Leigh on Median Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 14th November 2011


Present: Vicky Higgings,  Julian Back, Rose Martin, Trevor Wells

Apologies: Barry Gould, David Pattison,

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October were agreed.



Elliott Gale, Kameron Gale. Josh Gale, Samuel, Isobel, Jasmine Garcia Perez, Georgia White, Phil McLemohan

2.    Sponsored bike ride Money raised to date was £375.30 what a great effort.

3.    The plan from Proludic was looked at and the young people felt they would like to go for the design. Total cost £20,853

4.    We discussed other ideals for raising money,.outcome Jasmine would ask her keyboard tutor if he would be able to run an Xmas disco. And then organise hall if this is possible.

5.    We also agreed to look at the possibility of a race night in February.

6.    Next meeting Mon. 21st 7pm at the rec


7.    Decoration of Club house - Completed just need to put things back                   Action ALL


8.    Playground

a.    Tiles around small swing to be done.  Sealant has been bought.        Action VH & FH

b.    Painting.  VH has bought red paint.  List of jobs includes

i.      Painting the swings and climbing frame                                                      

ii.    Painting the fence

iii.   Painting the goalposts.  One done.  One net fitted.

RM to check with Simon Biddlecombe whether he wishes to continue.  If not, we will do it.                                                                                                                                     Action RM


9.    Soil pile.  This will be needed when we tidy the new area.

10. VH to ask Rick Massey to move the debris pile.  Will do it after the corn is harvested (access from his field, not across the rec).                                                                                              Action VH

Football: Ross from Bellfield has shown an interest in starting a village team advert to go in village mag                                                                                                                                                Action VH

Cricket: The Cricket Club had now removed their TV.  The youth club TV is a Hannspree T23B, which has a 32 inch screen, HDMI and is HD Ready.  We have the stand and a wall bracket. Vinn may be interested in buying agreed price                                                                                     Action R M


11. The cash float held by DP now stands as follows:


Date paid/rec’d



Balance at last meeting

6 Sept.  2011



Bonus Club Sept.

14 Sept.



Whist Drive

17 Sept.




3 Oct.



 Owing to David not being at this meeting we did not discuss finance as we were all a bit confused by it.


12. The following items were unaccounted for:

a.    Bingo takings: £243.

b.    CC dues 2010: £150

c.    CC contribution to mole catching: £125 + £55

d.    CC dues for 2011: £150

e.    CC contribution to Insurance 2011 (and possibly 2010?)

f.     Fair takings:  £

Bonus Club

13. Winners in November were Val Blundon  and Paul Knowles


Whist Drive


21 Oct.

18 Nov.








14. Raffle prizes required.

15. Set up 6.45 start 7.30.

16. We agreed to ask people on Friday if they would like to continue having these events.

Health & Safety.

17. Nil. 

Regular Items

18. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in Oct.                                                                Action: VH

19. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book all checked.

20. Report for Parish Magazine- Bonus Club, Whist Drives, Bingo;.                         Action VH

21. Check Monthly list of jobs: hedge cutting

Any Other Business

22.  It was agreed to run  Christmas Bingo on 10 Dec. 

a.    DP to book hall.  Done

b.    Cricket club to be asked to participate

c.    It was agreed to try to arrange a meeting with Barry to make sure the cricket club were able to help and to make sure we had enough books as there was a thought we had run out of some last year. It might also give us a chance to clear up finance questions with Barry. Looking at Wednesday 23rd at the pub                                                                                 Action VH

23. The village sign project has now completed creative sessions, but we have been asked if the club can be used on the 22nd of November for a Master class Adults only starting at 6.30pm we agreed.

Invoice for £84 to be Drawn up for next Monday                                                  Action VH

24. We have also been asked if the club can be used for a regular session on the same basis as bowls, half of the money going to hire and the other half for materials. All agreed.


Date of next meeting                  Mon. 5th Dec.               7.30 at the PUB