Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 20 June 2012


Present: Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Julian Back, Alan Dagger

Apologies: Barry Gould, Trevor Wells,

1.    AD was welcomed to his first meeting, as the Parish Council nominated member.  DP to complete the formalities.                                                                                                                       Action DP

2.    The minutes of the meeting held on 9 May were agreed and signed.


3.    MDC had notified neighbours and the Parish Council (who had supported the application) and posted the planning application on the gate.

4.    No progress on applications for grants, eg to the Ralph & Irma Sperring charity and Awards for All.

a.    DP to draft a project plan, including                                                                     Action DP

i.      Aim

ii.    Background

iii.   Funding

iv.   Safety

v.    Maintenance

b.    Basketball hoop.  Derek Robinson had agreed to make a new sleeve.       

c.    Ramps.  VH is investigating other providers – one has already said they are interested                                                                                                                                Action VH


5.    Working party on 13 May had mostly been diverted to mowing!  New one agreed for Sun 8 July at 1030.   It was agreed to focus on the playground fence.  DP to get paint.          Action DP/ALL

6.    Playground

a.    Tiles around small swing to be done.  Sealant has been bought.                  Action ALL

b.    Painting.  VH has bought red paint.  List of jobs includes

i.      Painting the fence

ii.    Painting the goalposts.  One done.  One net fitted.

7.    Wicksteed report.  Signs by playground had been replaced                                

8.    Car park to be weeded. Done – not 100% effective but an improvement.

9.    Toilet Roof . 

a.    JB to get a quote to renew the waterproof layer, and timber decking and barge boards.                                                                                                                                Action: JB

b.    TW & AD to get more recommendations                                                       Action: TW/AD

10. Benches  Oiling list issued.  Most done.  Oil with JB, then J&AR.                       Action: DP

11. Football – 3 teams are now interested.  It was agreed to pursue all 3 (still only 1 or 2 matches a week, and at least one will probably not play).                                                                    Action VH

12. Cricket: Grass cutting has not been happening.

a.    VH had rung Sarah Claxton (school admin) who had promised to chase up the contractors straight away.

b.    The CC had suggested that RFMC contribute to buying a new gang mower.  After discussion it was agreed that VH should negotiate, bearing in mind that the CC currently get the ground/clubhouse at very cheap rates, partly because they do the mowing.

13. Moles:  None in field but they are in the play area now.  Agreed to tackle them.                     


14.  Cheque book still not returned from auditor. 

15. The cash float held by DP now stands as follows:


Date paid/rec’d

Paid/Rec’d £

Balance £

Balance from last month




Whist (net of expenses)




Bonus Club





16. Cheque for £19.81 had received from Easy Fund Raising.  DP to find out appropriate payee.                                                                                                                                            Action DP

17. DP has receipts from Bonus Club.  He will retain sufficient for BC prizes and a float – remainder to bank account.                                                                                                                 Action DP

18. The following items were unaccounted for:

a.    Bingo takings: £243.

b.    CC dues 2010: £150

c.    CC contribution to mole catching: £125 + £55

d.    CC dues for 2011: £150

e.    CC contribution to Insurance 2011 (and possibly 2010?

f.     Fair takings:  £

Bonus Club

19. Winners in June were Vicky Taylor and Ann & Roger Orpwood.

20. All tickets sold for 2012/13.

Whist Drive


22 June

20 July

17 August















21. Raffle prizes required.                                                                                                  Action: All

22. Set up 6.45 start 7.30.

23. Booze to be replenished.                                                                                             Action: DP

24. Float now with JB.                                                                                                        

Health & Safety.

25. No new items in accident book.

Regular Items

26. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in May.                                                              Action: VH

27. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book all checked.

28. Report for Parish Magazine- Bonus Club, Whist Drive dates.                              Action DP

29. Check Monthly list of jobs:

a.    Benches  Oiling list to be issued.  May paint one in playground.                   Action: DP

Any Other Business

30. Fete

a.    Access gate area much better now the bump had been flattened  and a carpet laid on the grass. 

b.    Better to run quarry tours from car park area and enforce no vehicle movements on field.

c.    Need car park signs at entrance, and a no entry sign.

31. Use of Car Park at Night.  TW still locking the bollard at night.                           Action: TW

a.    Barrier has reflective tape/bollard(s).

b.    PCSO informed.                                                                                                      

Date of next meeting   Mon 9 July at the rec at 7.30