Leigh on Mendip Recreation Field Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held 24 September 2012


Present: Vicky Higgins, David Pattison, Trevor Wells, Alan Dagger, Julian Back

Apologies: Barry Gould

1.    The minutes of the meeting held on 9 July were agreed and signed.


2.    The planning application has been approved.   

3.    The Awards for All grant applications was almost complete, but a few items were still needed.   This award is limited to £10k, which is not enough, even with the Parish Council contribution and £2k from our own funds.                                                                                                      Action DP

4.    A Ralph & Irma Sperring grant could cover the gap, but the application had not been started.

5.    The project plan, was almost complete.                                                                     Action DP

6.    Another provider had provided a quote, but it is higher than the first one.


7.    Playground

a.    Tiles around small swing to be done.  Sealant has been bought.                  Action ALL

8.    Toilet Roof .  Builders had stated that the roof was fine, it just needs new barge boards.  It was agreed we could do that ourselves, after cutting the hedge

9.    Benches  Most done.  Oil with JB, then J&AR.                                                       Action: JB

10. Football 

a.    3 teams are playing regularly, every Saturday and every other Sunday.  Thanks to Frank for the marking out.     

b.    It was agreed to buy a new white liner, for £289 + VAT.  VH was authorised to purchase it.  CC had volunteered to pay half.

11. Cricket:

a.    Grass cutting by the contractor is ongoing. 

b.    The Parish Council had pointed out that we need to plan for the grass cutting next season.  If the school pulls out of cutting for the full season, the plan is to allow the CC to mow the outfield, and get the school to pay for cutting in March/April (weekly) and Sept – Nov (2 weekly).  We can cut the area outside the boundary with the ride on.  It was agreed to seek a meeting with the school head teacher, Mary Sturgess.  Action VH

c.    A possible alternative would be to consult the SPFA.

12. Moles:  Mr Barron had been paid (see below).  We have now bought our own traps and they are working.                                                                                                                          


13.  Cheque book with VH. 

14. The cash float held by DP now stands as follows:


Date paid/rec’d

Paid/Rec’d £

Balance £

Balance from July




Bonus Club




Bonus Club









15. Cheque for £19.81 had received from Easy Fund Raising.                           Action DP

16. VH had received money from bowls and football, and spent money on various items, including the Sept Bonus Club (£20 for Julie).  Receipts were provided.  The net result was she was owed £12.83, which was paid to her in cash from petty cash by DP.

17. VH had won the Sept Bonus Club and was given £20 from petty cash.

18. The following items were still unaccounted for:

a.    Bingo takings: £243.

b.    CC dues 2010: £150

c.    CC contribution to mole catching: £125 + £55

d.    CC dues for 2011: £150

e.    CC contribution to Insurance 2011 (and possibly 2010?

f.     Fair takings:  £


19. Our existing insurers had declined to cover a skate park.  After a suggestion from Sue and Dags, Stoke had been consulted and recommended joining the Somerset Playing Fields Association (SPFA), who have a bulk scheme.  VH had done that and paid for one month to tide us over until the bulk scheme starts in Oct. 

20. For full coverage, they need a list of items to be covered with values.  DP and VH had produced one.  DP to continue and complete the job before end Oct.  Also to consult JR re rebuild costs.                                                                                                                                        Action DP

21. They would not cover items owned by others – TW agreed to tell the CC they need to cover their own stuff from now on.                                                                                                          Action TW

Bonus Club

22. Winners were

a.     August - Val Blunden and Paul Knowles

b.    September – Frank & Vicky Higgins and Julie Mooreshead

Whist Drive

23. At the last drive, there were calls for a cribbage night – set for 5 October.  All to bring boards.  DP to bring paper for scoring.                                                                                                 Action: All






5 Oct

19 Oct

16 Nov








24. Raffle prizes required.                                                                                                  Action: All

25. Set up 7.00 start 7.30.

26. Booze to be replenished.                                                                                             Action: DP

27. Float now with DP.

Christmas Bingo

28. TW to ask CC, if not we will do it with the youngsters.                                            Action: TW

29. AD to book hall for 8 December.


30. JB agreed to go to the first 2013 fair meeting , but no more.

Health & Safety.

31. No new items in accident book.

32. Gas heater check/maintenance scheduled for Wed 26 Sept.

Regular Items

33. Weekly safety inspection:    VH did in July & Aug.                                                  Action: VH

34. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms, CO detector and accident book all checked.

35. Report for Parish Magazine- Bonus Club, Whist Drive dates (call for raffle prizes), Bingo.                Action DP

36. Check Monthly list of jobs:

Any Other Business

Date of next meeting   Wed 17 Oct at the rec at 7.30