed, subject to correcting the table to read £9 in the final box, and signed.


2.    Trees.  Cuttings need disposal.   2 more have been identified which will need felling in the future. 

3.    A plane tree on E side of the field needs 2 limbs removed to save the tree. 

4.    Decoration of Club house - Bar area still to be done, after the cricket season.                         

5.    Oiling of benches.  DP, VH, J&AR & RM  have done for 2011, oil now with JB.           Action JB

6.    Playground

a.    Soft surface tiles – small swing to be done                                                  Action VH & FH

b.    Slide –  All finished.  More grass seed needed when it rains.                  Action RM/VH

c.    The annual inspection had been done.  Issues to be addressed are:

d.    VH will ask Matthew to keep the train in the same place.                                Action VH

e.    Simon Biddlecombe had been given a list of jobs including:

i.      Slide to be painted.   DP to get paint                                                              Action DP

ii.    Painting of fence

iii.   Painting the goalposts

He had not yet indicated which he would do

7.    Moles.  No activity.                                                                                                          

8.    The soil pile has dried out a bit.  Another trailer load had been spread.  The pitch looks almost OK now.

9.    It was agreed to have a working party at 1030 on Sun 15 May to clear up before the fair.


10. Goal posts to be painted.

11. DP to write an article looking for a team to use the pitch.

Cricket: First home match 14 May.

Bowls: No activity.  It was agreed to remind Ty we have £100 for bowls use.           Action RM



12. The cash float held by DP now stands as follows:





Balance at last meeting

1 March 2011



Additional funds from Bonus Club

7 May 2011



Paid to BG




Bonus Club May

9 May 2011




9 May 2011




13. Cheque number 420 was had been made out for £54.00 to Wicksteed for the playground inspection. 

14. BG to invoice CC for the season.                                                                               Action BG

15. BG to invoice CC for £125 + £55 as their share of the cost of the mole catching.                                                                                                                                                                          Action BG

16. BG to pay Bingo Takings into account.                                                                     Action BG

Bonus Club

17. All monies for the new round had been received (see above). 

18. Winners in May (first of this round) were Rose & Vin Martin and Maddy Lusby & Gary Clark.


19. Someone else is running the Coconut Shy and Skittles.  DP will help set up.  

20. Parking field is OK.

21. The Barn Dance is off.

Whist Drive

22. Whist Drive arrangements were in place:

a.    At the rec

b.    On 20 May at 7.30, £2 per head.  Meet at 6pm to set up

c.    Cards – members to bring along – ALL.  DP has been donated 12 packs.

d.    Score sheets & rules – DP

e.    Raffle prizes needed – ALL + Parish mag DP

f.     Hire 8 tables & 17 chairs – DP - booked

g.    Cakes – ALL

h.    Booze – DP

i.      Table Numbers - DP

Health & Safety.

23. The shot-putter/discus thrower has been lent the flags to mark off a safety area. 

Regular Items

24. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Apr/May.                                                       Action: VH

25. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book all checked.

26. Report for Parish Magazine- Bonus Club;.                                                               Action:DP

27. Check Monthly list of jobs

Any Other Business


Date of next meeting                  Mon 13 June                 7.30 at the Club House